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Keys to the Law of Attraction

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The keys to the law of attraction that I developed could help you manifest your dreams, right here and now. Good luck.


Universal Law of Attraction

There are spiritual and physical laws of the universe, such as, we need oxygen to breathe, if we choose to dive into a swimming pool, gravity will ensure we go down into the water and not up into the air, and that the sun rises and sets each day which makes everything grow. The earth is abundant and we want to tap into that energy of abundance which leads to our spiritual growth. We no longer slave for riches but offer ourselves in service to others, to the people we love, and to Mother Earth.

There is only so much we can personally do to attract fame and fortune or to just be liked by other people and achieve our own personal goals. You can grovel at the feet of people begging them to be your friend, you can become a thief and steal money to become rich, you can compromise your values to gain fame and all of these choices come with consequences. The law of cause and effect comes into play. For every action there is a reaction.

There are three Universal Laws:

Spiritual, natural and physical and how to navigate those laws can be infinite. Let's address them here:

Spiritual Law

What is spiritual law? Well, this is where some people fall into the trap of listening to everyone on the Internet or who has written a book on the topic of law of attraction. They confuse it with spirituality or religion, thinking that the universe will grant your every wish provided you say daily affirmations and somehow a spirit guide or God will hear you and grant your every wish. You will be sadly disappointed. The law of attraction is not simply a spiritual journey that requires no physical thought or action.

The spirit realm is something we will never know as physical beings, it is kept secret on purpose. We were given this life now and are meant to play it out in the physical realm coming into this life with no playbook.

That's the point of life. As you may have heard, life is a journey, not a destination. That's why you find the God-fearing person along with a person who doesn't believe in God, faring the same way, good or bad.

The spiritual and physical worlds cannot be mixed together. They may only catch a glimpse of each other just like the sun takes one brief glance at the moon as it rises and sets each day.

Natural Law

Natural laws are basically what we can see, feel, hear, taste, touch or see the effects of in the world. Natural laws can only be broken at your own risk. It has nothing to do with spirituality or if you have deemed yourself a good person. Natural law does not care. The good, the bad, and the ugly will fare the same if they wish to jump off a very high cliff and expect to survive without a parachute.

You will benefit financially and physically if you follow the natural laws of this universe. Natural laws are gravity, wind, rain, storms, fires, floods and earthquakes, to name a few, even where sharks inhabit or where grizzly bears live are a part of natural laws and you will benefit yourself to know this because it could mean your survival. You may not want to set up housekeeping among the grizzly bears of the forest and expect to grow crops. By nature, this is where the bears live along with other wildlife and we need to acknowledge these natural laws of habitation to survive and thrive.

If you acknowledge natural laws, you may avoid disasters, such as not living where mud slides occur naturally every year or maybe where forest fires are a natural occurrence. If you bow to Mother Nature, most of the time you will fare very well and be prosperous if you pay attention to where you put down your roots.

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Physical Law

Physical law is our physical bodies and the material world and the things we use everyday, the car we drive, anything we can physically see, touch, taste, hear, and feel the effects of like the wind on our faces or a fallen tree in a hurricane.

This is not to be confused with natural law, physical law is what us humans can achieve in the world right now, putting thoughts into action. The possibilities are infinite.

Some people are inventors, some are writers, businessmen, or pilots. You name it and probably someone is doing it right now or is thinking about doing it. Physical laws are often broken and the result can be good or bad. Do not confuse this with spiritual law because both good and evil people prosper equally everyday of our lives.


Foundation for the Law of Attraction

Now you've got the foundation for the law of attraction to work in your life. It's the proper use of all three laws, spiritual, natural and physical.

Spiritual: Each day, spend at least 15 minutes to visualize where you want to be in five years. This will help to develop your intuition by feeling how you want to feel in five years, retrain your self-talk to tap into your potential. Ask yourself why you want that new house or new car, what feeling will those objects satisfy at the soul level? Think before acting, temper your thoughts with emotions and feelings about yourself and others. You have permission to believe in God or a Higher Source but know that you are in control here in your physical form.

Natural: Work with natural laws and not against them. Natural, whole foods from Mother Earth can promote healthy brain function. Pay attention to your sleep cycles and exercise routines working with the natural cycle of your body's internal clock. Go outdoors, rise with the sun if that is your routine and it motivates you. Ask yourself if you are prepared for the job at hand whether it's working outdoors or inside an office. For example, do you plan on moving to Aspen, Colorado, to open a ski shop? What are the conditions there? Does it snow year-round? Are you prepared to live in that climate? Make a plan to work with the laws of nature and you will find the success you are seeking.

Physical: Implement your plans by logically choosing where to work that will benefit you, then physically carry out those goals and plans. Write down specific steps to achieve a specific goal and the desired outcome. Network with people who share your same goals, enroll in a college course, or connect with a trainer or coach. What in the physical world can you take advantage of to achieve your goals? What physical materials will you need? What financial plan can you start today?

If you work in harmony with all three elements, doors will begin to open for you, you will attract positive people into your life and you will begin to network with people that share your same goals and values. Yes, you can achieve your own personal best in this life now and in any life that we may have in the future that's waiting for us with open arms.

Create an action plan. Where do you want to be in five years? How do you want to feel? Safe, secure, happy, and fulfilled? The world is infinite, and so are you.

Create an action plan. Where do you want to be in five years? How do you want to feel? Safe, secure, happy, and fulfilled? The world is infinite, and so are you.

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