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Tips on Keeping Your Head up During the Covid-19 Pandemic And Other Tough Times

The Covid-19 Pandemic And Emotions

It's been a rough couple of years for many people around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Between the fear of contracting the infection to the isolation, there have been many mixed emotions. There are the ever-changing rules and regulations, which people may find a bit confusing. Not knowing whether to send a child to school or go to work can be overwhelming.

Then there were job losses, deaths, long term COVID symptoms, financial crisis, deciding on whether to get vaccinated or not, wearing masks and keeping distances. Not seeing friends and family, cancelled events and much more. This can all add to the regular stress of everyday life.

Tips On Keeping Your Head Up During Tough Times

Here are a few tips you may find helpful in helping to find some joy and inspiration during tough times.

* Reach out to family and friends by phone. Check on them and see how they are doing. Connect with and nuture the relationships you have with the people in your life. All of the isolation that the pandemic brought, from cancelled events and family gatherings, can bring a lot of people down. Forming strong bonds with people is important, especially during tough times.

* Explore a new passion or hobby in crafts. Are you really good at making crafts? If you do not know the answer to that question, you may want to find out yourself. Look up tutorials online on how to make certain crafts. Perhaps you would like a new wreath for your front door. You could buy the materials, follow the online instructions and make your own wreath. How nice it would be to have your own homemade items around the house for you to display. You might be even be able to turn that craft into a small business and start selling at shows and online shopping platforms.

* Eat plenty of healthy foods that have been known to help with mood. There are some foods that can help boost your mood. Of course, fruits and vegetables are high on the list. Other foods such as fatty fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds are other options. Try following the Mediterranean diet, which consists of these types of foods.

* Do things that will make you feel good. Soak in a warm bathtub with soft music playing in the background. Read a good book that will help distract you from the pandemic news. Take a walk and study nature, whether it be birds, animals, trees or plants. The next time you are cooking a meal, turn on some good dance music and dance around your kitchen. Whatever can bring you joy in the moment, can help you to relieve stress and evoke more positive emotions.

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* Appreciate that you are a survivor. Some people may have been infected with COVID-19, some may not have. Some may have passed away. If you had the virus or never caught it, appreciate that you are here and made it through. Be thankful for the fact that you have been given a chance to live as others did not. If you are reading this, celebrate your life and realize that you are a survivor. You survived a potentially life threatening unpredictable illness that has changed the lives of many people around the world.

* Do not dwell on pandemic news. Keeping updated with the latest news and rules may be necessary, but consistently dwelling on them is not. As with any bad or negative news, it may be best to take a break from it for awhile. Do not constantly talk about it with others. Talk more about things that bring you and the other person joy. Whether that be hobbies, interests, your pets, sports, jokes, children or anything else.

* Remember that we are not the only ones who have gone through tough times. Many times in history, people have gone through pandemics, wars, economic crisis and more. We now have technology and medical interventions to help people. We have more means of communication, such as cell phones with texting and FaceTime apps. There are emails and social media. There is news coverage to help us better understand what is going on.

* Find things to do while in isolation. Maybe you were exposed or currently have tested positive and were told to isolate for a certain amount of days. Can your house use some updating? How about a closet that is cluttered? Take some time to do things around the house that you may have not had time for in the past. Go through old belongings that you no longer use and donate them. Giving to others is a good way to feel more positive and lift your spirits.

Keep yourself active if you are able to. How do you keep active when you may want to avoid being exposed to others? Exercise at home, take a day trip, walk outdoors, explore nature, go on a hike, kayak in a lake, sled down a hill or ski on a mountain. Do things that will keep you active and looking forward to the next adventure.

* Laugh some stress away. Watch comedies, read some good jokes, memes or other things that strike your funny bone. Share a funny memory with someone through text or call them on the phone. Sometimes the seriousness of tough times can take over emotions and you may find yourself laughing and smiling less often. However, these things are beneficial in helping you to keep your head up.

* Imagine as though your head is a balloon being gently pulled upwards towards the sky. Just the simple act of holding your head high may help you feel more in control and positive. Sometimes people slouch when they feel stressed or depressed. Remind yourself "I can get through this with my head held high". This is an exercise you can use with any kind of tough times you may be experiencing. You have a life to live and treat it like it is a temporary gift. There may be opportunities and chances for better days ahead, keep your head up, you got this.

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