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Keep up the Good Work


* "Keep up the good work."

Fruits of nectar Vine of nectar.
It is the seed that moves forward.

Dei Narayana with the Asians.

Good intake cool throat.
Pushta Kanti Taisi Dise Wari.

Tuka says let it be so.
Smells like sandalwood.

-Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj

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Meaning: Sweet fruits come only to sweet vines and its sweet seed carries on. May I enjoy the company of sweet people, good people whose words have moisture, love.

If you eat good food, your throat will feel calm and your body will become strong.

Tukaram Maharaj says that we are happening with association. Those who come in the company of sandalwood smell sandalwood on their body. In another abhanga, he says,

"God Hosi Jari Anikanten Karisi.
Do not doubt.

Even though he is evil, he is like Anikant.
Do not doubt.

Tuka says as the mirrors flickered.
You are sure to make that arrow. "

If you are virtuous, there is no doubt that many will be virtuous. There is no doubt that if you are wicked, you will make many wicked. * Consistency always happens *
* Sujan Vakya Kani Pado '*

* Shri Satish Kri Kulkarni *

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