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How Can I Lose Weight Faster?


Work out

Keeping fit and looking sexy has always been every lady's dream. We all like being told that we look great and beautiful especially by the opposite gender and anybody that sees us as cool.The biggest quest for this however comes with a lot of challenges towards attaining this. You don't have to do the everyday tiresome gym activities to keep fit. All you need is some very simple body workouts.

Do the following simple body fitness routines and make it a daily doze towards your sexy you.The outcome will be fantabulous.

1) skipping

Skipping ropes is one amazing play games that anybody can do. This is one thing that you will be doing daily the first thing in the morning. You don't have to make it to be very strenuous.

First do 50 skips for the first day. This you can start by jumping at intervals of five then ten, fifteen, twenty and so forth in that order. Remember this is first skip, done in the morning hours. Don't worry about waking up in the morning . it's fine whatever time you get up to do the skips. If possible, you can set the alarm to wake you up. Have a rest and take a glass of water. The second session routine should come in the evening hours. At the end of the day, you will have done 100 skips. Each day, try and add at least 2 skips per session.

2) Take lemon juice or water

The body has a lot of fats that need to be burnt. For that reason, it is advisable to try and avoid fatty or junk food.Taking lemon water in the morning and during the day is also another advisable way to lose weight. Just be patient and determined. Anything lemonade can work so much when it comes to burning fats in the body.

3) Eat vegetables

Who loves taking vegetables? I know if you are a meat lover you may say that I am thinking wrong. It's logical. When you want to burn fat, you have to reduce fat intake as well. I am not saying that you stop taking meat, cheese or anything fatty. The question is, how much do you take? Just take little portions with some vegetables:

  • kales
  • spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Swiss chard
  • Cauliflower

4) Sit ups work out

Apart from skipping the ropes, sit ups can be very good for weight reduction. At first sitting down and doing at least ten counts in a day after the skips will bring a very good difference especially around the belly region. At first, it may be a little bit tiresome with body aches. Trust me, after doing this in three to four days, your body will start getting used to it and you will find yourself loving doing it. After the work out, take another rest and this time round, don't do any junk food to relax. Take green tea with a little sugar. You can also choose to do cold lemon water as your drink.

5) Dancing

Did you know that when you dance you burn the calories in your body? Don't worry about the way you dance. Whether you know how to dance or not, as long as you can move your body to the rhythm or the beats of music, girl you are headed towards the right direction.Choose a collection of your favourite music and dance yourself untill you don't want to do it anymore. Make it fun by being joined by a friend, a partner or just be yourself. This could be your little secret when in a few months time, your friends and family will be eager to know your losing of weight secrets and being sexy. This is also the right time to learn new dancing steps or dancing styles.

6) Jogging

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Jogging is another weight lose activity that you can choose to do. Make it another daily activity every morning when you wake up before you go to job, school or anything else.You can also make do it in the evening when you are from work. If you can go aroundthe field ,to the park, or in the estate. To make it a happy activity, put on you best jogging outfit, take the earphones or the headphones. Listen to your favourite talk show or music as you go jogging.

Take at least 30 minutes depending on your daily plans. Remember to have your lemon water if you have to take something to drink. Have a record of how long you have taken in any workout activity.Get on the weighing scale after every month.Trust me dear, You are going to be proud of yourself when you see the monthly results.

7) swimming

Be it in the swimming pool or in the ocean, swimming is another weight lose activity that is perfect for you.Take a swim during the weekends. Pick on one day and make it swimming fun day. Remember, you don't have to go swimming if you don't know how to swim.Instead, you can replace it with any of the above activities. You can dance, jog, do the seat ups, or skip the ropes. After this, make sure you take your glass of cold water,favourite lemon water, or a cup of green tea.

8) Yoga and meditation

Yoga is a self process of bringing a lot of changes to your body physically, emotionally and above all psychologically .When you want to lose weight in a healthy manner, you have to be prepared. Take your yoga sessions during the evening hours when you are free and not doing anything. Meditate to your inner self and know more about your life and goal towards achieving your dream of being fit.

9) Lift weights

If you want to burn a lot if calories in your body, lift weights. Lifting weight is another way to lose and burn fats in your body. You can do this in the house lifting slightly heavy items or going to the gym can do here. Do little fifting 4 times a week.

10) Eat a little fat

The fact that you should not eat much fats does not mean that you should be afraid of taking a little fat. Eating healthy requires some fats in the body even as you try to lose weight. You could try the following fats:

  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado
  • Coconut

11) Drink water before meals

Drinking water a half an hour before meals helps you to lose weight.As research has it, it increases weight lose by 44% over three months.

How fast will you lose weight

In the first week of your exercises and a proper diet plan, you are likely to lose 2.2kg-4.5kg (5-10 pounds) per week. Being new to dieting will make weight lose even easier to you.

By just doing the above few body workouts and watching on your diet, you will be looking fabulous and beautiful in and out. Another thing, always remember that the beauty of a woman comes from her inner self.

Sample work out quiz.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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