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Joker, Behind the Costume

The Joker is a character originated in the comics as Batman's antagonist, becoming in a short time the most recognized and popular villain DC Comics has ever had. In consequence of this, he has appeared on the big screen in different versions such as Batman, Suicide Squad, Mad Love and the Joker, since, unlike the others, this has been the most controversial and revolutionary film. This motivated his appearances on the big screen in different versions such as Batman, Suicide Squad, Mad Love and the Joker, since unlike the others, this has been the most controversial and revolutionary film of all time, showing us how man born good but society corrupts him.
So the Joker has been known for having a superior intelligence with a tendency to sadism, murder and crime. Being unable to feel empathy for human beings, which makes people position him as the evil of if for his actions, but if we were to see behind the mask designated as Joker and the clown costume, we could see a human being with the name of Arthur Fleck.

Arthur Fleck, an individual with a strange mental illness that is deteriorating more and more due to the frequent factors being the target of aggressions in a socially sick, indolent, cruel and violent city in which he is marginalized.

Despite this, the character tries to manage and repress it, trying to get ahead fighting for his dream of having his own show on stand up comedy, even being abandoned by the corrupt health system and at the same time having the responsibility to take care of his mother even though she has abused him and lied to him all his life.

Afterwards,Arthur after an incident in the subway,in which three high class drunks try to attack him, leading him to murder them as the only defense against the aggressors,, leads him to generate a controversy in the media looking for the guilty, highlighting the difference between the relevance of the rich over the poor to do justice on an irrational act determining what is good and what is not, thus highlighting a great power where later the consequences will be counterproductive, as a result of this action, he ends up becoming a symbol for the "forgotten", being the fulminating end of a violent revolution of chaos in the performance towards the marginalized in existence and the same in which he will give the last details of the creation of the Joker encouraging him to kill for not killing himself becoming his reason for living, becoming one more monster of the same city thanks to the degradation of this same city.

"the worst thing about having a mental illness is that people expect you to behave as if you don't have it."


However, given the several successions that the character undergoes from childhood to manhood, they result a series of disorders in the subject. Therefore, experts have studied the character by studying the mental disorders by deepening traits and moments in which they are manifested indirectly in relation to their feelings, emotions and external and internal factors without having the attention required for the treatment of their psychological state.
Based on the traits of the individual, however, of his charisma in which viewers are attracted. A lonely guy with professional and social problems is depicted as a sociopath, better known as an antisocial personality disorder.

Antisocial personality disorder (Sociopathy)

This disease is shaped by traumatic experiences in childhood developing anxiety, depressive disorders, gambling disorder (compulsive gambling) and impulse control disorders.
The truth is that the character emerged from a cruel childhood in which he was mistreated and sexually abused where his mother was an accomplice, without being lucky enough to have the necessary help to protect or rehabilitate himself to develop in the future with the ability to lead an integrated life and the breadth of the fulfillment of its objectives, developing this condition among others which we will name later.

Sociopathy is manifested by the inability to adapt to everything related to social norms and individual rights, strong egocentrism, they are pathological liars, they dissimulate their feelings leading to lack of shame, regret and empathy towards others as described the character in the previous paragraph. This insensitivity is reflected in their emotional instability being unable to control their temperament tending to manipulate and harass with cruelty and even sometimes to be aggressive or violent, being difficult to identify as they have a great intelligence posing as normal people disguising their flaws masking it with a great charm.

The final results of the subject will depend on the relationship between his vulnerability and the opportunities offered by the environment so that, if the events are negative, they will cause him to develop in the same way, breaking the laws and becoming a delinquent, having the problem of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as difficulty in performing family, work or study tasks.

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On the other hand, this disorder can be confused with psychopathy due to similar antisocial characteristics and lack of feelings, so it would be important to know how to differentiate in order to know how to treat it properly.

How do you differentiate a sociopath from a psychopath?

Psychopaths, in contrast to sociopaths, are born with this condition due to biological brain modifications produced since their conception. They are conscious at all times of what they are doing, and even plan their acts before committing them in contrast to sociopaths who are usually impulsive. Although they do not tend to violence so they usually lead a normal life, camouflaging themselves very well among the people who make up the outside world.

Following the disease said, you can also find a type of auditory and visual schizophrenia, since this was already from the beginning in the same asylum that is seen at the end of the tape therefore the murder he committed on the train, the revolution and the chaos that originated in the city could have been just a hallucination.


This originates genetically, but is triggered by the same factors as sociopaths.
Schizophrenia itself is a severe mental disorder whereby people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia can cause a combination of hallucinations, severe delusions in thinking and behavior, which affects daily functioning and can be disabling.

Signs and symptoms may vary involving fantasies, hallucinations or disorganized language and reflect an impaired ability to live normally.

Apparently if left untreated, it can lead to serious problems affecting all areas of life. It can cause anxiety disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), isolation, health and medical problems, victimization, thoughts of suicide and depression.

In one of the scenes of the movie in which the Joker travels by bus, he has one of his characteristic fits of laughter that lasts for a few seconds.

Dr. Francisco Javier López, coordinator of the Epilepsy Study Group of the Spanish Society of Neurology, describes it as a "gelastic epileptic seizure".

Gelastic epileptic seizures

It is a disorder caused by a benign tumor in the hypothalamus, temporal lobes or frontal lobes of the brain that leads to symptoms such as laughter in reaction to stress which is inevitable to stop at the given moment, involuntary movements of the upper limbs, sensations of fear, unpleasant tastes or smells. However, this type of condition is generally more common in children, but it is controlled with antiepileptic drugs and, in some cases, can be controlled by surgery so that the disorder ceases. However, if it is not properly followed up otherwise it may cause seizures in the individual, and learning and behavioral problems inciting violence as the subject grows older.


Finally, having touched the issues to be addressed in this film in general for me it has become a significant impact, since you usually perceive and feel that empathy towards the character because it has never been touched in depth the issues seen, teaching me the ways of how the external and environmental factors can mark the worst or best of the person, so this tape has made me reflect making me more careful in my actions or words to people, as these can really destroy or save a person. On the other hand, this tape has generated a learning process showing me how these disorders manifest themselves, inviting me to inquire about
Its origin, characteristics, symptoms, making me able to identify them in daily life, even though I had to take precautions to see it, since not everyone can touch these issues due to age, mental health or the same era we live in, but I think it is good to bring it to light so that we can be more aware of the environment in which we live and to wake up from a world full of chaos and a sick society.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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