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It's a Helluva View; Dedicated to My Parents

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.


For Me, This Song has Become my Parent’s Song

For a month or so when I was in South Carolina, going back and forth between my Parents home and the hospital (where my Mom was) and between going back and forth to my home in Florida...this song would come over the radio, at least once, every car ride.

The very first time I heard it, it immediately reminded me of my Parents!

As my Mom started to decline, it would come on and I would cry through the entire song.

Now that she’s gone, although it sometimes still leaves me teary-eyed when I hear it, it mostly makes me smile, because I think of her.....I think of them!

It's not the title, Mom would not approve, trust me, but rather, the lyrics.

How they lived their lives, according to their terms, not what might have been expected of them or how things were supposed to be or how everybody else did it.....but how they chose to do it

My Parents did not stay put in the little towns they were born in; in fact, they never stayed put for very long anywhere, until they grew tired and decided it was time to rest....

I now have the image of Forrest Gump when he decided that he was "pretty tired" and ready to go home, in my head.

Their Story

Dad got out of town early, by joining the Air Force. He was so young, my Grandmother had to sign off on it.

My Mom told me, that at one point she thought she might lose him, so she followed him and fought for him.

They were married at a very young age, spent some time in Maine where Dad was stationed and then it was off to England, where he would be stationed, this time, with me in tow.

After being in Service, I guess they really had the itch and the urge to go and to see and to do. To experience and take in, all that they could, while still working at making a living!

They'd get a wild hair and off to the coast or down to Florida they'd go for a while.

They've described a time or two...or three, when they didn't have two nickels to rub together, in a car that was pieced together...but, that was not enough to stop them!

Dad would pick up work here, there or worries, there was always a job to be had...someone, somewhere, needed help.

Mom told me that my Dad once spent an entire paycheck, in an attempt to win her a stuffed animal at a carnival. Not sure if they walked away with anything in hand...

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There was another time when we were on a family vacation, in fact, it was the summer before my senior year of high school, we were living in Florida at that time.

We had depleted the vacation fund, but none of us were ready to go home yet, so we found employment right there where we were. In this case, a big amusement park in the mountains of Kentucky. I guess you could say that we were Carnies for a time, as we stretched our vacation for about another week; taking tickets, operating the rides, meeting was such a blast!

They loved life together and they loved living they lived it, together!

I've heard tale of me fitting perfectly into the drawer of a dresser in a hotel room. It's okay, I've come to terms with it!

I've heard tale of my Dad working odd jobs at the beach, sleeping on the beach and nearly getting eaten alive by sand fleas.

I think it is fair to say that they didn't conform to society as much as they chose to fly by the seat of their pants.

But, once there was an "us" and not just ”them", we were always provided for, we were in good hands.

If Dad needed to work two or three jobs, he would. If we needed to move, we did...often.

It was always hard to leave our school and friends, but we would always manage and make new friends.

Kids are resilient as they say and some kids just have to be -

Just kidding Dad!

I can't imagine being a part of any other family!


They started a business together with another couple, they invested in property and rental properties and products. Sometimes the investments worked out, other times, not so much! (that was when it would become a case of, "Dad invested", "Mom had nothing to do with it")

  • My Dad did end up with a long, illustrious career, very settled in that, I should probably mention

We had a great life, I have great memories of my childhood.

They both commented in later years about having some regrets for not staying put very long and that as a result, we three 'kids' are spread out between three different States. I think I can speak for my brothers when I say, no worries, we're all good!

After several years in Florida and after I had graduated high school, they left Florida for another opportunity in the Carolinas and then another opportunity opened up for them in Germany and they went to Germany for a time.

My much younger brother went with them, when they made all of these moves and that separation was very tough for me, but we have always managed to stay in touch.

My Parents finally settled down, just the two of them once more, in the place where they both began life and always called home, in the great State of South Carolina -

sadly,'s just Dad!

More than enough...

I've always admired their adventurous spirit and their zest for life and because they truly lived, Dad has more than enough memories to carry him through until he meets up with my Mom once again.

That's another thing and the most important thing they have/had in common, they may not have always been grounded as they moved from place to place, but they always remained completely grounded in their faith and in their belief in Jesus Christ.

They instilled their values, their beliefs, their ethics, passed down traditions, love for God, Family, Country (in that order) in us their children. As it should be, by God's glorious design

They prepared us to go out into the world and as our families continue to grow, we will all continue to pass down the stories, of what makes this fearless couple, (although now two has become one) so very special and so very memorable to all of us who love and treasure them.

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A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on May 24, 2021:

I've just returned from a spontaneous overnight trip. It's not a stretch when I say...I got it naturally! :-)

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