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It's Okay to Worry About The Future, But Remember to Always Give Yourself a Break

I just want to share my experience of worrying about the future. maybe, this will help you.

sometimes we keep quiet and do nothing because of worrying about life

sometimes we keep quiet and do nothing because of worrying about life

The reason why we worry about our own life

It is not secret that a person has or even always worried about how their life is in the future. Many of us are currently trying to figure out their own identity, find out what their desires are, or figure out the process they have to go through to achieve their dreams. It's not a problem if we ever worry about our future. Instead, it shows that our mindset is mature, has developed. Shows we're no longer someone who wastes time on a pointless thing. Sometimes, worrying is a good thing for us. With the advent of worry, it means that there is an awareness in our minds of what we want to be like, realizing that we have to prepare for it from now.

But what we need to remember is that the worry must be its own measure, there is a limit, don't let that worry lead us to the point where we just keep quiet and do nothing. Do not let this feeling of worry become a burden for our lives. The fear of this feeling is to make our mindset less good. Perhaps we will think that we will not be able to be what we expect, our dreams are mere fiction, and our abilities cant lead to the purpose of our lives.

That is a small part of the thinking we should avoid. Not a few of us are currently in the "confused" phase. Confused about what exactly our passion is, confused about what process we have to go through to achieve our desires, confused what really needs to be prepared from now on to be something we expect.

Self improvement

Let yourself rest. You deserve it

It is difficult for us to get out of such a situation if we continue to think about it, if we constantly feel burdened with thoughts as mentioned above. However, one thing that should not be forgotten is the break. There are times when we need to rest or do something that would make all the burdens on our shoulders disappear even if it was only for a moment. At least, we have time to get away from that thought and provides calmness for us.

It's important for us to take a moment to let go of the burden that's on our minds, I mean we are all human too. Each person has their own capacity. Do not ever compare our process with others even if we have the same dream. Not necessarily the process that others go through matches our abilities and vice versa. We can make other people's success as motivation, as the target of our lives but do not let it limit our ability to continue to develop.

a word for all of you out there

Maudy Ayunda once said "It's important for young people not to panic too much if they don't know what they want because the people we see on TV or YouTube or anywhere, you know we are still finding out ourselves and sometimes dreams are about moving forward without having to know exactly.” The point of the quote is that let the process speak of our dreams later. So far, we may see successful people who are highlighted by the media having comfortable lives, seeing that they have achieved their dreams. But we don't know whether their success is what they want, whether it is in accordance with who they are, we don't know yet.

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For those of us who are currently on the verge of being confused about what exactly things we have to go through to be able to achieve our dreams, our hopes, our desires, I'll say take a deep breath, think about what kind of life we want to live and let that thought take us there in its own way. From there, perhaps we can draw a conclusion regarding our dreams, what exactly we expect, and what process we have to go through to achieve our dreams. The most important thing is that there are times when we do have to worry about our lives but remember to always give ourselves a break.

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Ferd Horus on February 18, 2021:

Indeed. From time to time, you may choose to take a break and appreciate what you've done so far. Understand that it's a long process and learn to enjoy it.

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