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It is necessary to take care of the Heart after Fifty

People over the Age of Fifty should take special care of their Heart


Heart Attack is a very dangerous disease that can strike a person on the spot

At present, the number of heart patients is steadily increasing. In which the number of persons in their fifties is the highest. People over the age of fifty should take special care of their heart.

In general, the number of people suffering from heart problems is increasing day by day, in which the proportion of people over the age of 50 is fifty per cent, and the number of people between the ages of 25 and 50 is forty per cent. If this problem is not brought under control, every third person will die of heart disease in the next few years. Changing lifestyle, wrong diet, smoking, alcohol and lack of physical activity are the main causes of Heart Attack. Also, patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and thyroid have the highest risk of Heart Attack.

What is the difference between a Heart Attack and a Cardiac Arrest ?

When the heart stops beating, the blood circulation in the body is disrupted. This is called Cardiac Arrest. There are a number of causes for this emergency, such as heart failure, irregular heartbeat, or a blockage in the heart's blood supply. Which is called a Heart Attack. Heart Attack is one of the leading causes of Cardiac Arrest. It is treated with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, which regulates the heart rate. Electric shocks are delivered through the Defibrillator, which helps to make the heart beat faster.

More risk to people over the Age of Fifty

According to experts, in the past it was believed that people over the age of fifty having a Heart Attack, but now people over the age of thirty also get a Heart Attack. The most important reason for this is stress. In today's fast life, stress is a growing problem. So it is difficult to completely prevent this disease, but as much as possible, keep stress away. The chemicals that the brain secretes from stress damage the entire Cardiovascular System, leading to many heart-related diseases.

Notice this

▪︎ Must do half an hour morning walk every day.

▪︎ Eat a balanced and natural diet.

▪︎ Make it a habit to read for ten to fifteen minutes every day.

▪︎ Set aside half a day for social work.

▪︎ Breathe easily after lying in bed - try to keep the mind focused on the question. Doing this for five to ten minutes will help you fall asleep.

▪︎ Be sure to eat two hours before bedtime. So as to help the digestive system to function properly.

Symptoms of Heart disease

▪︎ Chest pain

▪︎ Shortness of breath

▪︎ Fear and panic

▪︎ Excessive sweating

▪︎ Pain in the neck, neck and back Feeling dizzy, tired.

▪︎ Sleep deprivation

▪︎ Swelling in the legs

▪︎ Initial vomiting

After Heart Attack, to do some important things for Treatment

▪︎The first thing to do after a Heart Attack is to take the patient to the doctor. Get an ECG as soon as possible.

▪︎If heart disease is diagnosed early, it can be eliminated at an early stage. Heart disease is treated with the help of angioplasty and coronary artery bypass grafting.

▪︎Angioplasty is a treatment of the heart. In which the blocked artery is opened through a wire and a balloon. The stent is inserted, making room for blood flow. The risk of heart disease can be reduced by minimizing the intake of sugary and harmful fats, consuming more nutritious fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, and avoiding smoking and pollution.

▪︎Lack of awareness about heart disease is also a major cause of death due to this disease. There is no cure for coronary heart disease. But controlling the symptoms of this treatment can definitely improve the functioning of the heart and help reduce problems like Heart Attack.

▪︎Within three to six hours after a Heart Attack, if the obstruction in the Coronary Arteries is removed by taking drugs with the help of Broblolysis Technique, it is possible to save the life of the patient.

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