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Israeli Lock Down Shatters Covid-19 Myths


Two headlines are coming out of the Middle East. One, is the Abraham Accord, or UAE-Israeli peace agreement, which may have profound impact in the region, especially if Saudi Arabia also approves it. But, the real question, do Israelis or Arabs truly trust one another? Time will tell.

The second headline is that Israel is locking down its country again due to Covid-19. With almost 5000 new cases a day, at times, the virus surge is ravaging the economy and people. Studies show that this new surge is different than the previous surge, in that, once again the virus is running rampant between the teens to 30ish age groups and not the much older age groups as before. So, for Trump, who has said the younger groups are not as likely to get it due to youthful immunity, Israel proves it to be a lie from a leader to claims to know everything. Within the young age group, it is there military that seems to be hit hardest and some religious groups that refuse follow CDC guidelines.

The new lockdown has begun and will continue at least till October and will close schools, bars, stores unless essential and limit residents in leaving their homes to 500m. Heavy enforcement will prosecute violators. This new lockdown proves that the myth that Covid-19 is not real, is fake political news.

The latest lockdown was caused by some 40 hotspots in Israel, mostly towns where CDC guidelines were not being followed, much like in the Miami, Florida (USA) area where the virus caused over 70,000 positive cases. Police in these areas have been lax in enforcing these guidelines and now will start criminal prosecution of violators.

It is hoped that these Draconian measures will stop the rampant virus. Israel expects to lose $3 billion in economic revenue, which will no doubt cause spikes in unemployment as businesses close.

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