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Is negativity or positivity give you determination?

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It is usual for anyone to have positive or negative feelings most of the time in our life. But we have to know how to manage the negativity first, then let me talk about the positivity. Negativity means you have no faith in yourself may be due to many reasons out there, so how does that give you determination?

Negativity means you lode many opportunities to make yourself happy for example; you do not go out and mix around because you feel lower than the others. Sometimes some people around you make you feel lower most of the time; they might be doing exceptionally well in their lives but do not know why they should make you feel lower because it is evident that you are lower than them. Therefore, there is no valid reason for anyone to do that, or maybe that wants you to realize that you are not good at doing anything.

How will you deal with raising your determination?

If you are in a situation like this for a long time, one day you might start to look at yourself and then realize you can do better than what I am today so let me try something new. In other, you are trying to bring your hidden potential out to try new things out. So, you start your new life by trying to find new things.


Where can you find new things?

Let me tell you what it is that you like to do? Painting, sewing, creating YouTube videos, writing, or singing. So, make your choice in your mind and start your search on Google, YouTube, Facebook; their many places where you can look for something you like. Learn about what you prefer to do and spend some time daily to make that a habit. Do your habits can earn you money also, become an expert in that industry if you use that consistently once you have started something never lose your mind on that because it will give you more negativity.

Where will that take me?

Are you good at doing it now? Has that helped you to raise your confidence? Are you having positive thoughts about your future? Are you confident now that will make you a better person with happiness, discipline in what you do, then start thinking about progressing? Now make plans to make money from it.

How to make money from my habit?

Now is the time to start talking to people who do the same thing as you. You might think, where can I find them? Do the google search again and find the people from your industry. Of course, now you have to meet this person; you can examine Facebook to look out for Facebook groups, meet up groups, and advertise yourself on social media without spending money. When someone sees your work and is impressed by they will start to contact you also, you can create a community around you. Remember one essential thing nothing will change overnight; it will take time, but with your consistent hard work, you will get a better life forever.


You have done well compared to many people in your society, but you have never helped them, worrying you incredibly. But at present, you have no way of helping them because you have lost almost everything in your life and are also not doing well. But you are left with one thing: determination; you are very knowledgeable in some fields, looking forward to sharing your knowledge and educating others who deserve your help.

What are your plans to fulfill your desire?

You can start a small business as a solopreneur with no money, analyses your capabilities, and select something you like where you do not need others' help. Work hard regularly until you meet your goal. Do not expect to join you in your business or help because everyone you know thinks you are a loser not capable enough to succeed; that is why you have lost everything in your life. Nobody to accept your reasons for losing everything in your life, maybe not entirely because of you, and there could have other reason which was not under your control.

How to continue with your small venture?

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You have no money, no support so that you will have no recognition, but all that said, bring out your determination and prove it to you first that you can do it and then to the others who undermine you.

While you do this, continue to learn how you can become successful in your new venture; also, keep learning for the rest of your future as you will find more ways to make the things you have lost in your life. Besides, you have to be ready with what you need to start a business, grow your business, and keep the growth forever.

Start writing a business model that is crucial for any business to decide on a business that helps you start it quickly and grow it. It is a plan for the successful operation of a company, identifying income sources, customer base, product or services, and the financial plan.


Then on the lookout for the following:

  • Your niche
  • Capital
  • Location
  • Business plan
  • Marketing

Niche depends on what you like to do; never start anything you have no knowledge or passion for what you do later. But in some cases, you go into something that you know nothing about, but your love develops as you work on it.

I said at the start to start a business without the money, so capital means little money for some expenses regarding your business.

It will be ideal for you to start your business as it is the most cost-effective way to do anything new for you. Because even if you fail, it will not affect you that much.

A business plan is essential because you have to write down your ideas to follow them up; if not, you might miss something vital in your start-up. Besides, keeping your plan down does not help you because you will make mistakes by forgetting the essential tasks you need to carry out. Also, you might need some funds as you progress then you cannot approach any lender without a business plan as they will not consider your application.

Do not forget to do the market research to find your target customers, the potential customers. They will become interested in your product or service for you to convert them into paying customers. So, you have to know where to find them.

You have to have a good plan for you to market your product when you start from home the best way is to use word of mouth plan, then dropping leaflets and brochures also will help you. Further, write good content and post it on social media. It might take a while to get the results, but it helps you and ensure that you do not spend any money on advertising as you might not get it right, so everything takes a while for you to learn about the best-paid advertising strategies to get more sales.

I hope that now you understand the difference between passivity and negativity that gives you determination. So, everything depends on us as some of us will not gain any decisions because of the negativity as they are the ones who have completely lost the trust within them, and they will never recover from that. At the same time, some others can gain determination because they love themselves and want to do better to be respected by their community. The people with positive thinking also have specific groups that they like to help others better themselves but end up with the thoughts only and never take action to accomplish their ideas.


Final words

Whether positivity or negativity cannot give you determination, so everything depends on you and how you love yourself to live a better life regardless of what you have gone through in your life and at the same time become helpful to others. Therefore, you have to forget what happened in your life and be determined to start a new life to change you for the better.

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