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How to Lose Weight with Whey Protein for Women

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The Battle Of The Bulge

When whey protein powder comes to mind, many think of bulked up body building muscle packed men. I know that's what I first thought. Looking for new ways to amp up my diet and workout routine plus working in a GNC related store, I became curious one day and thought, well if this benefits a man's workout, why couldn't it benefit a woman's? I did a lot, and I mean A LOT of researching, and the results I found were interesting and also surprising.


What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is processed from milk and then turned into a powder form. It usually has flavors added to the raw powder and gets fortified with minerals, vitamins, and some other additives. When finished and processed you can then add it to any liquid, usually water or skim milk is more beneficial. The powder should have very little to no sugar and should be low in carbohydrates.There are many different flavors of protein but most commonly vanilla and chocolate. Many like to add other natural ingredients to their shakes as well. Bananas and peanut butter are two yummy options. There are also many different brands and types of protein. So how do you know which kind is right for you?

Less is better. The fewer the ingredients, the better it is for you. All you really need is the protein itself. The products containing isolate is the best as it contains less lactose so that your body absorbs it faster. Meaning, your body will begin recovering and rebuilding new tissue sooner after a workout.

You also need to evaluate what exactly your diet and fitness goals are and pick a protein to meet those needs. If trying to lose weight, then you need to pick a protein that has fewer calories, carbohydrates, and sugars. Meal replacement shakes may also help with that. If trying to bulk up however, which we women do not want to do, then powders higher in all those choices are the right pick. The ideal protein powder should also help with burning fat, so you need to look at the products performance. You also need to look at a products ingredients to see just how much protein it packs, because the more the protein and less fillers, the more beneficial it is for you. That goes for protein bars as well.

So, just how beneficial is whey protein for women and can you lose weight?


Yes! Here is Why Women Should Be Drinking Whey Protein

Using whey protein as part of a balanced diet helps in preventing bone loss. Studies have also found that it can help in the growth of new skin after surgery. It contains all the amino acids essential for your daily diet. Protein powder also increases your body's level of glutathione, which is an antioxidant that is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and detoxification. Plus, the powder has little to no fat and carbohydrates. What about it's benefits in diet, fitness, and weight-loss?

The truth is, we women do need a little more protein in our diets. You do not exactly need whey protein to achieve this. You can get plenty of protein in food, such as lean chicken breasts, eggs, lean turkey, fish and so forth. Protein shakes are just convenient. But let me just clarify, you should not use these shakes as a replacement food. They will not substitute the vitamins and minerals from eating a well-balanced diet.

Drinking whey protein WILL NOT give you big muscles. Weight-lifting gives you that bulk. That is something that gets highly misunderstood. Men have different genetics and testosterone, so when they are lifting weights, they increase their muscle growth, and that is where the bulk comes from. Women do not have progesterone, so when supplementing with protein and lifting weights, we in return will tone our muscles and body, not look like the Incredible Hulk. Protein can aid in fat loss as well as long ay you are following a well-balanced diet and exercise routine. High quality whey protein is rich in leucine, and amino acids that helps preserve lean muscle all while promoting fat loss.

Can you get fat from drinking whey protein shakes? It is the same as any other food, fat is gained by consuming more then you are burning off. So, if you drink huge amounts of it and then sit around and do nothing, then yes you will gain fat.

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When Should You Consume A Protein Shake?

You can drink a protein shake as a meal replacement for one of your meals if needed, but please keep in mind that protein does not replace food. It is best consumed before or post-workout to aid in muscle recovery and growth. Add another protein shake in your favorite shaker bottle before bed works just as well because it has a sustained release and will help to curb your appetite! You should not consume more then 50 grams of protein in a day because that is hard on your kidneys. Drinking a shake for breakfast is also key too, as your body needs nourishment after a long sleep to jump-start your metabolism as well and giving you the energy you will need for your workout.


Drink Up!

More and more women are starting to experiment with the benefits of whey protein. With the market continuously advertising these products, it can be hard to sort out which ones are really good for you. Keep in mind that many of the meal replacement shakes marketed towards us women are actually high in sugar and do not really help in fat loss at all. You can find whey protein in any supplement shops, some pharmacies, and even your local Walmart. Now that you know what to look for, picking the right one for you should be easy. There are indeed some great benefits to using protein to ensure optimum health, fat loss, and muscle gain.

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Whey Protein and Weight Loss

Whey Protein and Weight Loss

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Tori Leumas on July 18, 2015:

I love protein powder shakes and smoothies. Great hub! Voted up!

Emma on January 14, 2015:

and not entirely true. Women do have testosterone, small quantities but still do

Brianna W (author) from East Coast on September 05, 2014:

Haha! What a hilarious typo. Thank you baba for finding it!

baba on September 04, 2014:

you mean testosterone...not progesterone, right?

Brianna W (author) from East Coast on August 30, 2014:

Thanks TThomasson! I drink it every day as well. Pre and post workout!

TThomasson from United Kingdom on November 29, 2012:

Great article, I use Whey Protein pretty much everyday.

Brianna W (author) from East Coast on August 15, 2011:

Great point herbcyclopedia! I do often feel full for the rest of the day after having a protein shake.

HERBCYCLOPEDIA on August 15, 2011:

Whey protein is indeed very helpful, specially in post-menopausal women, but one thing that may not very well known is that intake of beverages containing whey protein alter satiety, being also somehow helpful for those willing to reduce their caloric intake without suffering too much ;)

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