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Here To Stay

After being fully vaccinated, how long will we be protected.


Covid19 Mask Up

It has been a year since the coronavirus entered the United States. In one year 568,786 plus lives have been lost and millions have been accepted. In January 2020, life has changed for every American.

The virus changed the way we think, the economy, education, and the way we interact with our friends and families. President Trump didn't tell anyone how dangerous the coronavirus was

President Trump downplayed the number of coronavirus cases in the United States. Trump wanted to stop the testing of the coronavirus, saying the United States would have fewer cases. President Trump never told the Public how dangerous the virus was, it was airborne, contagious generated from the nose and mouth. It has been a year and the public is still wearing masks and trying to stay safe from a virus that refuses to leave.

It has been a year and the coronavirus is still here most of the Public is still wearing their masks while others are ignoring the rules and regulations of the CDC and medical experts. 568,786 plus lives have been lost to Coronavirus and millions have been affected as the virus continues to surge.

Vaccines Are Here

Pfizer- 2 doses of the virus are required from the age of 16 and older.


The first Vaccine was authorized on Dec/4/2020 in the United States, by the Food and Drug Administration, the first vaccine was made by Pfizer and Bio N Tech.

Most Americans feel that the virus is here to stay vaccines will control the virus, but there will never be a complete cure. It will take scientists a long time to come up with a cure to this Coronavirus, if ever.

How long will the vaccines protect those who are fully vaccinated? Will a vaccine be required every year? Latinos and African Americans most likely will refuse to take the vaccine because they don't trust the vaccine.

While African Americans and Latinos are debating about taking the vaccine, whites are rolling up their sleeves and being vaccinated. When talking to people about the vaccines, some are horrified about what's inside the small bottle. Over a million Americans have had at least one dose of Vaccine, 57 of a million are fully vaccinated. 567 thousand plus Americans died because of the coronavirus, these people didn't have a choice to see a vaccine. All Americans need to get tested and vaccinated the life you save might be your own.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on April 17, 2021:

Kimberly Potter was responsible for the death of Daunte Wright. Being on the Police force for 26 years, she should know the different between a gun and a taser. If convicted she is facing second degree manslaughter. I do believe she will be exonerated.

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on April 05, 2021:

No one knows if the Coronavirus here to stay. After being fully vaccinated how long will the vaccine protect us.

There will never be a cure for this virus, it will be controlled like other uncurable diseases.

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