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Is Masculinity or Ego Involved When People Don’t Wear Masks?

Claudette Carter has been a writer for more than 30 years. Graduated from Widener University and enjoys focusing on positive things in life.

Some Experts Agree Masculinity and Egos are Involved When People Don’t Wear Masks

Expert and anchorman Dan Harris appeared on the news series What You Need To Know. It was quite interesting to hear him discuss masculinity in relation to why some men don’t #wear masks, “I think this is all tangled up in masculinity unfortunately. We’re seeing at least one study that men are more reluctant to wear masks and it goes back to individualism, freedom flouting the rules, not being told what to do, not feeling like it makes you look weak if you are wearing a mask. I have been thinking a lot about the fact that we maybe at a moment where we need to rethink what masculinity is and refrain this not as you doing what you are told to by elite scientists but you doing what you need to do to protect the people around you and l think is an important way to refrain this.” This can’t be true that egos and masculinity are involved with the decision to wear a mask or not which can be a life or death matter for not only individuals but others. One of my dear spiritual brothers gave this definition of the word ego, “Erasing God out.” What an intriguing definition. Have we gotten to the point that we don’t have love for one another as we were taught to do by God‘s Holy Scriptures.

Recently on the television news program CBS This Morning they confirmed, “United States top five million #Coronavirus cases for more than any other country.“ A chart was displayed that “...shows a dramatic rise in reported cases since the beginning of February. It took us nearly two months to reach one million cases after the #pandemic was declared in March. It took only one month for the number to jump from three million to five million.” Many feel that these numbers are higher and do not reflect the true amount of Coronavirus cases that really exist within our country. Current figures say that there have been more than one million deaths from Coronavirus throughout the world. If prayer, masks wearing along with social distancing can possibly help from spreading the virus, can we join together and try? We have no other immediate solutions as our love ones are dying and the virus continues to spread.

American Academy of Pediatric Covid-19 Cases in U.S.

The American Academy of Pediatrics Children Hospital Association reported, “Rapid rise in pediatric Covid-19 cases in the U.S. April-September 10:549,432 cases in children. Ten percent of cumulative total cases. Last 8 weeks:children account for 12-15.9% of weekly reported cases.

Were Egos Involved in the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Where Masks were not Worn?

In the city of Sturgis, South Dakota from August 7th-16th, 2020 a Motorcycle Rally will be held with nights of riding, food, and music. This event will be presented during the pandemic where more than 250,000 plan to attend. #World News Tonight featured a top news story on this event. One man said during the interview, “It’s a done deal. I don’t care about the Covid.” Anchorman Tom Llamas continued the report by explaining how, “A massive gathering taking place in South Dakota in the middle of the pandemic. The annual #Biker rally in Sturgis, one of the largest in the world with 250,000 people from across the country expected to attend with no mask mandates in place. The mayor urging personal responsibility saying, ‘l can’t stop people from coming.’”

A photo of a woman from a local news story as she pleads through the message on the mask, “Love your neighbor wear a mask.”

A photo of a woman from a local news story as she pleads through the message on the mask, “Love your neighbor wear a mask.”

What Motivates People Not to Wear a Mask During this Pandemic?

The seriousness of this #pandemic is epic. In mid July American Heart Association News stated, “The nationwide data showed there were 87,000 ’excess deaths’ - that is, more than would have been expected during the two-month period — but only two thirds of that total were attributed to #Covid-19. In 14 states, more than half of the excess deaths were from causes other than Covid-19.” Is it true that some people don’t think of others during this pandemic because they are selfish and self-centered? They refuse to wear a mask that might save their life and the lives of others. What have some discovered to be the reasoning of some non wearing mask individuals? Tom Llamas continued with this point, “The common characteristic among these bikers is they love freedom and hate being told what to do. Even though a survey said the majority of Sturgis residents wanted this rally cancelled. Two hundred fifty thousand people are coming here to make this the largest event in America since the pandemic began.”

How do the residents of Sturgis, South Dakota feel about this 80 year old motorcycle event being held in their city during the pandemic? Trevor Ault a reporter on the story admitted, “The city did not advertise the rally this year but they knew the crowds were inevitable and the rally is a life line for businesses bringing in 650 million dollars last year.“ A resident casually stated, “We kind of took the attitude, whatever happens is gonna happen and we just have to roll with it.”

During the discussion individuals were asked if a lot of people were wearing masks and what affect will this rally have on the residents after this type of gathering during a pandemic? Residents were also asked about people comimg from the hotspot areas such as Texas? One resident stated, “No masks requirement. We encourage people to #social distance. Be cognizant of people and respect others.” Will this be accomplished where social distancing and masks will be worn although it is not a requirement out of the love and respect for others so that the virus won’t continue to rapidly spread? The words love and consideration reminds me of the words Jesus Christ said how the first commandment based on the Bible is, “You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. The second, like it, is this: ‘You must love your neighbor as yourself.’” (Matthew 22:37-39) Those are powerful words that Jesus taught us. Do we literally try to apply these words in our hearts and prac the? Are we living in such selfish, self centered times that our freedom and egos keeps us from showing love and consideration for our neighbor which can be anyone we come in contact with? Wearing a mask saves lives. If we loved others as much as we love ourselves, wearing a mask would be no problem regardless of our personal feelings. We also would not only consider each other through love by not attending large gatherings such as this motorcycle rally in South Dakota. Even if we can’t consider what is best for ourself, please think about your families and friends. Please show love toward them and if each one of those 250,000 individuals consider these things prayerfully, we will get through this pandemic together.

United States top Five Million Cases

“CBS This Morning” news confirmed dramatic increase in Coronavirus cases.

US Top Five Million Coronavirus CasesDramatic Rise In Reported CasesIn One Month the Pandemic Increased

More than any other country

After pandemic was declared in March

Took only one month for the number to jump from three million to five million


Currently over one million deaths of the virus thoughout the world





Video off of YouTube concerning Sturgis, South Dakota Bike Rally with more than 200,000 attendees during this Pandemic


Claudette Coleman Carter (author) from Media, Pennsylvania on August 10, 2020:

Hello Mr. Harper,

Your response was intriguing concerning my comment, “Wearing a mask saves lives.” I respect your opinion but please remember Coronavirus has killed over 160,000 with more than 5 million cases within this country. We are doing something wrong.

I feel whatever l can do to lessen those numbers since none of us know everything about this deadly virus, l will do. If that is prayer to God daily, wearing a mask along with social distancing, l will do whatever is needed to protect you and your family from something l might be carrying within my system. Now it’s not just the virus but we are going into the flu season. Whatever l have is my lungs might not spread so fast if l take some type of precaution. That is why l have decided to wear a mask because losing a loved one in death is to painful.

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I believe with all my heart what the Bible says at Revelation 21:3,4 that one day there will be no sickness, death, pain or sorrow on the earth. Until then l don’t want to risk exposing anyone to what l might possibly have that could make them sick or even kill them. I learned from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that it is not always about me but the love he taught me to have for my neighbors. That love compels me to wear a mask even if it may appear hypocritical or worship of who or whatever. I know worship only the true God Jehovah and nothing or no one else. After all it’s just a mask and nothing more.

I send my love and prayers John to you and your family during these critical times.

Claudette Coleman Carter (author) from Media, Pennsylvania on August 10, 2020:

Hi Lawrence,

Interesting comment. I totally agree and understand that the mask possibly protects the person wearing it from spreading the virus or any germs to others. I just feel it is loving to wear a mask even if l don’t have Coronavirus. We are all learning more each day about this virus so at this point we can only be as considerate and loving toward each other as we can by not only protecting ourselves but being concerned about the medical and scientific suggestions given regarding masks.

Over 5 million people are now infected with Coronavirus in this country as well as over 160 thousand deaths. We are undoubtedly doing something wrong. Whatever we can do until this virus is eliminated l want to do.

I feel such pain in my heart for those families who have lost loved ones. I often pray for them because l know how painful it is to lose someone you love. That is why l have decided to wear a mask if it will help in anyway to prevent this virus from spreading. I want to get through these critical times as each of us work together through prayer to Jehovah God, social distancing, masks or whatever it takes. I pray that you and your family will continue to survive these difficult times.

John Harper from Malaga, Spain on August 09, 2020:

One comment, you state: "Wearing a mask saves lives" which frankly is a hypothetical statement as there is no actual science showing they do.

What they do illustrate is that people will believe and follow science over and above God.

They are an act of submission to a foreign god.

I stand under Psalm 91 and a healthy God given immune system, plus, if God wants me to come home, He simply calls, as neither Bill Gates nor Lucifer have any say in my lifeline, unless I submit to them.

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on August 08, 2020:


Sorry, but i would totally disagree with this article. We don't wear them because they have negligible effect! That is from the scientists themselves!

The surgical mask is not designed to prevent its wearer from catching something, they are designed to stop the wearer from SPREADING whatever they might have!!!

When I was in hospital recently (with pneumonia) I was told to wear a mask while they tested me for COVID 19 (I had already been tested twice) but as soon as the test came back negative I was told NOT to wear the mask!

If I had COVID 19 I would have continued to wear the mask, but I was in a COVID free environment and was no risk to anyone!

On top of that, they are impractical formany jobs and uncomfortable.

Wear the mask by all means, but recognise its purely the placebo effect.

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