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Is Jump-Rope Workout for Cardio and Weight Loss Effective?

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A licensed Physiotherapist and a fitness freak. I love working out and writing down on the same.

Cardio workouts at home can be very easy, easier than you think - especially if you have a jump rope. A jump rope workout can be a fun and challenging way to get in your cardio workout when you have to stay in one place. Here comes the Jump rope workout. Jump rope is the most efficient and fun way to lose body fat and get a lean muscular physique while giving your heart a good workout.

The athletes are lean, strong and fast because they do cardio the right way. They’re not just trudging on a treadmill for thirty minutes. They are intense, focused and intentional because they don’t have time to waste.

Pieces of evidence demonstrate that if you maintain a six-mile per hour pace, you'll burn around 500 to 600 calories in one hour for running whereas skipping burns approximately 700 to 900 calories in an hour; not to forget your weight and height taken into consideration.

As a matter of fact, you can burn considerably more calories relying on the kind of skipping rope you do-

1.Basic Jump Rope.

2.Reverse Basic Jump Rope.

3.Alternate Foot Jump.

4.Running Jump Rope.

5.Double Under Jump Rope

An effective way to lose belly fat, shaping the abs, also blasts the calves, tones your arms, improves your lung capacity, builds stamina to mention a few. You can also strengthen your heart as this exercise works your heart at the same intensity as running, but without the high joint impact.

Jumping rope can help maximize the result of your workout, even if you only have a few minutes; or you can do it as a warm-up routine which is of huge benefit since it will kick start your metabolism as well as prevent any injury during a workout. It seriously challenges the cardiovascular system along with improving coordination and muscle strength. You are strengthening the muscles surrounding your ankle joints, your quadriceps, your core and more—decreasing the chances of any injury in the future. Those who regularly jump rope gain more stamina, agility, better posture, balance, quicker reflexes and much higher levels of overall coordination; after all, you’re keeping pace with the rope and avoiding getting your feet entangled in it. This is one of the main reasons you see boxers and footballers incorporating the jumping rope in their workout routines. No wonder many fitness experts swear by this exercise and call the jump rope the best all-around piece of exercise equipment you can own.

Be that as it may, remember to utilize the right rope as per your stature and other such inclinations.

Forms of Jump rope

Forms of Jump rope


Other health benefits of jumping rope

Jumping rope improves your heart health

When you use a jump rope as a workout routine, you’ll be increasing your metabolism and elevating your heart rate to a higher intensity than it’s used to. High-intensity workouts have proven to make your heart stronger and decrease your risk of stroke and heart disease.

Jumping rope decreases belly fat

Undoubtedly no workout is effective on its own — without dieting — to get rid of belly fat. But HIIT exercise like jump rope has been proven for faster fat loss, particularly around your abs and your trunk muscles. By pulling your core tight during a jump rope exercise routine, you can target that area and start sculpting those abs.

Jumping rope improves Balance

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It takes some coordination and balance to pull off a full jump rope workout. And practising consistently will improve your ability to do it and you’ll not only enjoy and have fun during a workout but will also get better balance and coordination in your day-to-day life. A study of soccer players showed that jumping rope as a training exercise improved coordination and balance on the field.

Jumping rope improves your Strength

Going deeper into medicine, jumping rope also helps build bone density, guards against osteoporosis, fractures and bone loss. Since it is a weight-bearing exercise, jumping rope helps build bone density by providing the needed loading of bones to help them strengthen. Bones become stronger and denser by breaking down and rebuilding in response to loading stress. Yet, talk with your doctor or physical therapist before jumping in, since conditions like hip, knee, or ankle arthritis may make jumping rope more challenging, hence, you need to make sure to look deeper into this if you are already diagnosed with certain medical conditions.

Different form of jump rope to challenge the workout

Different form of jump rope to challenge the workout

Skipping rope HIIT workout for weight loss

One misconception about jumping rope for weight loss is that you need to jump rope, only, for a long time or some period of time continually. The key to jumping rope as aerobic exercise lies in its the ability for High-intensity interval training(HIIT); which means you work out at a high-intensity level for short bursts, followed by short resting periods. Here’s a sample jump rope workout. You’ll need a stopwatch or some sort of an app with a timer.

  • Jump rope for 30 seconds straight. This may be harder than it sounds. Rest for 60 seconds, then go for another 30 seconds. Repeat 9 times and continue this circuit for an hour. You can also keep on changing the forms, like alternate foot etc. to make it even more challenging.

Skipping rope Strength workout for weight loss

  • You can do basic Jumps with strength training forms such as Jump rope for a minute followed by Squats and Pushups and the jump rope again. This being a circuit, you can go on for a couple of circuits. With different steps—single jumps, alternating foot jumps, jumping jacks, boxer stepsand more—you can make jumping rope as tough or as easy as you need.

One of the top killers of a daily workout routine is boredom. Running or Jogging can get dull after a while and no one enjoys feeling like a hamster that goes on a wheel around in circles.

That’s why we love jump rope so much. You can do it literally anywhere, it doesn’t take up much room, additionally, one of the least expensive workout gadgets out there and every single workout can be different. You can’t get bored when you’re having a blast AND most importantly, it works.

So, are you ready to let go of your gym membership and save all that money and get amazing results at home? Hop in for jump rope. It’s the workout I started doing from the very beginning of my weight loss journey and there’s no doubt how much weight I lost.


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