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Is Fighting Worth The Fight

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Why Even Bother...

I ask myself that question a lot, like why do I even try. I will get a rage of irritation forming inside me and want to act out violently. But I have to ask myself... Is it worth the fight?

What am I talking about? I don't know, what am I talking about?

Imagine all the stuff that you have fought about with someone in your lifetime. Or maybe you just got the emotion welling before the fight. Think about that energy boiling and the adrenaline rushing through your veins. That is an awesome feeling, and for those of us who struggle more so with managing anger than others, channeling this level of aggressive energy is your best option before acting in a manner you would regret later. I feel that anything done off of pure emotion, (now I am not talking about acting off love or something like that), is probably not a good decision. Or at least should be thought through before acting upon. So let me ask you this again, is the fight worth the fight? If someone challenges you, forcing you to act in a certain manner, isn't it still your choice whether to follow their direction or not? The answer is yes, it is your decision. No matter who it is.

There was once a time in my life when I would argue about everything, I am not even sure why. I just felt like debating everything that I was told. We did that a lot in our family growing up, the siblings and I would hold debates. Sometimes they would get very animated and aggressive. At the time I was unaware of what I was really doing, my mother called it arguing or talking back. It took me years of being slapped in the face to know when to shut my mouth. But with that being said, after many years after observing everything I was surrounded with instead of talking, in fear of getting slapped. It blew my mind what I witnessed in other people, and myself for that matter. Walking around the grocery store just overhearing a couple fight about something that happened years ago, and think to myself, "How does that event have anything to do with this grocery store?"

It kind of made me take a step back like whoa, yeah why do people bring up shit from the past and argue about it at random times at random places? for what purpose does that serve? It serves absolutely no purpose but to bring up unwanted emotions in a place that they shouldn't even be residing. That got me thinking to all the arguments I have gotten into with my family, or the many exes I have had that were not even worth fighting about. At the time I guess I felt very passionate to express my case, but looking back on it now all I can think about is the wasted time spent arguing.

I encourage you to stay engulfed in the moment, that is powerful, definitely stay tuned into right now. When you find yourself needing to correct someone's mistake, think about how they would take your contact. Also think about if the mistake is really something that you should ne interfering with at all. That is solid advice, if a situation does not pertain to you personally, then involving yourself is only asking for drama. If you feel that said individual is making a really big mistake and needs to be stopped, then by all means you fight that fight. But I am not referencing a work situation, it could be used for that, but what I am aiming towards is your response to everything. That is the whole idea, the response to life. So... plug the idea into all areas of your life, ask yourself if it is really worth proving your are right. I have argued with some people until I was blue in the face, but that was wasted time. I knew I was right and they were not going to budge, so I was the bigger person and let it go. You be the bigger person and just let them be wrong. Does it really matter?


It Takes Two To Tango

I am referencing situations with other people because most fights are done between two people. But have you ever had a fight with yourself? I have. It is more common then you think. If you are an introvert like me, you may find your mind wondering into a daydream. That is me, and I love it until it get's in the way of my life. I will argue with myself about making a decision, sometimes to the point of talking myself completely out of doing whatever it was. Think about it, when you are alone and start beating yourself up or thinking too much. I do it all the time, not as much anymore but it still happens.

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I fight with the dark side of my mind every night. I am constantly arguing myself out of a situation that the rebellious side of me wants to do. The little devil on my shoulder will be fighting with the angel on the other side. It confuses me when I want something, but this weird force inside me prevents it. OR vice versa. It feels like I almost have to force myself to do things that otherwise I would have never done if I have let the darkness lead the way.

Whether you have voices in your head, or you are fighting emotional battles everyday. Every one fights whether they claim to be a lover or not. Everyone fights to live another day in this fucked up world. Fighting means to put forth the effort for something, and if it means putting forth the effort for something that will ultimately bring you joy... why not fight for it?

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