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Are You Doing Your Manifestations Totally Wrong?


Affirmations are positive statements that help us to overcome negative and self-destructing thoughts of our minds.

Sometimes when we affirm things, we start thinking about them at every moment of the day and want them to happen right away because we think that this is how affirmations work!

Think about your goals; Make a vision of them in your mind; write them on a paper or your journal 5–6 times daily; read them aloud; belief in them and then you are gonna be attracting the things or goals that you manifested through your subconscious mind and finally there would be a time when you have that things in actual.

Well! almost everybody is well aware of this message and the manifestation techniques.

But in reality, sometimes these manifestations methods do not really work. Why?

Sometimes, these manifestations make our life even more frustrating and anxious when things don't happen the way they are supposed to happen even after manifesting strongly. Why?

Well! sometimes, this happens with me and it happens with many people out there too! What is the reason behind it? and why it doesn't work for some people?

Reasons Our Manifestations Don't Work Often

To answer this first let's ask ourselves this very simple question;

"Why We All Start Manifesting In The First Place?"

  • Because we are not happy with our present lives
  • We are not satisfied with the things that we are doing now
  • We want our lives to get better
  • We want to feel happiness by achieving some goals and things that we think make our life more worth living

In short, We are not happy in our present moment. Either we are stuck in our pasts which is definitely defining our present situation or we are thinking too much about our future.

We are projecting our happiness into the future through our goals and manifestations.

I am definitely not suggesting that we shouldn't manifest. It's just that sometimes these things also make our life more frustrating instead of making it better.

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Because we are too much immersed in a good and bright future imagination that we stop living in the present moment. And when these manifestations don't work in a specific period of time, we get anxious and start thinking more negative about ourselves and our lives such as

"Even these things don't work for me and start thinking that there is no way out there for us to be better and make our lives better"

Thus, we get more discouraged and more disappointed in our lives.

What Can Be the Right Way to Manifest and Not Getting Carried Away With It

  1. There is nothing better than being in the present moment; live in it fully and enjoying little happy things that are happening in our life now without even asking for them.
  2. Being grateful for what we have in this present moment, i.e. life, family, Home, Food on our table, Relationships, Friends, Job, Work, Kindness, Laughter, Love, Blessings, happiness; it can be anything.

Because when we feel grateful and acknowledge these little blessings in our life, then life seems a little smoother and happy and less difficult than we think it is!

Being grateful for the little blessings brings more blessings in our lives and in a much bigger way than we expect.

3. Manifest daily but don't chase your manifestations too much. Because what we run after the most, that thing becomes more difficult to be caught and ultimately brings disappointment.

Instead, be patient and live in balance with your life and manifestations.

Choose to live in your present moment by knowing that you don't have to chase anything. Just manifest what you want and leave it in the hands of the universe to complete them. When the time is right and you are ready to welcome change in your life and align with your manifestation, these will automatically flow into your life.

Life is precious. Time is precious. Don't ever waste even a single second of it only thinking about the future and ignoring your present moment in which you can choose to be happy.

Always remember,

Happiness is a choice and we create happiness through our efforts in the present moment.

Thanks for reading!

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