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Do You Find Yourself Struggling With Resistance?

Tomi has a certificate as a Happiness Coach. She can give ongoing support to people trying to attain their goals. She enjoys helping others.

Releasing on Positive Thoughts

Wanted to start this article on a positive note of releasing on positive emotions since happiness is our basic nature that comes from within. See video link below.

This is just an example to touch on releasing a positive emotion. Just think of a time when you were really happy. Allow the positive emotions to just be there. Focus on the happy situation(s). Ask yourself the following questions: Could you just welcome the feeling of happiness? Could you welcome it more? And even more? And even more? By answering these questions repeatedly, you can release on that feeling of happiness. You would need to pause between each question for about 10 seconds or more and you should be able to see that you are becoming happier. This is called diving into the core which is one form of letting go or releasing an emotion.

I love to use this technique to just get an instant moment of happiness. It can be so uplifting when you just need a little boost. Try it for yourself to see what I mean.

Are you struggling?

"If you are struggling today, remember this: You have survived everything you've gone through up to this point. The best day of your life is still to come. There are still people you haven't met, and things you haven't experienced. You can do this."

— Understanding Compassion

Tapping the Source of Happiness Video by Hale Dwoskin

Diving In Release Technique

Your deepest feelings are just on the surface. At your core, you are empty. Your most extreme feelings do not have much substance to them. When you practice this technique, you should not be doing anything else so it will work better. It works better on stronger feelings such as happiness. However, it can be used on negative feelings as well. By the way, when you are practicing letting go or releasing, your eyes can be opened or closed, but you may want to close your eyes for this releasing technique.

You may want to find a quiet place by yourself and allow the feeling to be there as best as you can. You would then ask yourself the questions one feeling at a time. What is at the core of this feeling? Could I allow myself to go to the core of this feeling? Could I allow myself to dive into this feeling? You can make up your own versions of the questions if you like. You can keep asking yourself: Could I go even deeper? You may notice the feeling intensifies.

My favorite way to release on negative feelings is by just letting the negative feeling go, like when you drop a pencil that represents your negative feelings. I like using this release technique of diving in for positive emotions to make the positive emotions even stronger.

Positive Thinking

These techniques can be so simple just by asking yourself the questions, you can let go or release your negative emotions, feelings or thoughts. It makes me feel so much lighter and happier. It can give you so much peace within. Imagine being able to let go of the nine emotions such as fear, anger, lust, etc. It can give you peace in an instant moment. I don't have to prove it to you. By practicing the techniques, you can see yourself. Why not give it a try?

Positive Thoughts


Negative Thoughts, Emotions, and Feelings

Resistance is our greatest block. It sabotages us from moving forward in life. It can even stop us in our tracks. Don't let it make you a walking mess. Don't make yourself your problems or identify with your negative thoughts, old habits, and beliefs. That is what you were or might be, not what you are now and can be. As you release on resistance, you will begin to move forward in your life.

Our emotions result in us feeling, thinking and acting in certain ways. For example, if you are feeling resistance, you may be struggling with the emotion of apathy. You may be feeling negative, defeated, pessimistic, or hopeless. You may be thinking I can't or I give up. You may be acting in a way of giving up, being unfocused or even just get stuck.

By letting go or releasing the emotions or negative feelings of resistance, you can begin to think more positive and start acting better. You would then start feeling more positive, victorious, optimistic and hopeful. You would then be thinking I can or I will not give up. You would start acting in a way of being focused and start moving forward.

Resistance Poll

Resist Resistance


Hale Dwoskin: Stop Feeling Anxious!

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Which would you rather have?

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Worksheet for Resistance on Things I Have to Do

You can make a worksheet for this. At the top of a piece of paper, write: Things I Have to Do. Then, make four columns titled as follows: 1st Column) Things I Feel I Have to Do? 2nd Column) What is My Now Feeling about That? 3rd Column) Let Go? 4th Column) Feel Good? Under the first column, you would then make a list of things that you feel you have to do. In the 2nd column write down your NOW feeling. After asking yourself the questions described in the 1st article, you would then release each feeling and check the Let Go column after you have have fully let go. You would keep releasing on that one item until you feel good about it and check that Feel Good column.

Credit: Freedom Now (workbook) Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Abundance and Well Being from The Sedona Method Basic Course, Pages 59-60, Copyright 1991-1998 by Hale Dwoskin.

Worksheet for Wanting Change

We often want to change things that can not be changed. We get stuck on things that are actually fine, the past, or something we can't change. By releasing, you will find yourself accepting the things you can't change and changing things that you can change.

Again, you might find it helpful to make yourself a worksheet to let go or release. At the top of a piece of paper, write: What Do I Want To Change In My Life? Then, make four columns titled as follows: 1st Column) Think of Specific Persons, Places or Things That You Would Like to Change 2nd Column) What is My Now Feeling about That? Could I Let Go of Wanting to Change It? 3rd Column) Let Go? 4th Column) Feel Good? Under the 1st column, you would then write down people, places or things you would like to change. In the 2nd column, you would write down the now feelings one at a time. Once, you let that feeling go, you would put a check mark under the Let Go column. When you feel good about that emotion after releasing on it possibly several times, you would then put a check mark under that column of Feel Good. This would mean you no longer have to release on that one negative emotion. You have fully let it go. You would repeat this process for each negative emotion, negative feeling or negative thought one at a time to let it go or release it until you feel good about it just like you would do for the resistance.

Credit: Freedom Now (workbook) Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Abundance and Well Being from The Sedona Method Basic Course, Pages 63-64, Copyright 1991-1998 by Hale Dwoskin.

Freedom is Yours


Further Reading

You can read more about these techniques in The Sedona Method book: The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being, by Hale Dwoskin

The Sedona Method

Negative Emotions Poll


It is also a good idea to write down any gains that you notice, even if they are small. This will allow you to see progress, and see how you are moving forward in the right direction toward your goals.

Freedom Now

I know releasing has helped me to let go of someone and even to pull myself up when so many small things were pulling me down. By releasing or letting go, you can improve your life. It does take some time and practice, but doesn't everything worthwhile take time and effort? Isn't it worth you putting in the work now to improve your life now, and have a more positive outlook? It has helped me become even more positive now with two injuries.

Please see my first article, titled: "Introduction to Freeing Yourself From Your Problems."

Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions and I will try to respond. Thank you for reading.

Now is the Time


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