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Interpretation for Dead and Alive in the Dreams

Muhammad Abdullah Javed has been engaged in social service from past 17 years and has got double master's degrees in physics and sociology.


The Begining

Dreams are part of our lives. Sometimes it seems we sleep just to open the doors for dreams to come. What we can’t imagine in real life appears before us while sleeping. Sometimes we see good dreams and sometimes bad ones, occasionally we see in a dream what we had experienced the previous day or before that, these are called self dreams. The dreams about which some of the hubbers have asked falls under the self dream category.


Seeing Dead Person in Dreams

A question was about seeing the dead persons in a dream. We don’t know, as other hubbers too have answered, what exactly the questioner has seen and who those are coming time and again in his dreams.

Generally seeing dead persons in dream is believed to be good. It depends on how they have been seen. If a dead person is seen doing a virtuous act, it means the dreamer should follow the same act in his real life. If the dead is seen as involving in an evil, means it’s a precaution that one should refrain from that. However there are many a possibilities of seeing a dead person in dreams. Go through the following and find out what actually was the case?

Seeing a known dead person means a good sign, one can have things working on the lines of his liking. If the dead person appears in dream happens to be among parents, relatives and friends is considered as a good sign.

  • Seeing a deceased father means, availability of resources and lessening of pain and relief from grief. If he appears in a disgraceful manner then the outcome will not be the same.

Seeing a known dead person, talking and shaking hands with the dreamer and inquiring about his health means the dreamer will keep good health for a longer period of time.

The table shows a comparison of different possibilities of seeing a dead along with the interpretation:


I can’t walk, I can’t struggle

Now let us move ahead and talk about the person who appears in dream and is alive. Another hubber have posed a related question, in a dream it appears that walking and struggling was too difficult. Let us see its outcome. Struggle is central theme of the dream mentioned. If any dreamer feels that he has struggled a lot, like difficulties in walking, speaking, climbing, lifting, reading etc means an indication that demands of focus on the weakness that the dreamer has. There may be medical reasons too as some of my friends have pointed out.


Does Satan influence dreams?

It is another question in focus, does Satan influence dreams? Yes, in fact bad dreams are a result of Satan’s evil influence. We can perceive Satan as an extra-dimensional being, they have been granted with the power with which they interact with those in other dimensions. By virtue of the power and interaction they disturb us through various means. One of the ways adopted by Satan is to disturb when we asleep. Nightmares are a result of satanic intervention into our 'physical' domain of sleep. How Satan enters into our physical domain and interacts with our perceptions is a matter beyond our understanding, but what we could make it out from the efforts of Satan is that they have their own limitations. To a limited extent Satan can influence but in no way can compel humans to act according his dictates.

Following are some of the parameters over which one can understand the nature of bad dreams and how they are different.

  1. Dreams which try to create worries and suspicions by stirring up fear in the mind.
  2. Dreams which try to create worries by means of inducing hopelessness and desperation.
  3. Dreams which contain indecency and often result in offensiveness.
  4. Dreams in which thoughts appear to be quite inconsistent with facts.
  5. Dreams which appear without any topic and they are pretty long, just like horror stories.
  6. Such dreams are very quickly forgotten soon as the dreamer awakes; only by force one could remind himself of it.

Art of dealing with good dreams

Good dream is just like an achievement. Nobody can dare to say that the explanation of a good dream can be exactly how it was appeared; the pleasant feelings rule heart and mind for a longer period of time. Following are the means by which one can realize the dream:

  1. Be thankful to God for the wonderful dream. And pray for its realization.
  2. Express pleasure and feel happy about it.
  3. Be selective in discussing with others.
  4. Narrate it before a wise or elderly person.
  5. Try to follow the good things appeared.
  6. Don’t make it a goal to realize what ever appeared in dream.
  7. Just take it as a motivating factor.
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Art of dealing with bad dreams

Sometimes bad dreams appear so terribly that they exhort unbelievable impacts on the likings and thinking. But as said, a bad dream has nothing to do with the reality; it should be taken as a precaution or an alarm. One can deal with such dreams, here are few tips:

  1. Seek refuge with God.
  2. Change the position in which you were sleeping.
  3. Avoid mentioning it to others.
  4. Have a firm belief that it was a meaningless dream and it will never harm you.
  5. Never let it rule your mind.
  6. Commit yourself and try to move ahead of what appeared.

We and the dreams

The bases of Interpretation of Dreams

We are living in an era where the knowledge is increasing exponentially, making it impossible for us to get a considerable portion of it, as for the knowledge of metaphysical dimensions (dreams) is concerned it seems even more difficult to acquire. Thanks to the tedious efforts carried out by our ancestors who with their superlative intellect and dedication towards the betterment of humanity, have made the interpretation of dreams a discipline, and documented their observations for us to follow. Unarguably the religious scriptures have provided the bases for their efforts. Now whatever we speak or write about the dreams is just because of its virtue. Since all dreams are not to be taken as they appear, they have their own psychological and social backgrounds; the preferable attitude is just to get a sensible knowledge about it.

On the bases of the Divine guidance, experience, social and psychological conditions in which the dream appeared, perception, far-sightedness and deep understanding of the Divine knowledge and human society – helped in interpretation of the dreams. So only those dreams about which we find specific references in religious scriptures should be deemed as important ones. It solely depends on an individual’s conscience to deal with rest of the dreams. They may be good or bad.

For good dreams one should resolve to abide by what has been seen, the bad dreams must find their place in the cold storage. Balanced and sensible approach towards this metaphysical phenomenon is must. You may agree with me that throughout the human history, no conquest is made on the bases of a dream; it is the tireless human efforts, self determination, broad vision and the love of humanity that has brought changes, revolutionized the society and has inspired the humans to make history with the outstanding achievements both below and above the skies.

(C) 2014 - Muhammad Abdullah Javed (m abdullah javed)


Ana Shala on July 30, 2019:

I have dreamed my grandfather which is dead in real life and was i white clothes wearing me a white t shirt, what is the meaning ?

muhammad abdullah javed (author) on January 30, 2016:

Please go ahead as taught and share with us your experience Ana. Thanks for your comments.

Ana Kolomeka from Big Island of Hawaii on January 02, 2016:

A counselor taught me to interpret my dreams by acting out the roles of the characters, places, and things. In this way, the dreamer can gain insight into hidden aspects of their personality and situations.

muhammad abdullah javed (author) on September 10, 2014:

Thats good. Thank you.

Zaina from Pakistan on September 10, 2014:

Wow ! That's interesting and informative.I had lot of queries in my mind regarding dreams and there meanings which are are cleared now.

muhammad abdullah javed (author) on September 09, 2014:

Hi Dora, we wish you all the best, whatever good you have seen in dreams may come true. Chase the dream if it was a good one.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on September 09, 2014:

Quite a comprehensive explanation on seeing people in dreams. I used to dream about both of my grandmothers, and they were always good dreams; but that hasn't happened in years. These interpretations are very interesting. Thank you.

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