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Making Infused Water For Better Health


Infuse Your Water...

Thirsty? Your body needs water! Are you drinking enough H2O? It seems like a difficult thing when we are surrounded by high caffeine energy drinks, coffees, sodas loaded with sugars, fruit juices and other drinks that we see everyday at stores all over. And lets not get into the wide variety of alcohol drinks. Some of these drinks are okay in moderation, but many of us get into a bad daily habit of drinking too many of them, causing heath issues and/or aggravating pre-existing health issues that one may already have. Staying hydrated is super important for a number of factors like skin, hair, and overall wellness. That is where water comes in to play.

If your looking for an all natural solution to some of the heath issues you may face on any given day, infused water may be a good choice for you. Infused Water is when you place a variety of fruits, vegetables and even some herbs into your favorite drinking container, refrigerate overnight and allow the natural minerals and nutrients in them to be "infused" into the water. Especially if you hate taking medications, like I do, the various infused water recipes can work wonders for how you feel, flushing toxins from your body, losing weight, boosting your immune system as well as you getting the number one health benefit, the daily hydration your body needs. The human body is over 80% of water. Being hydrated improves your overall health and naturally flushes toxins out of your body and also, water keeps your skin healthy, plump and elastic. Infused water is specifically beneficial because it makes the act of drinking water fun and exciting, both for the taste, smell and the sight of it. As infused water has the sweet fruit flavors of veggie or fruit juices without the negative effects calories or sugars. And don’t forget about infused waters’ healthy array of natural antioxidants and vitamins.

Here are a few infused water recipes you can make at home. All you need is an easy to carry jug with a lid, that will also be easy to clean. I typically go to my local grocery store, super market (or a preferred farmers market), with the best produce department I can find and buy a large fruit platter to start with fruits like grapes, watermelon, pineapples, etc; to start with. There are a wide variety of ingredients to choose from like tumeric, basil, mint leaf, lime, strawberry, grapefruit and other yummy things that can be beneficial to one's health. To hydrate and detoxify your body, use citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and other fruits that contain citric vitamins, fiber and nutrient-rich juices that help your body flush itself and boost your metabolism.

1. Headaches / Appetite / Digestion / Heartburn / Etc:

- 4 slices of Lemon

- 6 slices of Cucumber

- 3 Mint leaves

2. Immune System Boost / Blood Sugar / Etc:

- 12 slices of Strawberries

- 6 slices of Kiwi fruit

3. Energy Boost / Detox / Hydration / Etc:

- 6 slices of Grapefruit

- 6 slices of Tangerine

- 3 Mint Leaves

- 6 slices of Cucumber

4. Joint Pain / Better Vision / Teeth & Gums / Etc:

- 12 slices of Pineapples

- 5 slices of Apples

- 8 slices of Cantaloupe

5. Lower Blood Pressure / Brain Health / Etc:

- 6 slices of Pear

- 12 Raspberries

- 1 Rosemary Leaf

6. Heart & Kidney Health / Hydration / Skin / Fights Cancer / Etc:

- 1 1/2 cup chopped Watermelon

- 4 Mint leaves

- 4 Lime slices

7. Muscle Recovery / Skin Health / Detox / Antioxidants / Etc:

- 6 Cucumber slices

- 12 whole Blueberries

- 6 Basil leaves

8. Help with Diabetes & High Cholesterol Control / Kidney Disease / Etc:

- 6 Okra cut into pieces

- Soak & chill in water overnight

After you have drank all of the infused water from your container, just add more chilled water to the fruit. At the end of the day, just pour out all of the fruit and prep a new batch at home and chill overnight for the next day. Make infused water a part of your daily hydration routine. You should begin to see results like smoother and healthier skin, more energy, weight loss, etc., within a few days. And feel free to experiment with your own mixtures of fruit, herbs or vegges of your choosing.

Some of you may not be disiplined water drinkers or maybe you have to force yourself to drink water daily. Trust me, it is hard for those of us who love our energy drinks or especially all of us who love our daily cups of coffee. However, making yourself an infused water drink is a better choice over drinking a soda and many other marketed drinks in the stores. So, increase your water intake, get hydrated, get those nutrients and all of the positve added benefits and reintroduce yourself to water again... Infused water!

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