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Indoor Surfing: Amazing and Authentic Workout

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Where is Indoor Surfing

The first indoor surfing workouts happened at the Boston Athletic Club in South Boston. Now, the classes are accessible throughout the world. Attending one of these classes, a person gets a surfer's workout indoors. It is like surfing in Costa Rica without getting wet. Even kids take the challenge as a birthday party venue.

Best Surfing in the World

Waterless indoor surfing is one of the best workouts. The fitness studios are called SurfSET, where members paddle and pop up. Once they feel comfortable, they carve the wave on custom-built unsteady surfboards.

The best surfing in the world is happening in many fitness clubs like this Boston athletic club. People who desire to mix up their fitness routines can check out the surfer's workout regime.

The new craze is called SurfSET Fitness, which offers people a workout that surfer dudes do all the time. The mastermind behind the practical training is Mike Hartwick. He invented the Rip Surfer X. A machine for one person to use for a complete workout. Hartwich developed the activity as a way to exercise when he was away from the real surf.


Big-Wave Surfing

The surfboard rides on three inflatable pouches that assist in simulating the feel of surfing on a wave. Riders can perform classic maneuvers like carving a wave. They feel like they are big-wave surfing.

Even though it is a machine, it is quite simple with two handles at the front to replicate the sensation of paddling with the help of resistance lines on the handles. They can imagine taking on the best surfing in Maui or Mexico.

As they imagine, they get a fantastic workout and keep their body in shape for surfing during the offseason.

Muscular Body

A surfer is lean but doesn't look weak with a muscular body that is not bulky. The definition of the muscles creates a body balance of pure athletic physique symmetrically.

Paddling develops the shoulder, toughens the lower back, and builds up cardiovascular fitness. Duck-diving, when the surfboard goes through the waves, strengthens the arms, focusing on the triceps. The pop-up movement launches the pectoral and core muscles and develops the body with power. Standing and riding the wave creates the legs, engaging the quads and flexibility.

How Much is Indoor Surfing?

Learning how to do indoor surfing is easy if you are in shape. Hartwick explains that surfers avoid bulky muscles and a leaner and mean body to withstand the rigors of taking a wave, involving paddling, popping up on the board, and balance.

At $20.00 a class, you catch a big wave in Aruba and ride it toward the beach. The workout is challenging but rewarding. You end up with a lean and more muscular body.

What do you think?


Indoor Surfing Without Water

Surfers wear workout clothes because they surf indoors with a class that might prove to be an excellent way to break from their usual workout routine. They are successful in driving to hit the waves like surfing in New Zealand, where some giant waves are in the world.

Each class begins with a warmup and ends with a cooldown. The participants go through intervals of intense aerobic training. While on the board, they build up their endurance and incinerate body fat. Performing maneuvers of short explosive energy intervals reshape the body.

Don't be surprised if you meet other surfers and plan a real big-wave surfing trip.

What Kids Can Do

Even kids join the surfboard workout, which is beneficial for developing balance, motor skills, and confidence. The added benefit of safe surfing for kids starts indoors with an instructor explaining how to surf the waves.

Parents, if you are trying to find something unique for your kid's birthday party and want to change it up from your typical parties, girl's night out, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or even kid's play date, you can rent a surfboard fitness room for an hour or so. Some clubs do the setup and host get-togethers, and all you have to do is show up, sweat, smile with a group of friends, relatives, and kids.

Stronger Body

In regions where surfing is prevalent, this type of workout class or party is trendy. Getting a surfing workout while living in a surfing town and near a beach is smart and healthy. I would do a surfboard class three times a week for about three months before surfing the real waves or big-wave surfing.

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Kenna McHugh (author) from Northern California on January 20, 2018:

Thank you for reading my article. Yes. It is a great way to get in shape or stay in shape, core, legs, balance.

Sherry Haynes on January 20, 2018:

Wow! I loved this article. I have some big love for fitness and surfing. This thing adds them together. Thank you for introducing me to the amazing surfSET, Kenna.

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