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5 Ways to Increase the Quality of Learning

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Moon is a professional psychologist for 3 years and holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from NU.

How to Improve the Quality of Learning ?

The quality of teaching can be enhanced using SQ 3R method. Almost everyone's ideas are gifted by the creator and since to be a good student, this special talent given by the creator is essential. So many believe that all other efforts to improve the quality of education are futile. Talent is completely dependent on chance, the environment does not have much effect on it.

SQ 3R method is a tried and tested method of improving the quality of learning. Here S = Survey, Q = Question and 3R are read, recite and review. So let's learn about SQ 3R method.

Ways to Increase the Quality of Learning

Ways to Increase the Quality of Learning

SQ or Survey and Questionnaire Techniques

The task of the survey is to look at the whole thing as if the first thing you have to read is to get a glimpse at a glance. Take a light survey on the content before reading the subject in detail and in depth.
This will give you a basic idea about the subject. What to survey? That is, look at the headings and sub-headings, then try to understand how the content statements are related to each other and how the full statements are consistently described. Then make some questions on your own about what has been said on the whole subject in the question mountain. This will create an inquisitive attitude inside you. Interest and enthusiasm to know will increase. Interest in the content will increase and the content and key points will be clearer to you.

Ways to Increase the Quality of Learning

Ways to Increase the Quality of Learning

The Correct Method of Reading

• Remember not to try to make any notes while reading. Only from the beginning to the end will you read the matter with deep attention. This method of reading is also important. Although the task of reading seems simple at the moment, it is quite complex. Because there is a possibility of learning many mistakes while reading, if you notice that whenever someone is reading, his eyes move from left to right. When we go to read the next line, it returns from the last part on the right to the last part on the left. So those whose eyes are wandering unnecessarily while reading cannot read the subject meaningfully. On the contrary, reading the whole sentence with a fixed eye deepens the mind and takes less time to memorize the meaning.

• If you look closely, you will see that in every book, even in my writing, many more sentences have been used than are needed to understand the subject. These seemingly extra words and sentences are used to help you understand the content from different perspectives. But when we read, we pay more attention to only the necessary and important words. That is why it is possible to express the essence of what is read with very few sentences and words and we do so. Therefore, while reading, it is necessary to pay special attention to the important words and sentences to understand the content.

• Some people can read fast and some people read very slowly. Those who read fast can read the main content quickly by omitting extra word sentences. They do this without repeating the same line over and over again. With fixed eyes reading the whole line. So you should try to read without making too many breaks in each line and by eliminating the habit of looking back to understand once again. When you go to the public library, you must have noticed that there are some people who are reading a page of a newspaper for about an hour. If your habit is like that, then after reading so many books on so many subjects, you will understand how much time and effort it will take to revise it again and again. This is why it has been seen that those who have been in the habit of reading different types of novels or other types of books since childhood can read the textbooks later and quickly by understanding the correct meaning.

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Ways to Enrich Vocabulary

In order to enrich the vocabulary, it is necessary to read all kinds of books and magazines, from classics to modern science, to get acquainted with literature and when you find new words while reading, you need to immediately look up the dictionary and find out its meaning. It will be helpful to understand the content.

The Main Content of SQ 3R Technique

SQ 3R Technique

S = SurveyQ = Question3R = Reading, Recite, Review

The headings and sub-headings of the survey should be taken at a glance and the whole content should be read lightly.

In the case of the question section, after reading the whole subject, create the question yourself and answer it.

After reading the whole thing carefully, you have to recite it again by yourself ‌ and at the end of the reading, you have to review the whole thing again.

How to Recite

This is the most important thing. It is not merely a matter of reading. Basically, what you are reading is not looking at the book but now repeating it briefly in your own language. It undoubtedly demands time and patience. That's why we don't want to do it lazily. Many people think that I have understood the content well, why repeat it unnecessarily. But it is a misconception to try to repeat from time to time without reading as much as you read. It is a test of how much you understand, how much you don't understand, whether something has been left out or something has gone wrong and how much you can remember. The biggest benefit is that the essence of the content is absorbed into the lasting memory. So that it will be remembered for many days.

Reasons to Remember More in Repetition

In this case, it is necessary to correct the mistake and understand the matter deeply. Another advantage of this is that for those who are unable to concentrate due to anxiety, through this active effort, you will be able to force the restless restless mind and bring it back to attention. You can do this repetition in two ways, you can close your eyes, you can float the subject read on the screen of your mind, you can also write its essence.

Enrich the Vocabulary

Enrich the Vocabulary

How to Give a Review

Review means that the subject has been read, it is convenient to know or review it again in time. Since most of what we read is forgotten after the first reading. So the best time to review is right after reading. One study found that those who did not review after a class lecture only remembered 25% of the subject two months later. On the other hand those who reviewed the subject for 5 minutes after two months they were able to remember 50% of the subject. In this way, you have to review several times from the first reading till the exam, but it is very necessary to review before the exam. Reviews of this period should be done quite extensively. It will also increase your self-confidence and reduce the fear of exams. The more you review, the more the subject will come under your control and you will feel yourself to be quite proficient in that subject. But as the above rules take time, patience and hard work are required.

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