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In Home Massage Services to Surge in Late 2021

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In Home Massage To See Big Growth From August To December

2020 was a difficult year for many businesses as hundreds of thousands of companies close their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. While a majority of those businesses will never provide services again, the experience has made surviving businesses stronger.

One of the hardest hit areas was the massage industry. Massage therapists, like so many others, have experienced devastation at suddenly losing their ability to work and sustain gainful employment.

In some areas, massage work has diminished and in some ways, it has been disrespected, because many people don't realize the important role massage plays in maintaining physical and emotional wellness. When people lose their livelihood and are mocked or minimized for the services they provide, it adds to an already difficult position.

Many massage therapists have suffered greatly, a large majority of them have left the massage industry to pursue other opportunities. Now that the industry is rebounding, employers are hoping to see many of them come back.

In Home Massage Provider Soothe Changing The Industry

In-home massage provider Soothe has turned out to be a great example of perseverance during these difficult times. While some areas of their offering suffered due to pandemic restrictions, the mobile massage company still increased their service offering to include beauty, skincare, and hair.

It's a very interesting play, but we feel it goes toward the company's vision of providing the best user experience possible.

The massage giant is putting a lot of focus on user experience and making sure customers have the very best experience possible. While it's not a new approach for the company that operates throughout the world, it's all about enhancing the core principles the company has at heart.

Massage is all about "touch," we lost that in 2020 as social distancing was favored. Since vaccinations are readily available, the company hopes to get back to an amazing hands on experience with the customers they serve.

We feel Soothe's approach and focus on user experience is a great starting point. User experience is extremely important to your business, no matter what service you offer to clients. In fact, we feel it's going to contribute to a powerful increase in sales for the company, especially with their brand new service offering additions.

How Much Can The Massage Industry Benefit

That's a big question, all signs are point to yes, but nothing is concrete just yet. According to IBIS World, the massage industry has a market size of $16.2 billion in the United States alone.

For 2021, the industry is estimated to see a 2.2 percent jump.

What about the biggest opportunity?

According to data from the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), individuals aged 20 to 64 represent the vast majority of those that consume industry services. Consequently, an increase in the population within this age group would stimulate industry revenue. While the number of adults aged 20 to 64 is expected to increase in 2021, it represents a potential big opportunity for those in the massage industry.

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The market size of the Massage Services industry in the US increased faster than the Consumer Goods and Services sector overall. In fact, the market size of the Massage Services industry in the US increased faster than the economy overall.

2021 has all the foundational pieces needed to be a great year for both massage companies and massage therapists.

Massage Is Changing And For The Better

We like what Soothe is doing, while massage is still their main focus, the company is expanding their offering. You don't expand your offering if you're losing money, it's a great play for the massage company.

Thinking about it... massage is a great way to get pampered and relax. Now, if you're using Soothe, you can also get beauty, hair, and skincare services. It takes an amazing experience and make it X10 better - it's a great move and we're excited to give it a try.

Furthermore, massage therapists are going to have many more opportunities partnering with Soothe versus other companies. Plus, the company will be looking for more talent and expanding its workforce, it's a win-win move in our opinion.

Massage plays a vital role in our world, think about it, how many times has a massage helped you? Don't be shy, it's ok - you can raise your hand.

Even if you haven't invested in a in home massage from Soothe or other massage therapy companies, has a friend or loved one gave you a massage that helped you?

Massage has a wide range of great benefits and considering what many of us have encountered during this pandemic, a massage may be just what the doctor ordered.

Soothe Massage App


Massage App

We did what to mention Soothe's massage app. You can download their massage app via Google or Apple. If you're a phone guy or girl, you'll love this massage app. It allows you to book massages, track appointments, and see all their service offerings.

In Closing

2020 was a bad year for many of us in business, but 2021 has rebounded nicely. As it currently sits now, the massage industry is gaining momentum once again.

We do feel Soothe is leading the pack in innovation, it will be vital for massage companies to embrace change and new offers. The world is forever changed by the pandemic, but we have seen some "normalcy" over the last few months.

There's a lot of upside for the industry, especially here in the United States. It'll be fun watching these massage companies react and transform in the months ahead.

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