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In COVID Times, Here Are 5 Wellness Devices You Should Have on Hand at Home

In COVID times, here are 5 wellness devices you should have on hand at home.

India is battling the COVID-19 second surge, which is claiming lives at an alarming rate. People all over the world are gasping for air, which is one of the most telling signs that you have the COVID-19 virus.

If you have a fever and a cough, the first thing you can do is use an oximeter to check your SpO2 level. Given that hospitals are running out of beds and air, it is recommended that you stock up on medications and medical supplies at home. To combat the current COVID-19 issue, here are 5 wellness devices you must have.


With the increase in COVID-19 cases in India, having an oximeter at home is a must-have health gadget these days. There are a variety of oximeters available from different manufacturers, but the cost of an oxygen saturation machine has skyrocketed. You can purchase a decent oximeter from every e-commerce website, like Amazon and Flipkart.

Blood pressure monitor

An automated blood pressure monitor is very easy to find on the market these days and is a necessary health device to have at home. It immediately tests your blood pressure, and if it's too low, you're at risk of developing COVID-19 infection.

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Portable personal ECG monitor

Another useful device to have at home at this critical time is a portable personal ECG camera. It can be conveniently attached to your mobile to keep track of how well your heart is doing. It's also easy to find on e-commerce sites or in local shops.

IR thermometer

Fever is one of the most common signs of COVID, which is why you should have an IR thermometer at home. An infrared thermometer can be used in both online and offline markets.


If you have diabetes and your blood sugar level has unexpectedly increased, you can have a COVID test right away. The glucometer tests blood sugar levels in real time.

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