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How to Improve Naturally Your Memory

Alnajda is a passionate learner of natural well being in general. she loves sharing stuff she is passionate about.

Why we forget?

It is very common almost for all of us without a doubt, to forget sometimes, even some special events or things of ours, especially when you are pushing yourself to remember that thing in purpose.
The truth of it is that maybe it is forgotten by you because it is not recorded to the long-term memory. But yet there are many techniques that can help us improve our memory and sharp our memories.

Repeat continuously

If you are in a position that you need to remember such as numbers, addresses, emails, or whatever, make sure to repeat it once every 15 minutes a day in a row.
Because thoughts can not form roots in our minds unless it stays more than 17 seconds.

Spend time in nature

Another tip would be to spend more and more time in nature. We all know that Mother Nature is a natural healer for every condition we may face.
Nature helps also memory as long as it contributes to a healthy brain.
Our memory is selective and tries to choose more wisely for long-term events that have occurred in nature.

Stay away of distraction

In order to have a good and balanced memory, you need to stay away from crowded environments that distract your calmness and do not let you focus.
There are many people who claim that they can learn and memorize stuff even in noisy spaces, but yet this may last for a very short time.
So while trying to learn or study for long-term projects, choose peaceful environments.

Choose your learning place
Did you know that another factor of memorizing can be also the place you might choose to spend during the studying time?
It affects your memory once you might have memorized or learned something before exactly in the same place the brain finds that place very familiar and attributes credits to it, for the memorization of certain information.Sometimes this is the brain's trick.

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Exercise regularly

When you exercise you prevent the loss of memory and Alzheimer especially cardiovascular exercises that help also the blood at the same time.
These exercises help the blood circulations that go in the brain and reduces the loss of brain cells that are being multiplied during aging.
So it is important to exercise daily for at least 20 minutes a day or you can very well just do some jumping ropes for 10 minutes every day.

Train your brain

The more you train your brain, the more effective the brain becomes.
The more you exercise your brain, the more developed the brain becomes.
Training your brain makes it fresher the stuff you want to remember.
There are many options you can use in order to train your brain such as reading more, playing chess, participating in different quiz clubs, learning a new foreign language, learning more maths, etc.
By keeping the brain very active you will make the neurons to create new connections, so it can prevent very effectively the loss of memory.


Meditation is another technique that keeps the brain young. Meditation helps the brain to work better.
Making meditation a habit helps the plasticity of the brain.
Many studies affirm that the memory of people who meditate is quite different for better in comparison to people who do not meditate.
Sleep well

Sleep well

Sleeping well is crucial and all included for health issues in general. Having a good sleep helps the memories and brain to live and work longer and better because an unforgettable sleep with messy patterns can damage the brain processes to build memories. That is why it is advisable for seven to eight hours of sleep.

Cut Sugar and carbs

A study done in 2017 in some animals noticed that a diet of high artificial sugar may be the cause of Alzheimer's disease.
So it is important for all of us to get used to diets of low sugar and carbs for a better quality of our memory.

Eat dark chocolate
Eating chocolate sounds so tempting, the dark chocolate besides improving the heart's health is a good source of memory and mind's health as well.
The cocoa ingredients help the brain function by improving the circulation of blood in the brain.
What are you waiting for?
Start adding to your daily diet, the dark chocolate as soon as possible.

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