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Out of Control Emotions

Emotional Incontinence happens after having a stroke. Which I had. So I am living this. Like it or not. I feel crazy


I've Had This For 11 years. I'm Only Just Acknowledging That I do Now

Emotional Incontinence, or Pseudobulbar Affect can happen after a stroke, or a mini stroke. Emotional Incontinence is when some, or all of our emotions are more extreme after having a stroke than they were before it.

It can change over time. Also from what I’m learning, it can be managed.

It has to do with the nervous system

Any type of excitement can sometimes bring it on

It's a Very Out of Control Feeling

You may laugh, or cry uncontrollably. And yes, I have. The worst is to be out of control of your emotions. I’d always been totally in control of my emotions. I wouldn’t even allow myself to cry in front of anyone.

Now I can cry at the drop of a hat. In addition I can laugh hysterically at something that’s not that hysterical. I hate being out of control of my emotions. For someone who was once very stoic, this is pretty devastating

Sometimes my Actions are Inappropriate

....But I never realize at that moment. It's not until I look back on an event that I realize how ridiculous I may have acted. I get all panicky, and hysterical sometimes....then I wonder why

What has changed for me is that In the past few years I've become extremely nervous.... for no reason.

What I’ve realized is that some others can sense this....assuming maybe they're the cause, or just being confused by it..... And I hate knowing that my nerves may be affecting others.

I’m guessing that the first step in alleviating it is to tell someone that it may involve. And assure them that they are not the cause

I've been looking for excuses to be nervous, but it's been several years.....obviously emotional incontinence is now effecting my nerves

Being constantly so nervous can sometimes make me feel manic

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I don't want to go the medication route but I may need to..... At least temporarily

Nervousness can be incredibly distracting from so much

It's getting in the way of what's important to me so I need to address it

What works is an individual thing. I am only figuring it out as I go along

How can I be so nervous when I never have anything tangible to be nervous about?

This is the area I need to start working on. Maybe retraining my thoughts. I don't know.

I was not this person before the stroke..

Brain Damage

It can also cause us to not always think in the most logical way. In addition it can affect decision making. And I am realizing that it has with me

Fortunately, for me it doesn't involve anger. And It's also gotten slightly less with the laughing and crying......but still somewhat out of my control at times. But the nerves have gotten extreme for me. They could eventually get better, but no one can say for sure. In some ways I've improved, in other ways not

There are times I may want to communicate something, but my brain feels so overwhelmed with thoughts that I can't put them together cohesively. I know, that's so weird

This is one example of how a damaged brain sometimes functions.

Anyone who struggles with this, do research on it, and see what might work for you to manage it. That in itself might make you feel like you have a tiny bit more control.

Feeling like you have little control over some of your emotions, because your brain is damaged can be a little terrifying

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