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If You Are Wasting Your Time Then Read This…

In this blog, I will tell you What is Meditation & the right way to do it...

We are not Immortal

We all know that life is not unlimited, it is for a limited time, we are not immortal. We all know that life has an expiry date. We don’t know when it is but we do know it. So if we know all these things that God has given birth to us as human beings and this is the greatest gift given to us, are we using this life well or not? So if we know that one day we are going to die, are we using our time properly? Do we have any purpose in life? Is there any goal in our life? The lifestyle we are living today is it right or wrong? We should ask ourselves all these questions and ask ourselves whether I am using my time properly or not? Am I living my life or playing with my life?

Wasting Time

Too many of us are wasting our time talking to useless people, wasting our time by getting drunk. We know all these things that whatever we are doing is wrong, yet we are doing the same thing so it means how stupid we are. There is only one life and we are wasting that life. The valuable time of life is being wasted.

Don’t Regret

Think today is the last day of my life. I am lying on my deathbed and the last time of my life is going on and ask yourself this question: I should have done this in life, I wanted to live this experience in life, I should have paid more attention to this thing, should have worked more on these skills, should have stayed away from these things/people. Motivate yourself by answering all these questions, don’t feel regret, convert all these wishes into action. Imaging the time at which you are asking yourself all these questions and you have not done anything in life, think how it would be feeling, think that I wish I had not wasted my life, think how bad it would feel to live while dying you are living so badly even for the last time, just think. The life I am living today, if I live like this forever the way I am using my time today, in the same way, if I do it forever, if I waste my time like this, maybe the imagination I have done will come true that day. I’ll be buried with all my dreams. Think that you want to die like a common man after whose death people will grieve for two or four days and later forget you or a man after whose death people will remember you forever that you have done something in life for which you will be remembered.

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Quantity Doesn’t Matter, Quality Matter

Thinking about all these things you must be feeling bad right now. The good thing you are feeling bad it means you have a brain to think. Your time is still not gone If I use my time properly today, then maybe all these questions will be opposite on that day and I will feel good that I did a lot in life, I used my time properly, I focused on myself and I am happy, I must be feeling very happy about all the beautiful memories of my life, all these things will happen only when I start working on myself from today, make a good routine I will be consistent about my habits, do not do what our body is not made for, ask yourself whether our body is made for drinking or smoking. Don’t waste your time thinking about people who don’t care or quarreling with them. Be with good people, keep your friend circle small and keep good. Be with people who talk about personal development, financial growth & success. Be with people who give you positive vibes. Remember Quantity Doesn’t Matter, Quality Matters.

Consistency is the Key to Success

If you come home from the gym and after coming home, if you look at yourself in the mirror, then you do not look like a bodybuilder. If you are thin and if you eat a lot of food today, then you are not going to be fat the next day. You will have to work hard in the gym for months or years then you will see the results. In the same way, you will have to eat good food every day so that your health increases. This means that if I work hard on a single day, I do not get the result, I have to be consistent so that one day I will get the result and if you stay consistent then you will get the result. Remember consistency is the key to success.

Now ask yourself a question

After reading this article, ask yourself a question: the way I am using my time in the life I am living today, is it right or wrong? If the answer is wrong then change your habits and be consistent with your habits. If you stay consistent with good habits, then you will be successful one day in life. I just want you to be a good person and live a happy and meaningful life. If a car breaks down, then we need tools to fix it. Using those tools, the car gets fixed. Similarly, if we want to be a good person and if we want to change our life, then we already have the tools we need. Our Brain, Heart, and Hands! I hope that one day all of you will become good and successful human beings and be happy in your life and will live a healthy lifestyle…

Thanks for reading…

© 2022 Aditya Mahale

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