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If You Are in Pain Then Read This...

Pain is a beautiful thing in life. Do you know why? Because it changes us for the good.

There are three types of people. After having pain, how do they handle that pain? Let’s see.

1. When a first-person feels pain, to forgets that pain, to get rid of that pain forever, he ends his life with his own hands. He is so tormented by that pain that he sees no other way but to end his life.

2. When the second person feels pain, he does not kill himself but lives like a dead person even after being alive. He gets so lost in those thoughts inside that he forgets himself. He starts doing bad things to forget that pain like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and whatever is intoxicating, he takes all the intoxicants. And by doing all these things he makes his life like a hell.

3. The third person also feels pain like these two persons, but he does not run away from that pain, he accepts that pain, knows the goodness & reason behind it. That person learns something from that pain and moves ahead in his life by becoming a stronger person.

No Pain No Gain

Always remember that pain is always for good, it changes us for our good if you go to the gym and if you feel pain after working out So why do you work out? Why do you hurt yourself? Because you know that this pain is going to become my strength tomorrow, this pain is going to improve my physique and my muscles are going to grow, I am going to look good & strong. Remember No Pain No Gain. We should apply the same rule in life also if life is giving us pain, does it want to weaken us or make us strong? Remember a person is never weak, he only hides his identity. We feel pain so that pain can teach us something and tell us how strong we are. You were never weak. Pain wanted to show you how strong you are and to reveal you're true identity to yourself. Find the reason behind the pain, learn something from it, don’t run away from it, it’s only for your good.

Make your World Big

A person whose world is very small, that person gets affected by small things that happen to him. He is very worried about every small thing and keeps thinking too much about them. But comparatively the person whose world is big, who has big dreams, desires to achieve, whose thinking is big, that person never cares about these small things, he always walks on the path of his own life. After facing all the troubles, he always keeps on moving forward in his life and always keeps on learning.

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Pain of life

Now I have a very beautiful example for you all which I have recently read from Jay Shetty’s book. I put a handful of salt in a glass of water and tell you to drink it, you won’t be able to drink it, because you will find the water very sour. And if I tell you to put that amount of salt in the lake and then ask you to drink the water, then you will not be able to taste the salt right? “The salt is the pain of life. It is constant, but if you put it in a small glass, it tastes bitter. But if you put it in a lake, you can’t taste it. Expand your senses, expand your world, and the pain will diminish. Don’t be the glass. Become the lake.”

Temporary pain

Now I want you to think about those people who live on the streets, who have no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no house to live in. Imagine how those people must have lived. Do they not feel pain? Can you imagine yourself in their place? Now you think that I have got many things without effort, like food, clothes, home, good parents and many other things. I have not done anything for this but still, God has given me these things for free. Some people are born handicapped or have some disease in their bodies. Think that God has given us good health, has given us a good body, has given us a good brain, so God has given us so many things. So for all these things we should feel grateful or not? Should we say thanks to God or not? Remember the pain is temporary for us but them, it’s forever. We are much stronger and more capable than those people. So how should we use what God has given us? Should we waste our lives with our own hands or not? I recently read a beautiful line that will touch your heart. “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no legs” After reading this line, you must have understood a lot yourself.

The pain won't last forever

Remember that pain is not going to be with you forever, it will be with you for a specific time. When you learn something from pain, you will understand what was the reason behind this pain and what it wanted me to learn. After all this, the pain itself will leave you, and see after that you will have become a new version. A stronger version of yourself. If you want to live in this world, you have to be like this world. You have to be strong so that you can move forward after facing all the difficulties in life. If you remain weak then you will be left behind in the race of this life or you will be defeated. Your good and bad decisions are in your hands, remember that. Your life depends on you, so either you make the right decision or you ruin your life.

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