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A Hustler’s Mentality; What Differentiate Hustlers From the Rest of the World

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


There are two types of people born into this world, hustlers and everyone else. A hustler’s vision is much larger than what he sees when looking in the mirror. He understands the best way to pass his time in achieving results, plans his life accordingly.

A hustler is a go-getter, someone no one has to motivate. He is very driven to take measures at all times. A rare breed with a strong work ethic. The purpose of a hustler is to deliver outcomes. Although, he will embark upon a journey that will introduce significant pain. But he knows how to present a different outcome as accomplishment and happiness.

The one thing that separates a hustler from everybody else is his ambition. A hustler has a precise balance between a creative mind and fulfillment of developing dreams over a long-haul time. He knows how to get what he wants, and if the desires are what others do not have, he must do the opposite; hustle while others hope.

Some might not know what a hustler does for a living, or even if you are wondering, what is a hustler Mentality? He is a confident man who carries many traits, and the most significant purpose of a hustler to get what they want is at the highest of the list. If you would like to know a bit more about hustlers, please read on.

I know this might sound explicit, and a part may even seem untrue, but the lengths to which a confident man will take care of getting what he wants can often be plain devious. To better explain, when a hustler sees something he needs or wants, his mind immediately begins thinking of the approach to be deceitful to urge it.

For example, a confident man (hustler) plays poker to pretend that he is terrible at the game. He convinces his opponent to bet money on the game. First hand, he allows the opponent to gain. The hustler acts unhappily and asks that they play again, but he asks that they bet more, and therefore the winner takes all.

The opponent thinks the hustler is not a poker player. He will bet more money on the game. Except, the secondhand hustler plays poker so much better and wins the game. The hustler has deceived the opponent and tricked him out of his money. The guy who pretended to be mad at poker is a “hustler” and has just “hustled” the poker opponent.

A hustle carries many characteristics. A feature like a passion hard-working individual determined to succeed, to a deceitful con artist that many need to be aware of so, I explore deeper into the mindset of a hustler. I discovered a hustler is not just someone who carries a street named used by pimps, prostitutes on corners, drug dealers, or someone who makes money illegally. It is a perceived skill.

When I say being a hustler is a perceived skill, I mean hustlers are highly intelligent people. And many values their abilities. Some hustlers use their expertise and talents to work smarter rather than harder. A smart hustler does not do illegal things to make a living; they merely use their ability to achieve what they want.

A quote that comes to mind with the character of a hustler is by Abraham Lincoln and who states, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left behind by those who hustle.”

This quote shows: those who wait will probably get the things that are left behind. And people who strive (hustle) will go further than those who wait for an opportunity to come to them.

Most hustlers dream huge, bigger than anyone else. They are given the creativity to think, which allows them to rise above the direst time, so everything is done faster and more efficiently.


Hustlers work more efficiently and smarter than most people, unlike unwise work alcoholic, they spend each day doing tasks that almost anyone can do. Hustlers adjust and focus on tasks that differentiate them from all the rest.

There are a lot of ways to go about doing things, there are a lot of hard methods, and very little smart and effective. When it’s time to get the job done, hustlers are creatures of habit that use their brains. Even in big, tough tasks, they use one of the most intuitive, but effective methods to work smart over hard.

Hustlers think at this level. His job is to sort and respond to all the emails; instead of receiving 300 or more emails each day, which means spending two to three hours reading and responding to, he set up smart labels in Gmail to automatically sort emails for him. He even fixes it so it automatically forwards the emails into Evernote so relevant messages visit detailed notes, making his job as simple as possible.

A hustler knows his or her worth, and he or she understands it will require just as much effort to get the things they want. His money will come from knowing what he’s worth. He or she is not worried about the cost because a thriving hustler knows what the best option is, and they make it possible.

Most people associate the prosperity of another person as lucky because of their wealth and how they make things happen. Well, a hustler might not sustain such a flourishing story as he has to endure times of sacrifices before he reaps the rewards and he’s confident he’s going to.

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He’s okay being a hustler, and will not run away from hard work. Although he does it more efficiently and smarter than most people, he understands for him to get from where he is now to where he wants to be, sacrifices must be made.

A hustler is someone strong because he thrives from being weak. He's fearless because he's been afraid. He's wise because he’s learned from being foolish. What he lacked in ability, he makes up with hustle.

Hustlers are smart people who know they are intelligent, which works to their advantage. Despite working efficiently and smarter than most people, hustlers work to accomplish tasks much more to motivate, inspire, and drive the most loyal human beings to enthusiastically perform at a high level. And he does it willingly and openly because he's confident he's going to succeed.

Some hustlers can be very deceitful, and it’s best to beware of their ambiguous street smarts. They will reason very quickly and intuitively to make a con and most are known as taking advantage of the weak and the elderly.

A hustler does not waste his or her time working on any task, he or she works on jobs they believe in. They work on a lot of faith and belief that whatever project they choose to invest their time in, they will land the deal.

A hustler does not have time for excuses, they rise above them. They want to be the masters of their fate. They do not allow different challenges to stand in their way. A hustler will find a way to turn their moment of weakness into their future advantage.


A hustler is all about taking a chance. They understand that courage is certainly not the absence of fear. It's when a person knows they are taking a risk, but he or she is willing to take it anyway. A hustler accepts that life is full of ups and downs, if he or she wants what others don’t have, they have to do the opposite and that is hustle while others hope.

Three significant practices that separate hustlers from most people in the world

Hustling is not the secret to wealth, but what separates a hustler from all the rest, they are the people who will get up early and go to sleep late to do what seems difficult to achieve, only they made it possible.

When I articulate a hustler, some might think I am talking about someone who involved in a shady profession or sells illegal goods. But that’s not what I’m addressing, I am writing about someone who's a dreamer, someone who doesn’t make excuses when their goals are not met – a person who is willing to make different sacrifices to get what they want.

A hustler is all about progress and not afraid to say no to a project when it’s not aligned with their vision. A hustler is intelligent enough to know when there's a job opportunity, they know when they should open or close the door to a possibility. Here is a three significant practice that separates the hustlers from most people in the world.

  1. They promote themselves: At times, when a hustler attempts to promote him or herself, they can encounter their fair share of failure. A hustler is not quick to give up, they regroup and does everything possible to make sure they reach their goals.
  2. Carry himself with confidence: A real hustler knows how making a first good impression; he carries himself as if he been hustling for years and it could be his very first hustle.
  3. A hustler knows how to get what he needs: There will be times when the bill is due and their no income, a hustler knows how to get the money they need. If it means doing different side hustles like wash cars, cutting yards, gambling playing poker, playing pool, selling CD, drugs, him or herself, clothes, shoe, or any item people are willing to buy on a daily and most times they are good at it.

Now you know a lot about what it takes to exist as a hustler, do you see any evidence of a hustler in you? Many may not know it, but a hustler is an obtained skill and everybody can't survive as a hustler. Some will find themselves homeless, hungry and in desperate need of being saved.

If you are wondering if you can survive life as a hustler, and want to know if you meet the description of one. Please take a look back at the beginning of this article to make a determination.

A hustler character and lifestyle are described from the very mindset that a hustler has included in their lifestyle. If you find yourself out of a job and want what others don’t have, you need to do the opposite; hustle while others hope.

If You Want What Others Don’t Have, Do the Opposite; Hustle While Others Hope!

Hussle and Motivate - Nipsey Hussle (Official Video)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on February 07, 2020:

Hello Canary, Thank you for your reply and words of affirmation. They are so appreciated and I hope to hear from you in the future after you read other hubs.

Canary from New York on January 11, 2020:

Thanks for your article, Pam. I agree. Hustling above hard work gets people much further along in their attempts to accomplish what they want!

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on June 03, 2019:

Tim, thank you for stopping by and leaving your incredible words of wisdom, I sincerely appreciate your input and it's always welcome.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on June 01, 2019:

Great article, Pam. I couldn't help think about cab drivers, some of the kings of the hustle. They survive by knowing how much money they need to make, know when to take the short cuts, and what officer may give them a break if they speed. This is not true of all of them, of course, but it is true of the true hustlers. Insightful and dead on the money, Pam.

Respect and admiration,


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