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With So Many Medical Scientists Refusing Vaccine, What's Making Us Smarter?

Val is not a medical scientist, but a free thinker capable of telling apart true science from a politically tailored one.


Who Is Doing Our Thinking for Us?

"Misinformation! Conspiracy theories! Not following the science! Virus dangerous as ever! Boosters highly recommended / mandated -- so hurry, get yours as soon as possible!"

So goes on and on the crazy narrative of the politicized medicine on their brainwashing rampage making some astronomical sales of their snake oil, which, by the way, is not any better than a placebo effect.

Yes, placebo effect, since it works only temporarily and not the same for all people -- depending on their suggestibility, just like a placebo does.

When it works, it may be truly powerful to temporarily boost our natural immunity

Now, let's not beat around the bush with any delay with facing the question from the title of this post.

Indeed, if so many of the top medical scientists, so many doctors and nurses -- who should be the first ones to accept vaccine because of their daily exposure -- refuse getting vaccinated, risking the loss of their livelihood -- what makes the masses of us lay people smarter?

Is fear enough of a reason for us, after having been daily bombarded by the media and our politicians about an "imminent deadly danger from this virus?

Or is it simply because of the herd hypnosis, following the principle of "monkey-see-monkey-do"?

Upon this new tidal wave of advertising about this omicron variant, here we see lineups of some scared-shitless folks who are bound to buy just about any crap from that medico-political bazaar.

So, here we go reasoning, again -- if it's good for so many people, it has to be good for us. Bullshit! -- I say. Then, why don't we all go jump off a bridge, because one in 5,000 people in the world commits suicide year after year. You go figure how big number it is out of 8 billion of people.

Or, why don't we all collectively quit sugar, since about 422 million people die worldwide from diabetes each year? And where the hell is the World Health Organization to ban sugar production and to replace it with something natural, like stevia?

Answer: because sugar is one of the top on the list of the commodities on the Stock Market, and public health doesn't matter when money is in question.

Couldn't we say that something similar is happening these days, as it doesn't matter how little these vaccines have been tested for some long term negative effects -- which would be physically impossible anyway, since it takes years to pass first.

So, why are we literally being forced into believing that this crap is saving our lives? Could we see their narrative work the same if they ever decided to disseminate the same propagation for something like our yearly flu?

Let's see about that.


It's Still Big Money Calling All Shots

Indeed, they could easily prime us for a massive use of a flu shot -- which is known to work only for one strain of the bug, not for all -- by using their powerful brainwashing machinery through the media and by enforcing these same draconian restrictions with masks, lockdowns, and social distancing.

They could keep giving us daily reports with numbers of those "testing positive and dying", and damn it, if anybody would, again, bother verifying the accuracy of those numbers, since anything that challenges their narrative gets promptly censored out.

Just like have been censored voices of all those top global virologists, who, from the start were saying how "it's a big mistake to use vaccines at the peak of a pandemic".

They have also been highly critical about the accuracy of the PCR test, which might be "detecting the genetic material of those dead viruses after we recovered and developed antibodies."

And they have been talking, in vain, about the true power of our natural immunity -- something that has, officially, become a taboo, a forbidden topic.

Indeed, medicine has become a dogma enforced by corrupt politics, with a big flow of money coming from the Big Pharma to the governments, to the World Health Organization, to the John Hopkins University (which provides daily reports of all those "testing positive and dead"), and to the FDA -- of course, not to leave out the media, their strongest manipulative tool.

What information, we, the people, are getting from the media is confusing and contradicting just enough to stop believing any of it.

Like, here we listen to this reporter on You tube who is from South Africa, and he is saying how in this whole duration of the pandemic only about 400 people got infected in all of the South African countries combined.

And then we match it to this major ban on travels to those countries, now wondering, who is lying there, and why. Because if it's true, then it's hard to explain why the ban is not for so many European countries where this omicron critter is much more widespread? Is it money again? Politics?

Indeed, who can we believe anymore? There was a word about Norway lifting all their restrictions and deciding to live with the virus. Were Norwegian scientists supposed to be considered "drunk" or "delusional" to come up with such a decision? And why there are no reports about their progress? And if Norway is doing fine, what makes our own "scientists" believe in some "better science"?


Who Is There Left to Be Trusted?

Now, for a little test of our logical reasoning, let us ask ourselves something simple:

If your meddling mother-in-law could cause you a stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin rashes, hair fallout, and a plethora of other conditions -- could it be that the prolonged stress from constant media bombardment about this virus could cause you the same -- by weakening your immune system?

Or, better yet, if it's true that this virus is so transferable as they say, then isn't it logical that by now all of us should have been infected during the last two years? Why aren't we all in hospitals or cemeteries? Two years is an awful long time for "an airborne virus spreading rapidly" -- not to make all of us sick, don't you think so?

O.K., I know I have mentioned this in my other article or two, but here we are talking about the effects of stress on our immunity, as it is studied by so called psycho-neuro-immunology.

If it's to be believed that "a lie repeated enough times becomes true", my mention of this science -- even if it would be characterized as "misinformation, and a misleading narrative, and a conspiracy theory" -- it couldn't match the power of the highly repetitive crap broadcast by the media. So, no worry, my few repeated things are not endangering you to start believing in a "lie".

This science is clearly stating that our immune, nervous, and endocrine systems are closely interdependent. Endocrine refers to hormones, notably stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

As I already stated elsewhere, to illustrate the connection between stress and immunity -- prior to an organ transplant, patient is given massive doses of (that same) adrenaline, with a purpose of "suppressing immune system", which would otherwise reject the new organ, while recognizing it for a "foreign item" in the body.

Adrenalin suppressing immune system?

Are we beginning to see, why so many people got seriously sick and died worldwide? As I keep saying, a pathogen is only as strong as weak is our immunity, so what happened with all those people whose immunity went down due to a prolonged fear?

At the very onset of the pandemic, the holistic psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD, was asserting -- before promptly being silenced -- how "people are dying more from fear than from the virus itself".

Should we believe any of this? Or we should just continue to believe the "science" of one Anthony Fauci, and all other "Faucis" spread around the globe.


Is There a Science About Natural Cures?

If my family doctor changed his opinion as many times as Dr. Fauci's opinion has been changing, I wouldn't trust his instructions how to make my tea. Well, don't trust me over this one, google it for yourself, it's full of Fauci's "highly unstable, inconsistent science".

But then, he is the one constantly telling us how "we should be following the science".

Now, anybody of some sanity left over in them can't but ask themselves -- "why vaccines, why not work on those highly promising drugs that would heal the sick -- while allowing the rest to normally continue living as we lived before the whole racket of this pandemic?

And why was NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine), a natural substance, removed from the shelves, after showing its effectiveness in preventing the infection?

And why haven't we been advised a lot by those same media gods-of-information to take megadoses of D-3 vitamin, K-2, C, and zinc -- all proving to boost our natural immunity?

Really, why these vaccines, which are not effective for a lifetime, like some others are, having to be repeated seemingly indefinitely, as long as Greek alphabet keeps providing names for some questionable variants.

The initial word about this omicron was that it was much milder than delta" -- until they changed their mind, as if suddenly scared that people would get off the hook and stop using their never ending boosters.

Now, I may be totally wrong about the following, but, really, can't the authorities see how there is a limit to people's patience with their obvious commercial interests in all this hype?

Didn't any of them study history to know what happens when masses just have enough. One look at the growing multitude of people protesting worldwide should give them a hint.

I mean, when you see them like a human river flooding the streets, none of them are wearing a mask, so -- are "all those people some village idiots? Likewise, are all those medical scientists, hospital doctors, nurses, PhD.'s of different professions, policemen, firefighters, truckers, military people -- all refusing to get vaccinated -- a bunch of ignoramuses?

Really, folks, if I was the only one having these thoughts, I would be embarrassed to come up with this, or any alike article.

Well, this post has been written for grownups, not for some "impressionable children" -- so if any of my critics believe that a post like this is capable of brainwashing a grownup person, those same critics must be of a kind who believe that grownups are brainwashable, knowing it from experience of having done it themselves.

So I am reluctantly and with an apology insulting the reader's intelligence with the officially-necessary Disclaimer below.

May everyone follow their own mind -- not mine, not anyone else's.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2021 Val Karas

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