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iHome Health’s Power UVC Pro 360° UV-C Sanitizer with Bluetooth Speaker Does Everything The Name Says


Keep It Clean

Cleanliness is a big thing now, but it should always have been something that every person was aware of. Keeping oneself clean might seem a full time job, but then there are so many places and devices that need attention it might seem hopeless. But it isn’t and that leads us to the one thing that everybody now carries pretty much everywhere with them: a phone. So having a way to sanitize a phone on an ongoing basis — in a way that is easy and efficient — should be applauded. Not to mention such lesser items like keys and other small objects that seem to gravitate into one’s pockets and take up permanent residence. However, that device for cleaning needs to be such that it doesn’t get avoided or ignored or is so far out of the sheer of one’s influence that it gets left out. That isn’t going to happen and the reason for that is because iHome Health’s Power UVC Pro 360° UV-C Sanitizer with Bluetooth Speaker is waiting for you to use it. And even better is that it’s not just easy to use, but designed to make its presence known so that it CAN be used.


A Sanitation Device

The Power UVC Pro at its heart is a sanitization device — a rectangular box if you ran your hands over it with eyes closed. With eyes open it’s evident that an alarm clock also “lives” here, as does electronics enabling a speaker system. But for sanitation to do its job, the “lid” of that box needs to be able to open. So it does and inside is room for that phone or keys or other small objects (inside dimensions: ).

Now what does that sanitation isn’t chemical driven but working through light — specifically ultraviolet light emanating from LEDs on the top and bottom so as to provide a full embrace of whatever object is placed inside. Obviously the lid must be closed first, because those LEDs won’t stay on when the lid is up. But with the lid closed, 3 minutes is enough time to zap 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. This ties in with the panel showing the time and which now shows a countdown so you can “see” in your mind’s eye all that gunk being zapped away. That panel has a sensor for automatically adjusting the brightness of the clock’s digits also, and is based on the ambient light levels. By the way, there’s dual alarms too, along with a battery backup to ensure the alarm(s) doesn’t get canceled. And scheduling for setting up times based on days, etc. Perhaps the best part of all that programming is that there’s a variable snooze alarm; giving you up to a half hour incrementally for those who just can’t open their eyes right off in the morning.


That Good Old Night Table

Now a quick look around the outside shows up two USB ports (not 3.0 high speed but 2.0), which can be used to connect and charge smartphones and other USB-specific devices. There’s also controls for accessing the Bluetooth speaker technology (and the speaker that is embedded into the chassis) and which can be paired with an audio streaming device (phone/tablet.

So by having an alarm clock, it pretty much says that the Pro should be on a night table — that makes it easy for doing a sanitizing cleaning prior to going to sleep. That’s not to say that putting this on a table near the front door or in the kitchen is totally off the mark, but the bedroom does seem like a great place for it — adding into this argument that there’s that Bluetooth speaker.

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iHome Health’s Power UVC Pro 360° UV-C Sanitizer with Bluetooth Speaker would be valuable if it were to only sanitize and that was it. The fact that it incorporates an alarm clock and streaming Bluetooth is just the icing on the cake, but it also is done so as to make using it more palatable. The need for sanitizing has never been more real, and the suitability of cleanliness is a necessary adjunct of today’s life. For more details go to

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