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I got COVID-19! Now what?!

Moringa tea, Popotla, Mexico.  Photo by Nissa Tzun

Moringa tea, Popotla, Mexico. Photo by Nissa Tzun

More and more people are contracting Covid-19 and being tasked with how to deal with the virus that has plagued the globe for a year now. The virus is characterized by a wide variety of symptoms, and still, so much is unknown of its long-term effects. This is why documenting and sharing your experience is important.

Just recently my partner and I tested positive for Covid-19. Despite washing our hands frequently, masking up whenever we went out, and disinfecting our environments, we still ended up contracting it. We are now two weeks from our first day of experiencing symptoms, and thankfully, we are fine. How we believe we contracted it is a story in and of itself - and once I have everything together I'll share that, but today I'll be sharing my daily log of my Covid-19 experience as well as two short guides I put together for folks who are just learning that they have tested positive.

Keeping a daily log is important for multiple reasons. It allows you to make time to mindfully check in with yourself and really listen to how your body is feeling. This allows for your body and mind to be more prepared if things take a turn for the worse and requires you and your loved ones to quickly respond to a medical emergency. Keeping a log and sharing it also informs others of what they might expect should they contract the virus as well.

Daily Log:

12/23 - Possible day of exposure. A man at a hotel we stayed in took off his mask and screamed in my partner’s face, and then in mine. We were masked, but our eyes were not protected.

12/25 - Day One of Covid-19 symptoms -

Started having a runny nose that would not go away - to the point where the skin around my nose became tender and chapped which I treated with an essential oil balm for a few days. Let my folks know we would not be seeing them for the holiday since we were not feeling well. Started a daily regimen of a multivitamin per day, raw garlic, Vitamin D, and Oil of Oregano with lots of water. Herbal teas include reishi mushroom, turmeric, ginger and chamomile.

12/26 - Day Two -

Body aches all day, a bit of confusion. At night, major sinus congestion and had to inhale steam and take multiple baths with essential oils (eucalyptus, peppermint).

12/27 - Day Three -

Felt much better. Body aches seem to have disappeared. Once sinuses cleared, I had a lot of energy. Was in the kitchen most of the day cleaning and cooking. At night, sinus congestion came back and had to take baths and inhale steam to try to open them up. Sleeping was difficult - body aches and pains seemed to return. My whole body felt very heavy, and my neck pain was exacerbated. I had very broken sleep, and then started sweating a lot - so much that my sheets were a bit soaked. My body felt extremely heavy and it was difficult waking up.

12/28 - Day Four -

Woke up very groggy - like I said with night sweats, but no fever. Sinuses bothered me throughout the night and so I had very little energy. Also felt a strange feeling in my throat, but after some hours passed this feeling went away. Body super achy, nasal congestion, but no phlegm (mucus has been pretty clear the entire time). Took out my acupressure mat and laid on it on the ground for 10 minutes to help with the body aches. Took baths and showers throughout the day. Felt very disoriented. Then took a nap around 3:45-5:30. Woke up feeling much better. Sinuses were clear finally. Had a sudden boost of energy and spent a lot of time cooking. At night, listened to 432 hz singing bowl sounds for multiple hours and meditated - which was extremely energizing.

12/29 - Day Five -

Ended up going to sleep in the early morning (around 5AM) for a few hours, but don’t feel like I really slept much. Headed to get a Covid test at noon. When I came back I felt tired (probably because I didn’t sleep the night before) and took a nap that lasted a few hours. Woke up feeling fine. Laid on my acupressure mat for 30 minutes as laying on it the day before seemed to help with the aches. Still feeling pressure in sinuses, but no looming sinus headache. Took a nice detoxifying bath with ginger powder, salts and crystals (bloodstone, tree agate, quartz, and citrine).

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12/30 - Day Six -

Woke up and checked for Covid results - found out that my hunch was correct - I am positive. Still have some sinus pressure and a little nasal congestion (phlegm still clear), but aside from that, no other symptoms.

12/31 - Day Seven -

Last night I slept on top of my acupressure mat (on my bed - less intense than on the ground) for several hours. Woke up a bit stuffed up - and detected some slight yellow color in phlegm, but not enough to be worrisome. Feel a bit of sensitivity in my lungs, but nothing to feel alarmed about either. No coughing. Sinus pressure is still there, but not enough to cause a headache. Energy levels seem normal.

1/1 - Day Eight -

Same as yesterday. Slightly congested with a bit of sinus pressure but otherwise symptom free. Energy levels seem to be normal. Still taking daily supplements and hot baths, and laid on my acupressure mat to sleep.

1/2 - Day Nine -

Fatigue has returned, slightly. Sensitivity in my chest increased - no cough, but a forced cough reveals the sensitivity in my chest. Increased nasal congestion and sensitivity in throat. I needed more sleep than usual - slept about 10 hours. No fever. Near the end of the night feeling like I have indeed lost some sense of smell - although not completely. I can still sense essential oils, but very faintly. Food still tastes good. I'm hoping this is very temporary because smell and taste are really important to me. Have been feeling a tickle in my throat also - have to constantly clear my throat passageway.

1/3 - Day Ten -

The sensitivity in my chest has increased - and I woke up more congested. The tickle in my throat is still there and I clear my throat more constantly now. Still, my mucus is clear. I've become increasingly more obsessed with my stunted sense of smell - toothpaste still tastes like toothpaste and I can smell it, it's just very faint. I can still smell coffee beans. Hoping that it doesn't go completely away as I've read for some people it is permanent. My average amount of sleep is around 10 hours - usually when I'm well I only sleep 5-7 hours a night. By the late afternoon I realized that sensitivity in my chest has decreased. The tickle in my throat has also decreased. Hoping this is a sign of the virus weakening.

1/4 - 1/8 - Days Eleven to Fourteen -

Tickle in throat, gone. Sensitivity in chest is mostly gone. Slight nasal congestion, and sense of smell seems to be returning. I still have noticeable fatigue as I am sleeping ten plus hours a night and I usually only need five to seven hours a night.


Testing positive for Covid-19 can be absolutely frightening, and feel unpredictable. I put together a few quick guides on my instagram to 1) share my experience, and 2) offer some tips and natural remedies that have aided my journey. You can access those guides here and here.

Stay safe and mask up!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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