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I am in the middle of everything

We are conscious beings. Consciousness is the quality, eminence, understanding, and state of being aware

We have no control over many things, almost all the things

We have no control over many things, almost all the things

I am in the middle of everything

When “enough” of things satisfy the needs, we get surrounded by everything. Most of the time, unusual and bizarre things catch our attention because they appear noteworthy.

To many, this theme is overt, clear, and open, to create their areas of knowledge, power, or interest. It is also a field of research to identify everything we are seeking in our life and whether those things can make our life a better living platform. Also, it develops a field for those who crave to know something adventurous, something more, and almost everything that establishes wonder.

Everything is precise and clear expression promptly observable; it leaves nothing to implication. We will understand a bit when we sincerely try to peek into the theory, to get an alarming view of that, which goes beyond everything.

We are conscious beings. Consciousness is the quality, eminence, understanding, and state of being aware of the happening of an external object and to understand what is going on within us. We sometimes feel that we as humans are still as ignorant as the rest of the life forms we know exist and to all things happening around us. There is medication, treatment, cure, and solutions; an overall remedy for everything except for death. We have no control over many things, almost all the things, while our ego function causes a massive psychic trauma.

External Objects mean the totality of all relevant things, subject matters that we see, within the limits of our eyes’ views and perception, and it may refer to anything. In this practical view and the theory, everything refers only to the totality of things relevant to our eyes, the range of physical objects that we can see. Surely, our view has a limit of a boundary, the visual perception of the region, and to what extent, the maximum amount of something that is visible to our open eyes. When our visibility to a certain point reaches the limit, we understand and imagine a little signal saying "the end." Everything is unseen beyond it. Though it exists in a practical sense, everything else existing beyond that boundary is invisible to us. To our eyes, nothing exists beyond that point. However, there are many things beyond these expressed limitations, where everything refers to the entire world, galaxy, and universe.

Our mind is often guided by our practical experience and observations rather than theory.

The Universe is generally defined more customarily, as everything that physically exists, the totality of existence, including the cosmos, the world, and nature and is governed by the Universal physical laws, the entirety of time. Though time is what clocks measure and time are what keeps everything from happening at once, it is the fundamental intellectual structure of the Universe.

All forms of physical objects having mass, power and energy, momentum, all those affected by the natural laws, and many constants are governed by time. Though all laws are the fundamental interaction of many theories, yet unknown to human beings and also cannot currently be tested experimentally, yet, they do exist and we all will remain part of those theories of nature, yet to be discovered, basically because they are hard to combine and very hard to prove.

If we open the topic of philosophy, it may turn out to be a very sensitive subject of our discussion. However, we wish to open a serious conversation, and commence the work to understand “What is everything?” Philosophy aside, in our search for what's logical, true, and authentic, the theme may turn out to be more exciting, and arousing at the same time, but surely decisive with a positive note beyond a doubt. The harder the discussion can get, the better understanding will be to see what's fair.

So to say, as we talk of the theory of everything, we have a set of beliefs and principles that might not be proven yet. Scrutiny, contemplation, and speculation will start propagating, carrying us to many diversified routes.

When we initiate the subject of everything, the first question that seeks information, “Why there is anything at all? And thereon; “Is the entire reality understandable to make sense?"

When the acute search and study of the theory of everything is ongoing, everyone cares to discuss the authenticity of the concept, analyzes its reality, and the implications that are left open for scrutiny to understand why there are permanent laws of nature as they are and how they perform on human beings?

After all the discussions on philosophy and all-encompassing explanation of Nature and its Reality, the theory of everything propounds to offer a piece of advice and urges to step out of everything for the revelation and the vision beyond everything.

We move around on this earth, carrying a big ego, ever conscious of our own identity, with a wild fancy, carrying unrealistic hope. Every view and incident in our journey appears exceptionally gratifying, excellent, and beautiful. Everything exists in front of our eyes today. Certain disastrous event suddenly brings lasting distress, severe affliction, and the natural calamity makes it nonexistent the following day. Everything turns into nothing in no time. In that case, where everything goes that existed yesterday?

Human life has time limits, at a certain point in time, life ends, the material gets broken, turns into ashes.

On the other part of the spectrum, there is a kind of physical possibility. The theory of Possibility denies everything in existence, that which is going to perish sooner or later. The fact is in front of our eyes that can’t be denied. We may carry some sad feelings, hearing and dejected feelings accept the miserable story about the whole village getting submerged under the floodwater. It’s gone, Everything disappeared. But where everything has gone? Is it futile to think about it?

According to one theory, a traveler is a person who supposes that Everything is true, genuine, actual, and correct. At the same time, another theory specifies that everything is going to be destroyed one day, hence nothing is true. According to them, everything that we see with our open eyes is a series of images, many ideas, several emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during every stage in our wakeful state and in logical practices that involve true contradictions.

We have not finished yet; everything about this concept is standing still in front of us in the middle of everything.

We have just commenced our conversation. Your views will add value to this subject.

The theme exceptional in several ways

This rare topic has opened the outlook and stance for global people to get their views to express their opinion and contribute with their personal comments in the most creative, imaginative, yet practical and artistic manner.

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