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I Have Cancer: Now What? The Biopsy

Life happens, and I am so tired of it happening on me and my family. Satan has pitched a tent in our yard, and now he's building a high rise

The day before...

Yesterday, I received an email from the board president telling me that there would be a meeting, that I was to set up a Zoom meeting for 3:30 PM Tuesday and if the staff would like to attend, they could. Along with that email came an attachment, that said they were looking into replacing everyone with an outside management company.

The meeting confirmed it. The staff was ready to ask questions and they did. The board was not ready to answer them, and they didn't. In the end, the truth came out: in a few weeks, we were to be gone. Some, maybe, might be hired by the new company. The rest? Gone.

I specifically asked if there was a place for me, as I was about to start cancer treatment and would be un-hireable for a while. They refused to say, and in refusing, they spoke volumes.

Today, my Office Manager received an email from the board president asking her to call him. She showed it to me, then called. Within minutes she came back.

He asked her to step into my position temporarily through the transition to the new company as they were going to ask for my resignation.


My staff is amazing. Yesterday and today, they have spoken eloquently to me about what is taking place. They are housekeepers, maintenance men, and office staff, yet no professor ever spoke so much truth, and spoke it so well.

And to a person, they said that when I am fired, they are walking. All of them. Every single one. Immediately. And they hoped that it will cause such a problem with the owners and the rental company guests that Treehouse won't recover.

Treehouse. Treehouse Condos of Branson. There, I've said it. Dr. Sam Crow. Nancy Trapp. Susan Drake. Bob Arrington. These four board members are bent on owning this place and no one better stand in their way.

At least, it feels that way. They may truly believe they are doing the right thing for their fellow owners, but the owners we have spoken with are infuriated. Will it make a difference? Will the owners stand up to their own and side with the help?

Time will tell, but I do not have much time left to fight this. I have 30 days from the moment they fire me to be off property and out of where I am required to live onsite. And that means Christmas will be spent moving. During cancer treatment.

The Biospy...

Thursday morning, 7:30 AM. I arrived before their time of 7:30 and waited a few minutes before being taken back for pre-op. Strip down to my altogethers, put on the robe open in the back and wait. Vitals show good, far better than I expected with the level of fear, uncertainty and stress.

Then came the IV. The person sticking me had an issue on the outside of my arm saying my skin was too tough. From what I am going through, or life in general? Anyway, my skin bent her catheter going in so she couldn't use it. She then went inside my elbow and found the great vein there, but did something wrong and my blood shot out onto the floor! I lost maybe a half pint or so from the blood pool on the floor. Great beginning.

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They brought my wife back to see me for a bit before I was whisked off to the OR to have the biopsy done. The next thing I recall was waking up groggily and seeing a nurse. Then my wife was brought back to me, I was expected to use the restroom, eat some crackers, drink some water and by noon I was out the door, on my way home.

Oh, by the way. While in recovery I received a call from a board member telling me that the board president would be flying in from Las Vegas on Monday to personally fire me. So I have that to look forward to.

Friday, back at work

Back at work on Friday morning, and the day was less than stellar. My staff are amazing, but waiting for the ax to fall on both them and me is painful. It is a foregone conclusion, yet we are expected to soldier on, take care of the requests presented to us by this board who seeks to eliminate us.

By the end of the day, I had received a resignation letter from every person there, every single one. I stayed late to process payroll for the week and to pay them for the accrued time off so that would not be left to chance next week. Then I sent their resignations to the board Friday evening and waited.

I did not have to wait long. I received an email from the board president instructing me to appear before the vice president the next morning at 8 AM. I went in early, opened up a computer, reservation system, list of passwords and printed out all the reservations coming for the remainder of the month. Then, I met with the VP.

And her husband. And another board member, and his wife. I was asked for my keys. I asked if I was terminated, and was told no, I resigned. I replied that I most certainly did not, but had been made aware by another board member that I was to be terminated. No response, other than "Who?"

Less than three hours later, there was a rental company onsite, housekeeping moving about, and maintenance working. Pretty quickly done for what we were told was something not fully decided or contracts signed. They knew, and they acted a little early but they knew who and how they were proceeding.


The rest of Saturday was brutal. I was in a deep depression, deeper than any I have experienced. Sunday was not much better but I had my daughter and her husband here to visit so it was a bit better. Today is interminable, waiting.

Waiting for the termination. Waiting for the call from the doctor to tell me what and when I will need to go through in a treatment. Waiting to hear where we are going to live, when we need to get out, Waiting.

This morning, I got the call from the doctor. Results are in. Time to plan.

Next up: our plans begin to solidify.

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