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I Have Cancer: Now What? Prolaris Results and Making A Plan

Sun comes up, sun goes down. Does anything change?

Sun comes up, sun goes down. Does anything change?

Prolaris results

I called Prolaris to ask if the results had been finalized five days after being informed they had the samples. They told me the samples were being looked at and they would contact me in a few days.

Then, I learn via email they had already been completed and the results sent to my doctor. Why hadn't they told me that on the phone a day before? I had a big pain in the pit of my stomach. The first thing I thought was "It's bad and they want the doctor to meet with me to tell me how bad it is." So, I waited for the doctor to contact me.

The call came in, and I braced for the bad news. Then, I heard "It's the slow growing type of cancer, so you are good to wait and see what happens."

I hung up the phone and sat there for a moment. September 4K test put the fear into me; the October MRI confirmed the fear, even intensifying it. The biopsy in November confirmed the diagnosis, but with the caveat that it did not seem to be severely dangerous, only moderately so; still a massive amount of fear resided in my mind. Then came the doctor appointments and learning of the Prolaris test, and sending off my samples to be examined.

And finally, in January, I may not have to have surgery or radiation right now. Probably will at some point in the future but no time soon if my PSA does not continue to climb and I do not have any increased issue with urination. Of course, if either of those do occur, surgery will be an option. Here's hopin'...

That was great news, but along with that silver lining comes...

That Satan. He is one insistent cotton picker. No sooner do I get the good news on my health than ol' pointy tail finds another avenue to create issues in our lives. My wife spoke with her mother on the phone Saturday and all was good. Clear speech, articulate, pretty coherent. She lives an hour north of where our new house is, where my wife is living with our pets while our son and I exist another two hours southeast for his final months of high school and graduation. So we are not together and cannot hop and run to help if something happens. Well, something did. Tuesday, my wife got a call from the hospital in her mother's town saying she had had a stroke and was hospitalized. This is her second stroke; the first she recovered from and told us to hit the road, she did not want our help. That was October of 2016. This was the impetus that led us to the Branson area.

Evidently, she had the second stroke Monday evening and was able to call 911 for help. To complicate things, she developed pneumonia due to aspiration with the stroke and now is very ill. She is 80 years old so we are very concerned.

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From what we have heard, it was a stroke in the medulla oblongata area of the brain, and this commonly causes another issue, which she has: an inability to swallow. So, a feeding tube is in her nose to supply nutrients for now, and a possible real feeding tube in her stomach will be installed quite soon. This will likely lead to months of rehab at some care facility, but some facilities will not accept someone with a feeding tube.

And the hits just keep on coming.

So, today I have a drive ahead of me

After our son gets out of school at 3:20, we head to Joplin. I will drop him off at the house, pick up my wife and driver another hour north to see her mother. We will also be checking on on the house to see if anything needs done to prepare for the snowfall we are expecting tomorrow in the area. The forecast is for anywhere from 1 to 8 inches, depending upon which channel you are watching.

Then, we will be in contact daily with the hospital to learn what is being done, what will need to be done, how she is responding and so on. The likelihood of her ever living alone again is diminishing, and we will have to find someplace for her to live in a care facility. Our house is tiny, as it was bought with our son's college years in mind until I retired. That plan is shot to hell, and a two bedroom 850 sq ft home cannot handle all four of us.

And so, we continue to plan...

Plan, plan, plan. Seems like no matter how well we think things through and plan, it all goes to hell in a handbasket. I have an appeals hearing for unemployment the 24th but need income now. I ended up taking early SSI which will begin this month to at least have something coming in and not have to rely on our credit cards and savings. A small job for us and that will tide us over until we get to summer and can have better information as to how best to proceed.

I tell you, I am tired, soul tired. These past months have sucked the life out of me and even with the good news of a slow acting cancer I am still struggling to maintain my humor and positive outlook. Thank God for my wife; without her, I would truly be lost.

So for now..

I am placing this series in a holding pattern, waiting for the nest PSA test in March to see if anything has changed.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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