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I Have Cancer: Now What? Leading up to the Biopsy.

Life happens, and I am so tired of it happening on me and my family. Satan has pitched a tent in our yard, and now he's building a high rise

The sky may be blue, the view beautiful but it's raining on me.

The sky may be blue, the view beautiful but it's raining on me.

Biopsy on the way

Today, Tuesday, I have my pre-admissions test followed by a COVID test to see if I am healthy enough to have the biopsy done. Providing I am, the biopsy will be two days later. Then we will see. Chemo? Radiation? Seeds? Hormones? Removal? What will be my road to travel?

In the mean time, I wait. I am not a graceful waiting person. I can, if there is good reason but for this? This is my life! Mine and my family's! We need to know.

Now, couple that with what I am going through at work. I took over a falling apart condo community in June of 2020. Barely enough money in the reserve account to call it such, in the middle of COVID, rental company floundering. This COA has a rental company that has some owner's condos available for nightly vacation stays throughout the year. The previous year, 2019, it apparently had its best year ever. I say apparently because there was some funny business going on with the books and while the rental company "made" money, the COA lost $150k. Yeah, after years of being in the black, the first year the rental made money, the COA loses it? Hmmm.

But anyway, I took over, cleaned house, rebuilt the COA and rental company literally from the ground up with help from a couple of key employees. Today, we have more money in the bank in both entities than at any previous date for years, if not ever; we have new roofs; we are replacing some 30 year old elevators that were struck by lightning recently, at little to no cost to us! Insurance, baby! We are having our pool resurfaced, properly, for the first time in a decade or more; and the rental company has reservations far, far exceeding anything they have had in memory. We are doing fantastic; except...

The board...

The board has five members: two are lame duck members, having their terms expire in a few weeks, but both are running again. Sigh. One is the Board President and he has given over control to the heir apparent, an owner who just happens to be a real estate agent, and makes her living off of our community. This person has an agenda, and I am not part of it. Neither is my staff. She has convinced the majority of the board to bring in an outside agency to run both the rental and COA. Everything we have done to restore this place, the improvements, the rebuild, is not being regarded and we are looking to be cast aside by Christmas.

Do I know this for certain? No, but people I have seen this person with recently, emails and conversations I have had regarding situations changed by the board, and questions I am asking that are being ignored tell me this is not a fearful fantasy of mine, it is taking place.

I have a son about to graduate from high school and we live onsite at the condo community, so if I am not employed here, I cannot live here. I may have to move our family somewhere else for my son's final few months of high school. What bullshit. Greed, control, power is all this board seems to be concerned with to the point they are not even sharing this information with the other owners!

Along with the future financial straits this place is going to find itself in shortly. That reserve account I spoke of? Yeah, things are going to be coming due in the next couple of years, things needing replaced as they age out and die, things that will cost millions of dollars...and they have a couple of hundred thousand dollars in the bank. I have tried to tell them, tried to give them plans to reduce the effect of this, to get funds into the account but all I am told is:

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Thank you, and do not tell the owners! They might think the sky is falling!!

Which, yeah, it is.

And now...

I was instructed to get a report on one of our buildings, a structural report. It is our newest, biggest, supposed jewel of a building, and it is falling apart. The siding is from a company that went bankrupt, installed by companies that went bankrupt, and is literally falling apart. Installed over sheetrock, not plywood, attached with nails into metal studs. Yeah, that's gonna hold. Wind has pulled nails out, torn off siding, allowed rain to enter and cause deterioration to the extent is is an eyesore.

The report came back saying what I have been telling them: replace it! It is hazardous, pieces will continue to fall and might eventually fall onto a passerby, killing them. One, and only one, siding company will touch this building due to its size. They told them the same thing I did, and now the engineer has. Their reaction?

Telling me to not share this information with anyone. They want to hide it.

Now, I have THAT on my plate as well as cancer. Thanks, people; thanks a lot.

So today, I go to have my pre-admissions test and find out if I can proceed with the biopsy. I will return to the mess that is my job, and hunker down in order to survive long enough for my son to graduate.

Then, I am gone.

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