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I Have Cancer: Now What? Day Seven

Life happens, and I am so tired of it happening on me and my family. Satan has pitched a tent in our yard, and now he's building a high rise

Not looking forward to this winter

Not looking forward to this winter

By the weekend...

After the initial diagnosis, I was, if not coming to grips, at least trying to. I can be really good at ignoring that which I choose to ignore, and I am trying my best here. When the next appointment comes on Wednesday is soon enough to think harder about it. Until then, I will attempt to keep it from the forefront of my mind and enjoy life.

But that sonofabitch Satan won't let me. Friday evening as we drove to where we purchased our little retirement home for future use, our SUV tried to die on the highway. I pulled into a little town and up to a local auto parts place, who diagnosed my engine running too rich. It's been a while since I changed spark plugs, maybe that's it. So I bought what I needed and headed back out for the last 30 miles or so to my destination. We made it, thankfully.

Next morning we were up and working on completing our garage conversion on the house, from a rotten, leaning carport into a real, honest to goodness garage complete with a door. The wall was up, the garage door framed imperfectly but I would work on that then install the door. It took a while but the door was in place and ready for the rails. But first...

Change the plugs!

So, I set out to change the plugs. I had gapped them the night before so they were ready for me to install. Our SUV has an inline 6 cylinder so most of the plugs are easily accessible, but the rear one is a bear. But I did it! Then, as I was putting the final plug into the socket to install it, my wife asked me...

"Why does that one have rust on it?"

I was installing an old plug I had removed. When we checked, I had already installed two other old plugs. Stupid. So, back I went to find where I had put them and replaced them with new plugs.

Finally, I was done. Then I went to get an oil change and replace the air filter. Get all I could done while I had a moment. Went to J___Lube in town and had this done. By the way, I had the air filter already. When they were done, they had charged me $95.00 for an oil change!! If I wasn't so damn tired I would have told them to take their oil out and put my old oil back in, I'll find someone else to change it.

Learned a hard lesson: Oil changes went up!

Forgot all about that when...

Our son showed up to have us watch our grandson for the first time. He's just now 1 year old, and precious as can be. Our son and his lady went out for a date and we got to watch our grandson for the evening and keep him overnight, We had so much fun there was no time to think about the crap going on in my life.

Next morning, after they had come and picked him up, I went back to finish the door railings. My wife helped and together, after multiple mistakes on my part, we got it finished. A new garage and new garage door, built by me!! Woo Hoo!!

Then back on the road. Until.

The SUV dies again within 20 miles. A call to our daughter and her husband who is mechanically minded, and he replaced the fuel filter. No joy. So we limped into that same little town I bought the spark plugs at, found a person who works on cars and left it.

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I called Monday morning to speak with them about what was going on. I really thought initially that when I filled up at the new C___y's store (brand spanking new) that maybe I got some residual stuff from their first tank fill up, and that was causing the issue. But then three tanks later, and three gas treatments later, it still wasn't running good. So, oil change, air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter and nothing. He said he would get it on the diagnostics this after noon, maybe. Hopefully. possibly.

Over a barrel here.

Now I wait...

Got my booster Moderna shot this morning, then got the old pickup license plates so we'd have something to drive until we hear back on the SUV. In the meantime, nothing to do but wait: for the SUV, for my appointment, for news.

I'm not good at waiting.

Mechanic called back, SUV is fixed so today we drive an hour and a half to pick it up, then another hour and a half to bring it back. Hopefully, my wife will be up for it; that Moderna booster kicked her hard. She was shivering, cold, aching, not doing well at all last night. Me? Oh I slept from 10:00 PM to midnight, then was up until 5:00 AM, my mind whirling around like a tornado. It would not slow down, and I am not sure if that is due to the shot, the stress, the prognosis, what. Anyway, working on 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Tomorrow, the doctor appointment.

Meeting with the doctor

I met with the doctor this morning; he asked how I was and I answered honestly.

Scared shitless.

He said to not worry, it might not be cancer. I said is was PI-RADS 5, Extremely Likely. He said, "Yeah."

Thanks; thanks a lot. Then he said to not get ahead of myself, to wait for the biopsy results. That is set for my wife's birthday; results are due on mine.

Happy Birthday to us.

Then we discussed options for when it is confirmed. Radiation or surgery. Surgery is most likely, with the prostate being removed. If I have to travel that road, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Oh, what a holiday season I will have!

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