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I Found a Reason to Live a Fulfilling Life: The Story of a Lung Cancer Patient

Dr. Khalid is a health researcher and science writer with a Ph.D. in clinical research.


The Shocking Diagnosis

I suddenly felt breathless while cycling, and that very moment kickstarted an unbelievable transformation that I had never imagined before in my life. A sudden fall in my energy level signaled a problem that needed medical intervention. I approached the hospital without waiting further since this problem worried me from inside. The doctors investigated the matter in no time, and in a day or two, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was stunned and panicked to hear this diagnosis and, in a short while, attempted to gathered my inner strength to handle the situation.

The Experience of Surgery

I had trouble understanding the medical jargon that the medical team tried explaining about my lung cancer. The doctors showed me the colorful CAT scan images, and there, I got to know that one complete side of my lung was affected with lung cancer. They told me that my cancer was confined to a specific portion of my lung, while my other lung had a normal function. The surgery demanded one complete side of my lung since there was no way out to save that vital part. If left unattended, cancer could pass on to the healthy side of my other lung. So, I decided to proceed with the advice of the doctors and agreed to its surgical removal.

I Got a Reason to Survive

The selfless care by the health care professionals and my caretakers gave me the will to fight my lung cancer. I took motivation from other cancer patients who strived to defeat their futile complications. These factors increased my strength and energy to knock out this unwelcomed guest.

The Moments Beyond Lung Cancer

I continued maintaining my active lifestyle despite undergoing lung cancer surgery. I did not hesitate to roam with my dog on beaches, having a long-drive for several miles, and burning out extra calories through workouts. Although I could not spare much time for these activities as I did before, they always motivated me to keep up the pace and live life to its fullest capacity. I experienced a much greater attachment with my family members while they became the source of my inspiration to fight cancer. I started living for the people I cared for, given the uncertainties of my cancer problem. I shifted my priorities from making financial gains to spending time with my loved ones and enjoying every bit of togetherness.

The Role of Treatment Environment

A supportive treatment environment sets your health care priorities and proves to be the source of gratification. It also boosts one’s immunity and will power to face the negatives of lung cancer.

A Piece of Advice

The uncertainties of life sometimes make us feel defeated while forcing us to quit the battle for survival. Lung cancer arrives with a bit more challenging situation that unsettles the living balance, while over time, we realize the need to reset our priorities. The moment we act this way, life resumes to normal and gives us back the privilege to enjoy its moments with gratitude and energy.

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