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I Don't Want to be Fat Anymore

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This is not me but I'm getting close!

This is not me but I'm getting close!

Should I Start Wearing A Bra?

As I sit here after my big holiday feast, munching on cookies while washing them down with a 40oz of Steel Reserve and a smooth breath of Pall Mall between every bite, I realize something. Something that I realized about six months ago. I have turned into a fat nasty slob. My arms are weak, I'm starting to get more rolls than a roller coaster, and I have bigger boobs than most thirteen year old girls.

Just a year and a half ago part of my warm up routine included fifty push-ups, five through ten minutes of stomach exercises, twenty minutes of jogging, jumping jacks, whatever. It didn't stop there. Depending on the day I would lift weights, do aerobics, mma, at least for an hour. I felt good, I felt alive and more important I had confidence and self esteem. Where did it all go? who knows.

Now I sit here, day in and day out. Getting fatter by the bite. I can't even do fifteen push-ups (I just tried). Ok, even that was a lie. I'm to lazy to try. I have lost all motivation. I unbuckle my pants when I sit and snack like snaking is going out of fashion. My shirts are getting tight and my man boobs are at least a large A to small B cup. Either I get my act together again or I start wearing a bra!

I Know What I Need to Do.

I know what I need to do. I need to get rid of all this crap that I'm eating, start exercising again and get rid of this lazyness that has consumed me. But how? How can I get that motivation back again? What can I do to get my sloppy a** off the couch?

Every night that I go to sleep I think "ok tomorrow is a new day, a new start, I'm going to make it happen". When I wake up, nothing. I don't know if it is boredom depression or what.

Ok, I've Had Enough

So today has been the start of my new battle to get back in shape and back to good health. I got up a little earlier, took about a two mile walk, some jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, a few reps with some light weights and a nice fifteen minute stretch session. Now I know it is not a lot but keep in mind I was sweating and out of breath just from playing the wii on christmas!

Besides for the lack of motivation I don't think it will be that hard for me to get back into an exercise routine that I can do everyday, the hard part will be changing my eating habits. For the last year I have indulged in all my favorites beer, pizza, hamburgers and chocolate. My three best friends have been the Burgerking, Wendy and San Miguel. Not only have my food choices plumped me up but they have reeked havoc on my eczema.

Now I'm not into crazy diets so I didn't want to try southbeach, atkins or any of those although I do like the apple cider vinegar diet. I don't drink it for weight loss, I drink it because it does wonders for my allergies and eczema. So looking in my refrigerator this morning put me at a complete loss of what I should be eating. Besides for the recipes I pull out of mens health magazine every month I still need ideas for a eating plan. I came across this ebook on the Internet titled "Negative Calorie Foods" with 150 recipes, health tips, nutrition values for over a thousand foods. It was under twenty and I didn't feel like waiting for a recipe book from amazon to come so I said why the hell not and bought it. I'm actually very impressed with the whole thing. I had never seen a ebook before, but these things are packed with info so I just thought I'd recommend it.

I have my meal plan for the week written out, my grocery list for all my healthy snacks and recipes ready and I'm ready to do this! I will start fine tuning my workout once I can get used to having a daily exercise regimen again. My goal will be to do this the healthy way and lose a pound or two a week, but mainly to tone up my body.

My weight loss Journey

My journey has taken me from slim, trim and ripped to fat and sloppy in a matter of years, and now I'm back on the health wagon so consider this as a follow up to my "I Don't Want to be Fat Anymore" article. I'm only a few weeks into my new program and I'm feeling good. The depression and lazyness has just melted away! I'm doing a hour workout everyday and can feel my mind and body changing.

I'm sticking to my planned recipes, and eating about six times a day, but every time I eat I make sure it counts. Only dairy, protein and carbs in the morning, a mixed lunch and mainly protein dishes at night. Compared to all the crazy diets, I have to say just eating right and every few hours has definitely helped with my food and sweets addiction. I still strongly recommend this ebook if your having a problem with eating "negative calorie foods". I keep looking up food values before I incorporate them in our meals and besides for all the recipes the book offers it makes it so easy to change the recipes to fit your style. I like to add jalapenos to the dishes for a little spice! Plus as long as I'm cooking, I don't have to eat my wife's non-flavored and bland health dishes!

Losing Weight and Feeling Sexy

Already people are asking me if I lost weight and saying that they can see it in my face. Truthfully, I don't think I've lost any weight. I've just started turning this flab back into steel! Although I'm far from where I want to be healthy and physically, but I'm still pretty proud of my determination to this point.

So I'm following my plan, eating good and slowly configuring my exercise routine. The ebook has a good three part routine but that's not for me. I like a lot more variety. So I've been pulling the routines out of mens health magazine and bought an iron gym pull-up bar. I can't do pull-ups like I used too but the thing works great. I made my wife hang on it first because I really didn't trust that it wouldn't break the door frame. I was wrong, I'm at 200lbs right now and it supports my weight just fine.

So follow me a little deeper into my journey! If you want me to post before and after picture then send me a message, I was feeling self conscious to post them before but now I think I'm ready to show what eating healthy and some exercise has done for me!

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6 Year Update

So it has been about six years since I originally wrote this article. I'm not going to lie and say I actually re-read whats above as I'm lazy, lack motivation, and basically the same person I was six years ago, so I'm sure that has all been mentioned above.
Anyways, due to some other health reasons, for the last year I cut out anything that has wheat and sugar, and I mean anything. That means no sugar, no wheat. Besides for salad there is nothing to eat.
I love cereal and milk. Milk has 14g of sugar per serving, good cereal has 9-12g of sugar per serving. No milk, no cereal.
Needless to say I have dropped 35lb. I have never been so skinny in my life. I do need to lift some weights to tone up a bit, but to be honest if I was gay I would f*ck myself. I look and feel like a sexy beast but I miss beer, I miss fruit loops, I miss candy, I miss real milk, I miss pizza, I miss Wendy's Hamburger's, I miss pancakes, I miss syrup, I miss powdered donuts, I miss flavored Ice coffee, I miss peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I miss everything that makes life great.
If you have no reason to cut out sugar and wheat from your life, then why do it?

Enjoy being a fatass, eat this deliciousness that has been provided by Wendy's and Dunkin Donuts. Swallow down the sweetness of Detroit malt liquor. Just do it in moderation cause life is shit without it. Unless you have the desire to look like a twig.

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I would like to hear your feedback

I'm looking for advise or stories on how you motivated yourself, or if you were in the same situation, how you overcame it. Please post your advise in my comments or send a message to me directly.


Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on February 22, 2020:

It requires a lot of efforts and motivation to reduce weight for a overweight person. With determination, it is possible but takes time. Nice article.

Writen4u (author) on December 23, 2011:


It's not even lack of motivation, it's depression.

You are fat. Not over weight but fat, obese, you weigh more than me and are 5" inches shorter.

I'm not telling you that to be a a-hole it's what you need to hear and what you want to hear.

Tell me what makes you happy. Put it in text, and read it over and over again. As dumb as it sounds it will give you motivation to try harder to loose the weight.

Gaby on December 21, 2011:

Hello.. I am 31 years old and i 2 was in shape long ago. i would not event think twice about putting a french fry in my mouth and now i have just lost my self in food. I have had health issues and i wake up with my back hurting because i am only 5'5 and weigh 198 pounds. I did not even weigh that when i was pregnate with my son. I really had a drive for working out and would love to see teh results, i loved to just go to the store and pick something out and not worry about trying it on because i knew that it would fit.

I am embarrased to go palces because i feel so fata and people that i come across tell me that i have gaind weight. i really am in the same boat as i 2 need motivation and drive again. I know that situations in my personal life have being consumming me and that might be a reason for my weigh gain but i need to get rid of it fast. i am not happy at all

Flatten Stomach on January 11, 2010:

Nice hub!

LMAO at the pic!

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