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Learn Covert Hypnosis Confusion Induction


Language Patterns and Mind Control

This is a powerful hypnosis tool used mostly by stage hypnotists. This is one of the secrets the stage hypnotists don't want you to know. Here I give you a basic and simple easy to understand technique you can use. Try it out on your friends. But remember to be responsible and that once in a trance it is up to you to make sure your subject is safe and sound.

Language Patterns, Confused States of Mind

The hypnotic confusion pattern is just an induction technique to trick the mind into a more suggestible state by overwhelming the natural cognitive filters our minds use in dealing with incoming data from outside ourselves. When using leading language patterns and pacing your speech you can lead your subject (mark) into a state of confusion. In this state, the person loses touch with the reality around them by having to analyze what is being said to them. This creates an internal dialogue in their mind. The subject will appear to freeze up with a questioning look on their face. This is the person trying to decipher the confusion pattern.

This is when you give the person the command to sleep and from there you can use suggestions to have the person follow your commands. This is an effective way to hypnotize a skeptical spectator without them able to know what you are doing. This is a form of covert hypnosis.

Reassurance: Put a timeframe for the suggestion,

  • Say: "Just for the purpose of this demonstration"

This puts a short timeframe for the suggestion and it reduces the fear in the subject that the suggestion will work for a longer period of time. You then reduce their fear, and you double the chances of your suggestions taking hold.

Reinforce: Reinforcing this technique with cues like a hand on the shoulder when using leading language commands will anchor the subject to your commands and help to achieve the desired effect. You want to be able to lead the subject to what you are directing them to do. Then tell the person to relax and then to sleep.

Below I give and example of a confusion language pattern.


What Is A Confusion Pattern?


Do NOT try this at home.

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A Confusion Pattern gets Hypnotist out of a Ticket

Confusion Language Pattern Example

Here is a powerful confusion language pattern to lead a person into feeling stuck to the ground and unable to move.

"I want you to go back in your mind to earlier today... when you knew that later on, you would be listening to my voice right now... You know that right now is what you thought about earlier today... when you are hearing me speaking now. I am to at the en (in)... trance, of your consciousness... and when you remember, later on, you will feel relaxed... Knowing that you remembered you can feel how easy it is to get stuck in place when trying to remember that feeling. You feel that feeling and it is a powerful thing to feel.. like a strong glue that keeps you cemented in place. The more you feel it the stronger that feeling is reinforcing the rock-solid foundation."

Again use anchoring like finger snapping when saying things like "Hearing me speaking now." and "Remember that feeling," You will be glad you did.

Once They are Hypnotized What Then?

You approach a subject and begin your confusion induction...

Disrupt the flow of action. The person will be in the mindset of the actions they are having to take in order to accomplish a set task. This is a very deep inner action sequence and thought process. Disrupt by stating an observation about your surroundings as a fact. Then lead the person back into their inner mindset by relating something about how it feels or how you remember when... You can say I cant seem to remember where I put my I.D. but I know that I have it. Because if I didn't have it why would i be doing said activity. Then immediately follow leading the person on to the next action you wish to receive...

Once you have your subject in trance you can then have them open their eyes and tell them to try and move their legs. When the person tries to move their legs they will be unable to do so. Using your physical cues will reinforce what you said to them in trance again making it impossible for them to move. Use hand gestures to lead the actions of the subject. Move your own feet and stomp around. Their frustration will be hilarious and everyone witnessing the event will laugh.

This can be used for things like forgetting their name or making them believe you are the most attractive person they've ever met. These types of suggestions are entertaining for social settings and parties. But you may want to use this as a covert therapeutic trance technique if the person you are trying to help is not as receptive as you would like them to be.

Trance Release:

Once you are done with the subject simply state that when you snap your fingers or clap your hands the person will again be wide awake and able to move. Then use your cue snap them back out of hypnosis.

Don't try to use this to do illegal acts

Be Responsible and Ethical

When practicing this technique remember to be ethical and responsible with this knowledge. Only well-versed hypnotists should attempt this technique. All your subjects should be willing to participate in your experiment and not feel coerced to do so.


Mary Wickison from USA on February 21, 2017:

Very interesting but I don't think it is something I would attempt. I respect the work of hypnotists and think for many people their service is beneficial.

I was surprised by your video, I still don't understand how that worked and why the police officer didn't question him further.

What would be the result of this on the police officer, would he just shake it off?

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