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Huel Vs Owyn (Only What You Need) - Meal Replacement Product Review

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HUEL VS OWYN: What Meal Replacement is Best for You?

Nearly everyone in today’s world would have heard this iconic statement: “You are what you eat!” The fact that you always find many people gulping bottles of soda in street corners, eateries, etc., does not mean many others are not watching their diet. Nutrition is fundamental to good health and optimal performance on our jobs and living as a whole. Good food begins by choosing the right meals, snacks, drinks, and supplements. But what happens when you do not have the time to settle down and make a rich and nutritious meal? The times in your life when you don’t have time to prepare a meal as you usually would is when meal replacements like Huel and OWYN protein shakes come in handy.

Protein shakes are nutritious because of their high vitamins and low carb content. They are the best substitute for junk food and other unhealthy fast-food options. If you grabbed a protein shake every time you craved a soda, your body would thank you each time. It is rich and makes a good option for the periods when you are in a rush. Protein shakes are excellent inclusions into your breakfast, brunch, and lunch meal calendars. This article will take you through a sharp contrast between the Huel protein shake and an OWYN protein shake. If you are contemplating which of these products to settle for, you are in the right place. We will help you make an informed decision.

MicrosoftPokemo Technology Collection B

MicrosoftPokemo Technology Collection B

• HUEL Nutritionally Complete Protein Shake

Described as a “nutritionally complete meal” by the producers, Huel Powder is an on-the-go meal produced with your convenience and your nutritional interests at heart. It comes in a powder form, and each pack contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals, carbs, protein, fiber, essential fats, plant nutrients (phytonutrients), prebiotics, and probiotics kombucha. This blend of nutrients makes it an excellent replacement meal because all the food classes are included.

Aside from the balanced nutritional content, Huel comes in various natural flavors, including vanilla, cinnamon, and others. This provides a variety to make the consumption of this substitute meal exciting. Trust me, having more options to enjoy Huel in various flavors translates to fun, and flexibility, especially if you quickly get bored. With just one packet of Huel, you can have 17 total servings of protein shakes. And a package weighs just about 1.75kg, making the pouch very nice and portable.

If you are on a gluten-free or vegan diet, Huel is a good option. It is convenient, complete nutrition, plant-based, and quite affordable. With a pouch going for $65 on Amazon, a serving costs less than $4, leaving you with as many as 16 other servings from one bag. However, you might incur an additional cost because plant-based milk is the recommended mix liquid. Also, it isn’t easy to measure out the recommended 100g per serving because it does not come with a scooper. You might need to use a food scale and clean up spilled powder. Expect a free t-shirt and shaker in the box when placing your first order.

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• OWYN Protein Shake

OWYN Protein Shake gets its name from “Only What You Need,” The product seems to live true to its name. It is formulated from plants (greens), high-quality essential fats (vegan omega-3s), and protein. Its protein constituent makes up to about 20g of the product. The Delicious protein shake is 100% plant-based and vegan, contains only 5g of carbs but does not contain artificial sweeteners. While providing an excellent source of Omega-3s, it is also made to tackle dairy, soy, or nuts allergens.

This non-GMO and super greens blend is filling, nourishing, and nutritious. It is available in multiple flavors, like dark chocolate, smooth vanilla, and strawberry-banana. It is usually 12 bottles in one pack, and you can either choose to purchase a single flavor or opt for the mixed options. If you like to have a variety, you should consider the latter option. OWYN comes in a plastic bottle, and it is liquid. This means you do not need to have a scooper, shaker, or any. It is made for convenience, but the downside is that it is not equally environmentally friendly.

If you do not want to spill any powders or have to bother with routinely cleaning your shakers, this is a good meal replacement option. OWYN costs only $43.99 on Amazon. If you order directly from the OWYN store, you can get your protein shake shipped at no extra cost.

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Huel Vs Owyn

Most convenient: OWYN is more convenient when compared to Huel. You only need to slip a bottle of OWYN into your backpack on your way out, but you will need a shaker for Huel and plant-based milk to mix. Aside from spilling some powder while measuring out a serving, shakers need to be cleaned.

Nutritional Content: Both are plant-based, contain little to no sugar, are very rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. They also contain no allergens, but the variety of flavors is not the same. Huel has cinnamon and vanilla, but OWYN has strawberry-banana, chocolate, and smooth vanilla.

Cost: At $65, Huel costs more than OWYN, which costs $43. In fact, with Huel, you need to purchase a scooper and plant-based milk, which means additional cost. But then, you can have 17 servings from 1 single pouch of Huel compared to 12 in OWYN, so that might explain why Huel costs some extra dollars.

Shipping: Ordering an OWYN protein shake from their e-commerce store comes with some perks: free delivery on all orders. With Huel, although you might get a discounted delivery fee, you get a free Huel t-shirt and a shaker.

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