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How to Treat and Prevent Mouth Ulcers

Rajinder is a copyeditor for an e-publishing group based in India. He has strong belief in natural/alternative medicine, such as Ayurveda.

There are different types of mouth ulcers in the oral cavity.

There are different types of mouth ulcers in the oral cavity.

The Start of a Mouth Ulcer

Have there been days in a row when you found yourself sitting for long hours working at your desk, drinking several cups of coffee, indulging in comfort food that is not necessarily healthy, eating next to no vegetables, and feeling very stressed to meet work deadlines?

On such days, do you notice how your skin feels less hydrated and, more importantly, how hot your body feels? Then suddenly, you feel a bump inside your mouth and wonder what it is and why it is painful! You probably have a mouth ulcer brought on by body heat, lack of healthy food, and stress.

How Does Science Define Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth ulcers (stomatitis) are small erosions in the lining of the oral cavity or the tongue. They tend to be recurrent. They usually disappear in about 7–10 days but can cause a lot of discomfort in the interim. Mouth ulcers are sometimes also called aphthous ulcers, canker sores, or oral ulcers. They are a relatively common problem, and there are many potential causes. The pain is unbearable. One cannot speak, eat, or drink properly.

Stress is an important factor in developing mouth ulcers and premature graying of hair, so keep your mind and body cool and relaxed, and half of your worries and ailments will go away.

Stress is an important factor in developing mouth ulcers and premature graying of hair, so keep your mind and body cool and relaxed, and half of your worries and ailments will go away.

What Are the Top Causes a Mouth Ulcer

Emotional stress: This can happen when you are dealing with emotional conflict in your personal life or when you are feeling harrowed with tight timelines at work.

Local trauma in the form of ill-fitting dentures or a sharp tooth: When a tooth falls out due to an accident or your appointment with your dentist happened in a hurry, there can be sharp edges at the end of the teeth that can dig uncomfortably into the cheek inside the mouth.

Allergy to local applications like toothpaste: There are different kinds of toothpaste now available in the market – like ones for sensitive teeth, herbal concoctions, toothpaste with teeth bleaching properties, etc. – that may not suit every individual. It shows itself as evidence via mouth ulcers.

Vitamin deficiency, especially B-complex, folic acid: This happens when you do not eat your vegetables or when your food lacks variety. In these cases, you are likely to lose out on essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. A mouth ulcer is often a sign of this deficiency.

In women, sometimes in association with the menstrual cycle: This is mainly due to the increase in body temperature, hormonal changes, etc. reflected in skin breakouts as well as mouth ulcers.

Hereditary and familial tendencies: Sometimes, this can be passed on to us by our genes and may need special attention to overcome.

Smoking: When you smoke too much, mouth ulcers may form as a way of eliminating toxins.

Poor oral hygiene: When you do not brush and floss daily or have tooth decay, it can lead to mouth ulcers.

Alcohol: Consuming alcohol very frequently can lead to mouth ulcers as well.

Spicy food: Regularly eating spicy food creates an imbalance in the body resulting in mouth ulcers.

Drugs like antibiotics: Some people may have allergic reactions to medicines leading to mouth ulcers as a side effect.

Low immunity from any illness, from TB to AIDS: When the body is unable to cope with any disease, even high fever, mouth ulcers can happen as a side effect.

Infectious origins like some bacteria or virus: A viral or bacterial attack can have various telltale signs, with mouth ulcers being one such symptom.

Tartar in the tooth surface: Plaque-causing bacteria can also create an outbreak of mouth ulcers.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.


Halemane Muralikrishna from South India on April 07, 2020:

Very good remedy information, Mr Rajinder. I too have a sensitivity to hot spicy dishes. It is a useful article for people like me, thank you.

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on September 24, 2019:

Welcome Nithya.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on July 09, 2019:

These are great tips to treat mouth ulcers. Thank you for sharing.

apthita lekhi on April 28, 2015:

Healthy Information..

Ulcers are common in heat, this insight will definitely help us from this health issues. When I had ulcers, taking food was the main issue my Dietitian at he suggested me good diet at that point of time ..

Thank you for sharing this health problem and its solution..

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on April 19, 2015:

You can buy honey from any supermarket or purchase it online.

Kaaa on March 12, 2013:

i have an ulcer but i have no honey ! any ideas ?

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on March 04, 2013:

Yes honey is effective and there are several other medicines. Don't bear the pain for too long.

Akki on February 22, 2013:

I always has problem with mouth ulcers, they remain for days , i tried oral gels but still it doesn't go away .. will honey really help me ??

Danish on August 14, 2012:

i had suffer from mouth ulcer!!! its hurt i can't eat or drink

arpita on August 06, 2012:

i suffer often from mouth ulcer & its really pain full...i drink alot of water,eat fruits and vegetables..keep my oral cavity spite of all these,i've again caught by this painful disease...what's the way to heal it permanently?

Arshia Koundal on May 18, 2012:

hai I am arshia I am feeling so much pain bcoz of these mouth ulcers I am not feeling well bcoz of them I haven't take food for two days it's to difficult to take food I am starving & I really miss my mom bcoz I am in hostel

Mustafa saahil on May 10, 2012:

Thanks dear for sharing the facts about ulcer...

I m also a medical students and suffers from very stress and tense situations during exame.

so I always suffers from mouth ulcers during my preparation.

Now plz tell me what should I do to face these stressful situations and ulcers?

Vinay on May 05, 2012:

1)Try to apply dento gel in the early stage of an ulcer

2) wash ur mouth for evry hour wid a pinched salt dissolved it it

3) drinking cool drink , smokin and alcohol consumption shud be strictly avoided

4) amla , rich in c vitamin shud be taken

5) use tooth powders when u brush

6) spit out saliva fOr every hour and drink water in large amount and then apply the pain reliver gels

Am sure dat ur ulcers wud vanish within a day or two

sahab jan on April 28, 2012:

thanks for informations.

bob on March 31, 2012:

I try using backing soda. It helps me big time. You should try it

kirti on February 18, 2012:

i am 10 month years old . my mother have mouth ulcers for a long period of time . i am an infant child. so i am also suffered from mouth ulcer . so behind the reason is genetically . so please tell me how i prevent from mouth ulcers . thanks.

baba on February 17, 2012:

can eating curd decrease mouth ulcers ? please help me fast , because its a lot pain

Sian on February 11, 2012:

I have been getting mouth ulcers for years and nothing is helping, it starts off on a gum them spreads rapidly over my lips. Its so bad i cant even close my mouth. My lips have lost the top layer of skin and are all crusty and scabby, i can hardly talk and cant eat unless i try and chuck tiny bits of food to the back of my throat. Every time i cough or sneeze my lips burst open! My face is swollen and its agony. Every docotor i have seen has told me a different thing. It takes up to 3 weeks to heal and i loose so much weight im even more sick!

Peter B. on February 10, 2012:

For over 20 years I have suffered with mouth ulcers, stomach problems and other health related items. A few months ago I quit using most toothpastes (I had tried many brands) quite by accident a friend offered me some toothpaste to try. It worked no more problems seems that most of the other toothpastes I had been using contained fluoride and other items. The toothpaste I was loaned and tried contains not of these detrimental chemicals.

If you have been searching for an answer to crap toothpaste look at the following website

to read about the great toothpaste (Toxic free) I am now using.

Chris on February 04, 2012:

Many mouth ulcers are caused by sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). It is a common foaming agent in most tooth past and mouth wash. Switch to a tooth paste that is SLS free and your mouth ulcers may go away and never return! Hope that helps.

Neha on January 16, 2012:

I am suffering from mouth ulcers since my childhood. My mother always scolds me for not having plenty of water. Bt I always remember this by the pain odf the ulcers in my mouth. I am sharing wd u 1 home remedy told by my mother which can help:-

soak Canna Edulus( Sabja) for 10-15 mins in small amount of water. Mix them with coold milk. Add some sugar if you want. And have it like a cold- coffe. :-)

It really helps to reduce the pain.


Rakesh Bajaj on January 15, 2012:

I can cure mouth ulcers by naturopathy.Pl contact at my emailID:

Urmila from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA on January 11, 2012:

Sipping water regularly does help. Great info!

Rakesh Bajaj on January 11, 2012:

I was suffering from mouth ulcers for the last thirty years. I tried Allopathic,Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic treatment but of no avail.By taking naturopathic treatment I am fully cured . I have cured many persons.To know more pl contact at my

Roisin rafferty on January 02, 2012:

hey i get mouth ulsers all the time but i notice that it is always after a night out drinking...?

maya on December 21, 2011:

hey guys mouth ulcers can also be healed temporary by pomegranate sauce, its a thick sauce that stings the ulcer and helps it heal quicker. just handle the pain for a couple of seconds and doing this twice a day will help heal it in no time. the sauce is usually used in middle eastern foods and can be bought from any african or middle eastern shop. hope this helps!

DrewS on December 11, 2011:

I've had mouth ulcers for over 30 years. I would suggest swilling the mouth with warm milk or a milk based drink to aleviate the pain and brush your teeth with a natural toohtpaste as regular toothpaste contains Sodium lauryl sulfate which is an irritant. Personally I feel alcohol is a major culprit along with stress. Hope this helps...

TrixGin on December 06, 2011:

FYI: Bacteria can not grow in honey, that maybe the reason it helps with mouth ulcers because so much bacteria develops in the mouth. With the use of honey it cuts the bacteria content of the mouth allowing the ulcer to heal.

Natalie on November 29, 2011:

I love pineapples

Unanticipating... on November 26, 2011:

Recently ,I have a big painful cut on my lip ,and I so know that it's gonna turn into an ulcur cuz' I've had ulcurs all my life (11 years). It's Saturday , so I have the whole Sunday to fuss over it. I've written a full page about how to cure them ;I've got my jug of honey ,a cup of wintermelon tea, a can of salt , a gallon of water with 2 cups( one for backup ),and finally -highlighted ,printed ,read copy of the instructions from Soni2006. I am prepared to do this.

Rajaram on November 26, 2011:

Is Vegemite available in India?

Heather on November 24, 2011:

I seem to have the banana allergy too...out of no where! Bummer!

rakesh on November 10, 2011:

my tongue is cuts many space and I am pain in cuts but not wound why i treat to this probles i am very mischief man . i am very cheap please help me iam completely faildown , very sad i not to meet any one with my personal problems

Travolta on November 06, 2011:

Yes l have tried salt to burn off any mouth ulcers and l think it does work but you have to do it like 6 times a day to give you some relief and speed up the healing process.

Vegimite should work to the same degree as it is very high in salt content.Use the normal vegemite and not the newer cheesymite which is blended with a cheese mixture.

l am suffering at the moment and started the day with salt and salty water treatments and ended up using manuka honey. l have some relief and hope these will cure them much quicker.

Dhana on November 02, 2011:

I'm suffering from Mouth Sore for three days.Please help me to cure it.

Izzathariri on October 27, 2011:

I usually get my ulcers near the throat, its really irritating as i cant swallow anything, and usually when the ulcers are near my throat i usually get high fever, is that possible soni, and i cant seem to find the real thing to what i am allergic to, need advice somi thnx

Cera on October 27, 2011:

gargle with salt water really does help~although is a bit painful~take loads of fruits especially things like watermelon~~C:

jemz on October 26, 2011:

i have two ulcers in my mouth and it really helps if you just put salt straight on it. it hurts like hell but it works real good. salt mixed with warm water helps too. :)

becca wilson on October 25, 2011:

is it normal for an ulcer to go inwards like a crater? because i have one that goes in like a hole :( please help!

Naj on October 21, 2011:

thanks a million for the info it was really helpful

Naj on October 21, 2011:

thanks a million for the info it was really helpful

Grace on October 20, 2011:

Omg, the wintermelon powder soothes my ulcers all the time! You should really try it! It's like oral aid but the only difference is that it doesn't hurt when you apply it on your ulcers. I really recommend it.

Niizo on October 17, 2011:

Thanks soni! I have a really painful mouth ulcer on the back of my tongue. I just had quite a big filling done on the toothe next to it and all of a sudden it feels quite sharp, is that because it is and has caused the ulcer or because my ulcer's more sensitive than the rest of my mouth? Also thanks for telling us about the honey thing, I won't have to go and get corsodyl tomorrow! :D

Shwetha Shetty on October 12, 2011:

Excellent Tips soni. Thanks for sharing

Ulcerboy on October 10, 2011:

I think guys you all should try applying glycerin it will pain a little but it will cure your ulcer quickly.

Palash on October 09, 2011:

A good remedy. Thnx to ur grandmother!

Eish :( on October 06, 2011:

A month back I had a bout of mouth ulcers and its come up again (a month later). Been to a couple docs etc.. So far.. This what I've been advised.. When you feel it starting, take acyclovir which helps reduce severity.

I had it bad so I've been on prednizone and Zelitrex.

Warm salt water for gargling burns open sores but add a bit of bicarbonate soda.. its more alkaline so doesn't burn.. gives some temporary relief.

And I've smeard some honey on before sleeping which burns and tingles a bit at first..

But with all that... It seems 2 weeks is what it takes to clear!

Cassie on October 04, 2011:

I think were just going to have to deal with them

Matthias on September 13, 2011:

Bananas are the main cause for me as well. Same with Dubble Bubble gum and to some extend chocolate.

Mrs.York on September 08, 2011:

Tried it ... So far so great .. Thanx lots love

Awaz on September 07, 2011:

Ok, so i think I had an allergic reaction to some medicine and now I have 100's of ulcers in my mouth.. I have tried everything, Listerine, Honey, peroxide, water, saltwater, yogurt, medication... and they are actually increasing in number.

and this is the first time in my life that it has been like this.

I feel so bad for you fellow humans that have to deal with this sh!t every month or so.

I have to say that i can't even think of life without this pain... I cannot talk, eat, sleep...

what have I done to deserve this???

Oh Lord help me!!!

I am gonna try prayer as well.

Tell my wife I love her man!

waqs on September 06, 2011:

i have this ulcer today this is a very painfull i am drinking coold water and milk but i am not right now. i think this is a couse of stomach ulcer .

Halita on August 30, 2011:

What a lovely and helpful site. I'm off to try some honey now! Thank you.

shobha on August 30, 2011:

HI all, there is a trusted way 2 get rid of mouth ulcers.try once there is 100 percent cure . in the morning on empty stomach drink lots of water, after 2 minutes with your brush or fingers throw out all water , u vill feel bitter water coming out . u vil also feel bit tired , repeat it every week , even there vill b no foul smell from mouth, ulcers happens because of bad stomach , try 2 eat fibre , at least must give it a try once

Tarun on August 29, 2011:


i Have an ulcer from last couple of yrs....i took medicine but it not work....i need permanent solution for this.What should i do??

Johnna Kramer on August 27, 2011:

will the honey treatment sting? Be honest because I have an ulser so bad I can't smile, laugh, barely talk or eat and I'm starving.! So does it sting.?

michelle p on August 23, 2011:


av been having mouth ulcers ever since i filled my tooth.

I feel a lot of pain and also the tooth that i filled pains too i need help. how do i finish this disease? its so irritating.

theAUTHORisA-LIAR on August 21, 2011:

author you probably mislead me and the other hundreds of thousands of other people who are honestly looking for a remedy for mouth ulcers yet all you did is made a BIG lie by telling us that honey would cure it but IT DIDN'T! LIAR!

damian on August 10, 2011:

Hi. I have two ulcers on my top lip. Have tried many things, including Iglu. Not much good to be honest. Had ulcers all my life but can go 6 weeks or so without any. But when they come back, they come back with a vengeance! Not tried honey. Do i apply it to the ulcer as they are on my lip? TCP used to speed up recovery, but not this time round. :(

raxit02 from Amsterdam, The Netherlands on July 24, 2011:

Dear Soni, you did a wonderful job by writing and sharing this hub. I would like to convey my hats-off to you. Share more like this hubs. You are very welcomed to this place.

Best Wishes,


hahahaha on July 23, 2011:

hi i just had an ulcer 1 week ago and it came back( on my lower lip near the gum) and it husrt if i hold my lower lip and eat(it may seam disgusting) but when iget bored i find myself eatin smethin not eating disorder

on the symptoms u described i get 1-4 but not 5-7

i have no problem taking or drinking just eating

is it bad if it comes back on the very spot it was on

i brush daily and eat many fruits eg banana, oranges, mango, watermelon, strawberry, cheries(am a party girl)and balance my diet and i have no stress at all

annomyous on July 18, 2011:

hi again, i tried using honey like you suggested to the others..i actually felt some pain at the ulcer beside my wisdom in this case is it still something abnormal?

if using honey, how many days does it take to heal?

can i apply bonjela after using honey or vise versa?

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on July 17, 2011:

Hello anonymous, I am really concerned about your case but from what you have written, you need to urgently meet an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) in your area who would be first of all able to diagnose your problem with proper physical examination.

annomyous on July 17, 2011:

hi, im having mouth ulcer now..i have a total of 3 mouth ulcers..2 at the side of my lips and 1 just beside my wisdom tooth..when i apply bonjela, the 2 from the lips will sting..but the 1 beside my wisdom tooth doesn't feel a it even a mouth ulcer? how do i treat it? i cant eat or bite, cuz it has become sore and whenever i open my mouth i will touch it..please help me

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on July 16, 2011:

Thank you so much jeet thapa, ez, sally, bryan, drew, emmy, wyna, james, chit, sam, Phil, Anupama, Working Mum, abodi, and Navin for your comments and sharing your experience about getting rid of mouth ulcers. I am happy that you all enjoyed this hub and were able to treat this problem.

Navin on July 04, 2011:

I have faced mouth ulcer lot of time previously. I was able to overcome it lot by taking food that increases the alkalainity of my stomach inspite of high stressful life.

Below is good site with nice introduction about ph, acidity and alkalanity.

abodi on June 16, 2011:

Hi , thank you for this subject....

I have problem since when I child frequent ulcer in the mouth... if I eating spicy food it is comes .. and any gad drink as Coca-Cola.

also I take many medications for treatment but If I take new medication and treated the ulcer and come again it will be not treated.

ulcer take along time in my mouth two to three weeks.

Working Mum on May 19, 2011:

I often have mouth ulcer ( roughly every 3 months) even though I drink 8 glasses of plain water every day. May be due to work stress or lack of vitamin of B complex.

Phil on April 17, 2011:

Hi all, a quick update. A week on & NO ULCERS. even after biting my cheek while eating which usually always results in a whopper.

Hope others are enjoying similar improvements.

anupama on April 13, 2011: of my frnd is havng prblm frm last 2-3 days...his mouth is bleedin nd cough nd vomit are comin outt,,,today on 13 april we chckd out frm docters bt report will be come out 2mmrw can u plzz help wat r dis signs of??

Phil on April 09, 2011:

Hi all you fellow ulcer sufferers. Bananas do appear to be a catalyst for me which is a bummer because i love them !! However i love more NOT having ulcers so Goodbye bananas.

I am just into my Banana free period & all is good so will keep you posted. I have used various treatments all of which help the pain but never treat the cause.

Sam on March 24, 2011:

Yeah I bit my mouth twice a few days ago, one on my upper lip and one on my lower lip. They have both become some nasty ulcers and they are really really annoying. I just feel like tearing my lips off!

chit on March 02, 2011:

i have mouth sores all over my mouth it is so painful.i suffered for almost 1 a year. it cures after i take medrol for 1 week..but when i stop taking medrol my sores returned again .i suffered to much what will i do? please help me

James G on December 14, 2010:

I often get ulcers on the corners of the bottom lip, but as of late I've been getting ulcers on my gum that leaves me in excruciating pain.

Currently I have one on my cheeck, 1 on my gum (on my bottom row of teeth), 1 right next to the previous ulcer though it is right on the part of my mouth where my lip attaches to my gum and I also have another one coming through on my gum in the center of my bottom row of teeth.

I have no allergies and it hurts to brush the ulcers but I think tomorrow I'm going to get honey, salt, vegemite and maybe even some bonjella because I feel as if I can't even live with these ulcers. I can't talk for long periods of time because the over-movement of my mouth writhes me in pain, and when I eat I can only open my mouth the tiniest bit due to the ulcer on my gum/lip.

wyna on November 30, 2010:

when i get ulcer, i usually used bonjela =) it works for me... just feel numb for 3mins and the pain goes, few hrs later the ulcery thing disappear

Emmy on November 25, 2010:

I googled 'banana cause ulcer' and ended up here! Hahaha! It's uber comforting to know that i'm not weird and there're others like me! Lalala!

Drew on October 16, 2010:

I've had consistent ulsers since I can remember, i'm 17 now and i'm trying to figure out if i'm allergic to something like toothpaste or something.

Bryan on September 29, 2010:

I heard that brushing it to release the blood and then applying salt could help. truth or fact?

Sally h. on September 12, 2010:

I'm am only 11 and ulcers kill me. I hate them. I read the comments above and none of those things happen to me. Except maybe get stressed. I hate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ez on September 09, 2010:

betadine gargle really help me when i get mouth ulcers, just gargle 3-4 times a day and its a lot better.

Jeet thapa on September 08, 2010:

Hi,thank u very much for valuable advices n experiences sharing. me too constanly suffer from ulcer.. So many thing I came to know like use of honey,drinking yes I m bad on this anyway I am changing my habites,I think banana also another reason which I usualy have during my fasting and after that I suffer.

I would like to share I usualy feels burning sensation on stomatch and feel heavines on stomatch after that I started feeling pain spot bubbles on toung and then became ulcer..

Lets see if I could heal permanently by following above remedies.. thanks...

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on August 22, 2010:

I recommend you to buy Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Borax, 6C Pellets, 80-Count Tubes (Pack of 5) here:

Apply directly to the mouth ulcers.

annielisa on August 08, 2010:

i have a mouth ulcer right now

mine are caused by bad diets cos i dont eat fruit or veg and i forget to brush my teeth reguraly so yea i feel very bad but plz dont upset me im only 12 and i get them all the time can someone plz find a cure?

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on June 17, 2010:

Thanks a lot Ravz, Blonde, guest, and dolie for providing your advice on treatment of mouth ulcers, but I am really surprised by the problem Blonde is having. She is getting rid of mouth ulcers with smoking. I don't know what it is?

dolie on June 15, 2010:

try cardamom burns but ulsers are out within hours

guest on June 14, 2010:

Cammomile extract poured directly on a swab and then applied to the sore helps a lot to reduce pain (after initial application!) and heal fast.

Blonde on June 12, 2010:

I have been havin MU for all my childhood but My MU disappeaed 10 years back when i Started Smoking, but 6 mothes back it became to appear again from the next week I stopped smoking.

What do you think?

Ravz on June 10, 2010:

Hi same here, after eating banana I get a lot of mouth ulcers, that's why, now I stay away from them

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on June 04, 2010:

@Orpheus, thanks a lot for telling us about Aphthasol (amlexanox) medicine to calm up mouth ulcers. I will check it out today.

Orpheus on June 03, 2010:

You might try to see if you can get a medicine called Aphthasol (generic name amlexanox). It won't prevent the sores but it helps to greatly cut down their length and severity.

I'm starting to wonder if bananas are my problem. I've been getting these things non-stop again after quite a while free of them. I notice that after I eat a banana my mouth stings/tingles a little. Anyway, thanks for the info.

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on May 24, 2010:

Thanks a lot Ben Lee. My granny is no more but her advice and love has remained with us.

ben lee on May 23, 2010:

very helpful thank to you and you granny

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on May 12, 2010:

That's what I have talked above, you just told us the generic name of the oral sore anesthetizing gel mentioned above, viscous lidocaine, thanks for that. Yes it works as an anesthetic and numbs away the oral sores for some time being and in between that period if a person will keep on applying and gargling with honey, it will take away the sores completely.

123456 on May 11, 2010:

Will the honey thing work if you just apply it to the ulcer? Or do u have to gargle it?

Also, you can get your doctor to prescribe you viscous lidocaine. It doesn't heal the ulcer, but it numbs it very, very, very, very well.

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on April 22, 2010:

It is not possible to get treated with mouth ulcers in 24 hours. I honey does not work for you, then you can try oral sore anesthetizing gel for instant relief of pain and irritation and apply it according to directions. You ulcer will heal in 72 hours.

Drake on April 21, 2010:

hey hub. great pages but i was wondering if you knew of any treatments that could get rid of the ulcer in 24 hours? I have tried the honey trick and it doesn't work. thanks

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on April 20, 2010:

I don't know why your doctor has given up so early and wants to try to treat it surgically by excising it. This is cruel as there are several remedies mentioned above. I think you should try honey treatment I have mentioned above,. Try for two more days and don't stress out so much. Stress increases mouth ulcers. If not feel better in two days, go ahead for Orahealth Avamin Melts also mentioned above and it will go away. What happens is that when we have a mouth ulcer and we do not soothe it, then we keep on irritating it with our fingers, tongue, or teeth. Most of the time mouth ulcers go way as soon as we sooth them and forget them that they are with us and pain and constant irritation does not let us feel it can go away so fist step should be to sooth with honey and if no improvement buy an oral sore anesthetizing gel and apply on your mouth ulcers. It will soothe your constant pain and irritation by anesthetizig the area and then after some time your ulcers will completely go away. Best of luck Missy.

Don't worry so much. You will be able to kiss your boyfriend.

Missy on April 20, 2010:

hi hub,

i have a mouth ulcer at the moment. It makes me really stresed when it doesn't go away. i have had it for adleast 2 months now and every night and morning i do the salt water trick. sometimes it will go down but then it will quickly get big again. i try not to bite it and sometimes skip meals so that the food doesn't irratate it. Nothing works and i am begginging to get really depressed about it. sometimes i even cry. i am embarrased to kiss my boyfriend because of it. i really need it gone by this week but it just keeps getting bigger! i have been to the docter and he said it will go away otherwise they could do a medical procedure on it where they cut it off but i cant deal with pain and i dont know how long it will take to heal. please, please help me!!! i almost cry every night because of it. i hate it and i want it to go away!

Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on April 13, 2010:

Yes jet, you can use any branded honey. It's okay to use.

jet on April 13, 2010:

sir soni how to use honey?

any kind of honey is ok to use?

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