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How to Treat a Boil With a Bottle

Have you ever had a boil? A boil—also known as a furuncle—is an infected hair follicle, the result of which is painful swelling and pus...and the pain is unbearable. Some people think a boil is just a big pimple, but it's so much worse! A boil can cause serious health problems if not been treated properly, such as blood poisoning.

As long as the combination of pus and dead skin is in there, over-the-counter painkillers won't help. You can treat a boil at home with a simple home remedy of lukewarm water and and iodine solution while waiting for the boil to ripen. You will, however, then need to go to the doctor to get the boil's eye (pus and hardened dead skin) extracted. Or, you can try this practical treatment which I used to treat my own boil. In this article I'll tell you about an at-home remedy for boils using a bottle.

However, please keep in mind that you may still need to go to a doctor, who can treat the boil safely and effectively. I am just trying to share a very cheap way of treating a boil that worked for me. It's up to you whether or not to try it!

How to Use a Bottle to Extract a Boil

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Take a mild pain reliever to control the pain, and wipe the area with a antiseptic.
  2. Place a towel dampened with warm water onto the boil to hasten its ripening and to ease the pain. You'll know the boil is ready when you see a small opening at it's center with a yellow material protruding from it.
  3. Take a glass bottle with a round mouth big enough to surround your boil when placed over it. You can also try a glass or a jar.
  4. Burn a piece of paper and while it is still on fire, place it inside the bottle or glass and wait a few seconds before you put out so that the bottle is warm. Alternatively, you can stand the bottle in a pot of hot or warm water for a few minutes until it is warm.
  5. Immediately place the mouth of the bottle into the boil and press it against the skin. As it cools, the temperature difference will create a sucking effect and hold it there for a few minutes, which will pull the boil out.
  6. Clean the wound with clean water and antiseptic or a gentle anti-bacterial soap and bandage it.
  7. Repeat every three or four hours until the pus and dead skin is gone.

When the procedure is done correctly, pus and dirty blood will be sucked up into the bottle, and your pain will be relieved.


Anonymous34 on August 11, 2017:

Does it hurt?? I've had a boil for 4 days now and it's excruciating. It's on my right leg just above the knee on the posterior (outer) side. It looks like a gum ball is stuck under my skin. I've done hot compresses and have squeezed quite a bit out, but I'm desperate. I've seen a doctor, she prescribed me antibiotics, but I'm still in a lot of pain. I can't hardly walk. So I'm considering this method....only I'm a huge wimp and can't take a lot of when it bursts, does it hurt a lot???

kelley on February 25, 2016:

Fabulous, this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Works wonders with instant relief.

Krismaine_13 on November 05, 2015:

I had boil 4 days ago from today as im typing this.that is right that the pain is actually unbearable but I didn't go through too much pain of treating doctor prescribe a medicine that can dissolve the pus and the bacteria causing the a matter of three days,the infected area slowly flattened w/o enduring the pain caused by simple as that.Though the medicine is kind of pain in the pocket. :(

Tamara on August 26, 2015:

I can say, since i have found out about the bottle trick (this morning), the size of my boil was the size of a 50 cent piece.... (i know groase right?) I'm giving this info for a reason.... Ok since trying starting this morning, i have burnt myself, i was told to boil the bottle and put it on it and make sure the water was poured out..... k well that hurt (pretty desperate though), then found this dude on youtube saying to leave the hot water in and not to heat up the rim of the bottle (i was thinking that myself, how could a hot bottle alone pull anything out?) So left the hot hot water in.... (much better, as if the boil itself doesn't hurt enough, i need to burn it?) K well i can't say that it's done yet, but again the size was huge and it has shrunk ALOT, and ive also seen drainage every time i moved the bottle.... Honestly i don't believe it hurts to just keep trying and with the progress so far that I've made with it, im going to continue this until it finally releases..... i couldn't say exactly how many times ive tried so far and can't say how long I've left it on for..... So far I've left it on every time it cooled down.... once it cooled down i saw and still seeing progress.... As far as the knee and sports person..... Id say this is something you can do without it hurting especially if you are able to get the core out (working on that myself as I'm texting this), honestly it shouldn't affect your sports just keep it clean.... hope this helps!

Johna617 on June 26, 2015:

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lia on May 18, 2015:

Doesn't work depending on how far the boil has progressed. If it's already had around the head. Go to hospital. It will only get worse.

farah alam on November 14, 2014:

how long should i keep the bottle on the boil?

Dave on September 16, 2014:

Use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol lit on fire to get the suction stronger. This will help to really suck the goo out much better.

lauren on February 08, 2014:

Hey so I recently had a VERY painful trip to the ER to have a boil lanced and drained, it's began to heal and now I have developed two more boils near it. I have tried every home remedy there is with no luck, yesterday I tried to the bottle trick ... I had to do it a couple times. One feels better today, however the other is still excruciating, size of a ping pong ball and hard again (oddly this is the one that drained the most) my question is had anyone had to do the bottle trick multiple times to drain it completely?? Any advice on this would be great, I just do NOT want to go thru what I went thru at the ER again!!!

Anne on February 06, 2014:

My boil is small but is located on my knee . I go to school and have a hard time walking and sitting right . Will I still be able to walk the next day if I do the bottle procedure ? Pls reply i really need it . Tnx

pinoyworker on June 13, 2012:

thanks for the positive comment and ya your right,

just be careful not to make the bottle to hot because it will really burn your skin

just what happened to me hahaha

but thanks god, the pain had already subside since this morning and i can move my right hand now more at ease

onlineconsultant from UK on June 13, 2012:

Great idea! This is similar to a technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, called "cupping" in which specially made ball-shaped cylinders are used in a similar way. Just be careful not to heat the rim of the glass too much, which can cause burning!!

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