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How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Weight Loss

Erich has routinely worked out very early in the morning for years

Five motivation tips

Since new year's just hit a little more than a couple of weeks ago chances are there are a certain percentage of folks who are either ready to give up on their weight loss goals or already have, who knows you might even be one of them.

In following lots of weight loss journeys online my experience has been it's either a lack of motivation or results that don't appear in short period of time. Today I'm going to talk about the first of these two and five ways on how to generate motivation for yourself and they are the following: 1. Find a workout or accountability partner; 2. have a money jar; 3. join a gym or some type of at home fitness program; 4. post your workouts online; 5. create discipline. The rest of the article is going to go more in depth on why each of these five components would increase motivation and potentially play a factor in creating results long term.

Finding a workout or accountability partner: Whomever it is you choose you want to choose somebody who is reliable and will be there when you're at your lowest. If you know someone is waiting for you then you are more likely to show up. If you actually like the person, you are working out with there is a higher probability you will show up.

Have a money jar: This is something that my wife has done with me. Basic premise is that if you do your exercise for the day, you get a dollar and if you end up skipping than your roommate, friend or whomever you're doing the bet with gets a dollar. If you're not comfortable with that and want to do something more tied to the direct results, there are a lot of web sites out there that allow you to bet on your results such as

Join a gym or at home fitness program: Any personal trainer worth anything will tell you that if you're going to get results you need to have some form of a structured plan and just going to a gym and randomly doing exercises is the least effective way to get results.

My personal take on this one if you're going to join a gym unless you're already a personal trainer it's worth it to either do classes or at least work with someone to create a plan for when you go with someone who has just as much or more experience when it comes to working out. If you're doing at home fitness program it's always best to stick to what's in the program as closely as possible. Why would this motivate one to do anything? Because it means you are making financial commitments and therefore more invested in it.

Post your workouts online or find some type of social media accountability group

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How well this works for certain demographics of people can vary. If your generally one who likes to please people, then this could be a good option. Why? Because this means that every day a certain group of people are going to expect to see your posts and chances are you are more likely to be more engaged with a certain group of people who are eager to egg you on. On the same token you may also get "haters" who don't want to see you reach your goal. If you do ignore them, nobody needs negativity in their life.

Figure out a way to create discipline

I don't get why but this one is the least talked about. While having discipline doesn't create motivation it does increase the chance you are going to continue with exercising after you hit your goal and hopefully will spill into other areas of your life as well.

In addition to that it can also help on days that you don't feel like working out or eating healthy or semi injured and no I am not suggested you should exercise injured but more often than not you will be able to do something. For example, if your shoulder hurts and you were initially planning on lifting weights that day there is no reason why you can't go on a run and lift weights on a different day.


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