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How to Spend Time During Lockdown


Simple ways to spend time during this pandemic

"Prevention is better than cure" the significance of this quote cannot be questioned when whole world is suffering from the deadly coronavirus.

This time challenges us in different ways which may comes to us in terms of jobs loss,social disconnect, domestic problems and etc.These problems can affect us mentally too like depression, loneliness and even mental disorders after a certain period of time.

Hence,we should try to focus on keeping ourselves away from any sort of stress in this lockdown period.This article will help you too find techniques to follow in this lockdown period.

1.Work on your body fitness

There's nothing more precious than a healthy and fit body.You can use this extra time to work on your fitness.It is probably the best time you can indulge in doing exercises and ensuring that you remain fit and healthy.You exercise daily or atleast 4 times a week.

2.Meditation at home

If you want mental peace,put some music,and give meditation a try.It will help you to reduce stress,increase energy ,enhance the immune system and many more benefits too.

3.Spend time with your self

Spend time with yourself.In our busy lives,we often take out time for almost every important thing except for ourselves.So give yourself ''me time".

4.Reconnect with old friends

This is time you can reestablish your connection with long lost friends and old colleauges .

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5.Cook and eat healthy food at home

You can utilize this time to hone your cooking skills.If you don't know to cook ,just begin with easy recipes.If you already know how to cook,try different types of new dishes of other countries too.

6.Make plans for your future

While giving time to yourself ('me time') you can reflect in your future goals ,career aspirations and more .Utilize this time to thinking about everything you want for yourself.

7.Pick up a new hobby

We can't think of anything more rewarding than picking up a new hobby during lockdown.Try to learn new skills during the pandemic.You can decide to learn new language or how to use an instrument.

8. Grow plants

Try to grow plants that emits oxygen like tulsi or aloevera.Choose plants that grow easily and can be found anywhere.Gardening helps reduce stress and keeps you busy.

9.Watch movies with family

This is perfect time you can indulge in watching old or new movies that you have never seen before.Pick some good Hollywood or Bollywood movies, grab some popcorn and call your family members to engage in watching movies .

So now you learnt a lot ways to utilize your lockdown period so go ahead and select a few activities.Create something new and good.

Stay healthy and positive!

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