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How to sleep early: Tips to sleep on time and fall asleep at night

Yawning away but can't sleep?

Yawning away but can't sleep?

How to sleep early? How to sleep on time? People who can't sleep at night and those who keep looking for things to do to go to sleep are faced with these questions again and again. Here are practical remedies to help you with your sleeping problems whether you are a working professional, busy mom, college student, teenager in school or a preteen kid.

1) Physically tire yourself out during the day

One of the easiest and most natural ways to sleep early is to tire yourself out during the day. You are bound to feel sleepy if you physically tire yourself out. Your body will send signals to your mind that it needs rest and you will fall asleep the minute you lie down on the bed.

Look for fun ways to exercise to get some physical exertion if your daily routine doesn't tire you out. Take up a gym membership, buy home fitness equipment, go for a jog or play sports – Tiring yourself out will help you to sleep early.

2) Exhaust yourself mentally and emotionally during the day

Tiring yourself out physically can sometimes not be enough to wear your mind down. Keep yourself mentally busy and exhaust your mind so that you think of nothing but sleeping when it is bedtime. You will not be able to sleep early if your mind is still actively buzzing with activity at night.

Take up a hobby, study part-time, work part-time or take up activity classes if you don't have enough things on hand to occupy yourself mentally. Tire yourself out mentally so that your mind is worn down to a state of relaxation.

3) Take a shower before going to bed

Different people have different approaches to taking a shower before going to sleep. Some people may feel agile and active after a hot shower while others may feel relaxed after it.

Everyone has different tendencies so it is best to experiment with a hot and a cold shower before going to bed. Find out which option relaxes you and stick to the routine so that you can sleep on time every day.

4) Deep breathing and meditation: Spend a few minutes inhaling deeply and exhaling

Meditation is a word that is commonly perceived to be an ancient technique that needs extensive amounts of knowledge and expertise to practice. While that may hold true for higher levels of meditation, common people can relate to the act of meditation by simply practicing deep breathing.

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Simple deep breathing exercise to relax in bed

  • Change into your sleep wear
  • Lie down comfortably
  • Close your eyes and clear your mind
  • Take a deep breath by inhaling deeply
  • Allow your chest to expand as you inhale
  • Slowly breath out completely
  • Repeat it over and again to relax, de-stress and calm down

Whether it is pajamas or onesies or satin tops, pick out night wear that you feel comfortable sleeping in.

Whether it is pajamas or onesies or satin tops, pick out night wear that you feel comfortable sleeping in.

5) Change into comfortable nightclothes

Many people have the habit of sleeping in the clothes that they are wearing. This can include jeans, pants, t-shirts or other casual clothes that have been worn in the house. Get yourself in the mood to sleep early by changing specifically into night clothes.

Night clothes for girls and women can include a nightgown, chemise, pajamas and t-shirt, pajama sets, camisole, cami sets, satin top and bottom set, boxer shorts and t-shirt, fleece pants or drawstring loose fitting pajamas.

Night clothe options for men include boxer shorts, t-shirt and pajama bottoms, boxer shorts and robe, loose drawstring sleep pants or pajama sets.

If you want to be trendy you can try out one-pieces, popularly known as Onesies. Many celebrities have been pictured wearing this comfort clothing.

6) Remove tight underwear to feel comfortable while sleeping

Wearing tight underwear while sleeping can make you feel less comfortable. Remove your tight underwear before you go to bed so that you can feel relaxed and sleep comfortably.

Girls and women can replace bras with tank tops and change tight fitting panties to slip into something that is more comfortable. Men can switch from tight underwear to boxers or other comfortable innerwear.

7) Create a bed time routine before you lie down on the bed

You can passively reaffirm to your mind that it is time to sleep by creating a routine that revolves around the act of falling asleep. Such routines typically include changing clothes into nightwear, drinking some water, brushing and flossing, switching off the lights and slipping into the warmth of a blanket on the bed.

You can make your routine specific by including activities like taking a shower, removing makeup, cleaning your feet or other stuff that you need to finish before going to bed.

8) Make your bed comfortable and inviting

It will be easier to fall asleep if you make your bed inviting and more comfortable. Use a decent mattress, preferably on top of a nice frame or otherwise a solid supporter. Use clean linen, comfortable pillows and fluffy blankets to keep yourself warm.

The feeling of sleeping in a comfortable bed is like none other. Your body will crave to lie down once you get used to pampering yourself with a nice bed.

9) De-clutter and clean your bedroom

A messy bedroom could be contributing to your problem of not being able to sleep early. It can understandably be hard to fall asleep when you have food items on your bedside table, clothes strewn everywhere or rubbish lying at odd spots in your bedroom.

Clean your bedroom out, vacuum the carpets and sanitize everything with a floral air freshener sanitizer. Your bedroom will feel nice, cozy and more inviting. Exposing yourself to a comfortable sleeping environment will calm your body and mind down instantly.

10) Listen to soothing music or natural background sounds

Unwanted noise can keep you awake while soothing music can help you fall asleep easily. Such music typically includes chill-out and ambient soundtracks. You can also experiment with sound tracks that are nothing but the sounds of nature including the sound of waves in the ocean, waterfall or wind blowing leaves in a forest.

Reading books in bed is a nice way to fall asleep.

Reading books in bed is a nice way to fall asleep.

11) Read books or magazines as you lay in bed

Read books or magazines if you are unable to sleep even after tucking yourself into bed. Switch on a bed side lamp and read away until your eyes naturally become heavy and you are forced to fall asleep. This habit will also allow you to read more books and pick up a healthy reading habit.

12) Use glow in the dark stars to create the perfect nighttime atmosphere in your room

Stick some glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling and walls so you can fall asleep while star gazing. These glowing stars will passively make you feel that night time has approached and it is now time to sleep.

Increase the dramatic night time effect by adding a moon, some galaxies and planets if this technique to sleep early works for you. This is a tip for kids and adults alike.

13) Get physically intimate with your partner

This tip to sleep on time is for married couples or partner in a live-in relationship. Sex is known to be a strenuous physical workout which can make you feel tired afterwards. Use this excuse to heighten the romance between you and your partner. The feeling of tiredness will help you fall asleep.

14) Reduce background noises to fall asleep easily

Background noises including TV, chatter or blaring music could be the reasons why you are not being able to sleep on time. Whether you are living with your parents, roommates or have a place of your own, find out if the noisy habits of other people in the house are causing a lack of sleep for you.

Ask your housemates to turn down the volume of the TV or their music. You can try to use a sound conditioner to eliminate light random background noise.

15) Don't nap in the afternoon or anytime during the day

An afternoon nap or catching a few winks during the day can be a cause of your sleeping problems at night. You may be giving your body enough rest by napping in the afternoon and your body may no longer be feeling tired by the time it is evening and night. Avoid sleeping during the day if you want to sleep early at night.

16) Stop stressing about the issue that you can't sleep

Stressing about your sleep problems is likely to aggravate your worries and affect you negatively. Don't think about the fact that you can't sleep early even if you are rolling and tossing in bed as the clock ticks away.

Calm down and think about anything other than your sleep problems. Taking your mind away from the problem could be all it takes to fall asleep peacefully.

17) Maintain a routine: Wake up early and sleep early every day

All your efforts to sleep on time will go to waste if you don't maintain a routine. The important thing is that you need set a cycle for your body to function. Wake up early at a decent time and lie down in bed at a time which will ideally give you seven hours of sleep.

You will automatically feel sleepy at a certain time when you maintain a routine. Sleeping erratically and at random times will disturb your sleep cycle and may keep you awake at odd hours.

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email101 on April 30, 2013:

Excellent advice. When I was a teenager I didn't sleep well. Then someone said “get up when you waken up and don't go back to bed again”. It left me very tired, but the next night I was so tired I fell asleep within minutes. Over time I applied a less extreme version and now never have any sleeping problems. I also find that listening to an audio book (eg on a mobile phone) is very relaxing. The problem is, I never hear more than a couple of minutes of it before I fall asleep. However, I woke up one night a few weeks ago and after 30 minutes hadn't got back to sleep again. I switched on the audio book, and within a couple of minutes I was asleep. We humans seem to be designed to fall asleep to bedtime stories.

Mike Robbers from London on April 02, 2013:

There's hardly anything better than a good night of sleep sometimes! A good read before going to sleep usually works out wonders in my case! Thanks for the useful tips, princesswithapen! Voted up and useful!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on April 02, 2013:

Sleep is vital and with the daily active lifestyle one can fall asleep easily, you rtips sound most helpful.

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on April 01, 2013:

I have trouble sleeping sometimes and am looking forward to trying some of these techniques. Voting this Up and Useful.

buddhaanalysis on April 01, 2013:

Very useful and descriptive hub.Shared and voted up.


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