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How to Set Goals in 2023, Setting the Goal in 2021, Goal Setting in 2019

Setting goals is very important because we can see what we want to achieve and know how far we’ve gone. If we only have one goal....


2.1 Why it is important to set goals

Setting goals is very important because we can see what we want to achieve and know how far we’ve gone. If we only have one goal, it'll take us ages to reach it. Goals are a way of motivating ourselves to do better each step forward. We need more than just one goal to make progress. We need multiple goals, which help us push ourselves until we reach our desired outcome.

If you want to become a successful writer, you’ll need to write lots and lots of books. This will create the best environment for that in order for you to succeed. But if you don’t know where to start or what books to write, that won’t be as effective. You will start to struggle to continue. So you need several goals like ‘write 1 book every week’. It tells yourself that you will reach this point eventually, so you are able to enjoy writing. Your goal will keep you on track and give some kind of motivation. I like my books because they are about love and hope so I will keep going (and not too much on that because there is a lot to learn from it).

You are always working towards something. But when you do your job well and everything goes well, then it does feel good but then not getting paid for it makes you resentful. So, you need to set goals to stay motivated. That’s right, it doesn’t matter whether you get paid or not. What matters is that you will be doing your work well when you are paid. But even though you don’t get paid for the work, that doesn’t mean that your work isn’t good enough. Then you will feel frustrated when you fail to complete the work and find ways to fix it.

To avoid these things, you need to set goals so you will try to achieve them. When you do your work well, you do it better and you feel great. There’s no need to motivate yourself to get anything done. And that makes sense because you don’t think about yourself while doing the work. Also, you have time to relax and unwind. People get stressed when they focus too much on their work, so you need to tell yourself it’s really important that you get things done. And it’s because you don’t want to lose your hardwork as soon as possible.

So, set goals, plan your work, relax and enjoy it while you do your work. Because that will lead to happiness when you finish it.

2.2 Why you should aim for at least five objectives or actions to meet.

You’re likely to find success when you set at least 5 goals or action to accomplish while working in 2020 to hit, get your life started or work on your creative career. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to be more ambitious than average in areas where you’re already very strong. For example, you could complete 10 thousand words over the course of the year by January 31st. On top of that, you might want to develop a personal website with 500K visitors or reach $100,000 monthly income.

You might also want to improve your English reading skills when you reach a certain level of proficiency (or have more than 3,000 followers on Medium).

When setting goals, you need to decide the type of goal (whether short term, long-term, both) and whether they involve small steps, big projects or both. The goals you set should have an end point to measure progress towards so you can assess whether you’re moving toward that end or not.

Once you have decided on your goals, you should go through them one by one. For instance, to start off with you may decide all the time you spend online, and how much money you earn, then you get paid or you make extra money. Or maybe you set yourself three months to save up $1000 after that. These are different types of tasks that you can measure progress towards.

When you consider the list of objectives, it’s worth considering your strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you enjoy listening to music. Maybe you prefer singing. Maybe you’re good at drawing cartoons. Maybe, you’re great at public speaking. Whatever qualities you like, consider why you should develop those particular abilities. Look for areas in your life where you feel confident and capable. Where you feel comfortable making decisions.

In general, consider your past successes, and failures to plan ahead to achieve something more. To set a few goals, you may want to read a book, watch a movie, start learning French or learn a language online. Make sure that you’re realistic.


3. Step-by-step plans to achieve your long-term goals.

When planning long-term goals, there are a few key elements a person needs:

1. Aim to determine the problem you’d like to solve with your goal.

2. Identify who will be involved in achieving the ultimate outcome.

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3. Find out what motivates you to complete the task.

4. Decide on your time budget for accomplishing the goal.

5. Consider how you will interact with others.

6. Think critically about the situation. And make sure to have contingency plans.

7. Work with people to ensure that everyone has support and encouragement, so they can work towards completing the goal.

8. Take accountability for your work.

9. Track progress towards the completion of your goal.

10. Measure results.

11. Evaluate your progress towards reaching your goal.

12. Reward yourself.

13. Set realistic expectations for yourself.

14. Keep a schedule with yourself to monitor progress.

15. Plan changes to your timeline.

16. Build momentum.

17. Remember what you did so you can remember what you did not achieve so you can act accordingly.

18. Prioritize what you have achieved.

19. Don’t underestimate self-discipline.

20. Focus on changing your behavior instead of pushing yourself to change your self-image.

21. Have a back-up plan on hand.

22. Review your goals periodically to ensure you don’t forget to check them.


3. Advantages of setting clear goals.

When setting goals in 2020, one of the biggest advantages was knowing exactly what they are and how they will be accomplished. This made me achieve all the wonderful things in those times and has helped me focus on the goal. Knowing what goals I can expect to achieve in the future, helps to drive me towards the achievement of my goals in early 2021.

Knowing what and how they will be accomplished is an advantage for any project. It gives us a starting point. When we know this, we have to organize the process in a proper manner. If it will be good, it should be done. If it will be bad, we should stop it now. Since we know the outcome, it becomes easier to choose the most efficient thing to do. Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out things, but once we have the result, we are ready and ready to move forward. By doing so, we are able to reach our goal without having to spend a single minute thinking about if we’ll do it properly.

Before setting your goals, think about what your dream is for your life and how you can reach that dream. Think about what you want to achieve your goal in the next year.

4. Disadvantages

1. You can forget to check your goals by forgetting about how to check them.

2. You can easily get distracted and start to fall behind on your goal which can affect your whole journey.

3. Set your goals in less time than you expected.

4. Can you lose track of what you’ve actually achieved?

5. Overworking yourself with too many expectations can damage relationships.

6. Not keeping up with your deadline will waste energy.

7. Being unrealistic with your goals may lead to underachievement.

8. Having a high goal can lower your motivation.

9. Always believing in yourself. You may have unrealistic hopes and dreams.

10. Too much pressure can stunt your progress.

To overcome these, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I committed to the goals I choose?

2. Do I believe that I can achieve success in whatever I choose?

3. Would like to achieve the goals? Yes, of course I would. No, I am unable to. If we’re not willing, then why should I?

4. Do I want to achieve success?

5. Will I be able to meet the goals? Yes, I can. No, I am not sure.

6. Did I achieve the results? Yes, I’ve achieved the results. No, I have not.

7. Does my productivity improve? Yes, it does. No, I lack of motivation.

8. Is my effort sufficient? Sure it is. No, I did not achieve anything in the first place.

9. Could I learn anything useful? I cannot learn anything useful.

10. Do my efforts have any effect on success? No, it’s not going to help me achieve success.

11. Are my efforts necessary? Yes, yes they will be needed. No, no they are not needed.

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