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3 Simple Way to Relieve Back Pain

Back Pain

Back Pain

‎From school children to people who work in the office, almost everyone suffers from back pain. Heavy bags of books loaded with labor-like loads on the back of school-going students, the habit of sitting in an improper position against an expected computer for hours, travel on the roads, the lack of vitamin D, etc. cause back pain. This pain is directly related to the spine. Therefore, daily postures can help to relieve the pain of the bamboo. For example,‎

Cobra asana


Cobra asana:

  • The shape of this posture is like a snake.
  • Lie down upside down and place palms of both hands on the floor beside the chest under the shoulders.
  • Touch the toes to the navel with the ground.
  • Now take the breathing torso as high as possible and move your head back as far as possible.
  • In this case, keep breathing normally for 90 seconds. Do this five to seven times.‎

Trikon asana


Trikon asana:

  • Stand between the legs with a distance of one and a half feet.
  • Now try to touch the left-hand fingers of the left toe.
  • Meanwhile, move your right hand upwards.
  • While doing this posture, keep your eyes in the opposite direction and let breathing normally.
  • Make sure that the back is not moving forward and back while doing this posture.
  • Do this posture 10 to 12 times. This posture is beneficial for people who have difficulty standing up straight due to back pain.
  • Yes, do not hurry to do this posture.‎




  • To do this posture, lie upon the floor and move your hands forward to the namaskar posture.
  • Keep the feet connected in the same way.
  • Then try to move your hands and feet up slowly.
  • It will make the body shape like a ship, That why it's known as Nauka(Sanskrit word for ship).
  • While doing this posture, keep breathing normally.
  • Do it one to ten times.

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