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How to Reduce Blood Pressure At Home

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Reduce blood Pressure


How to reduce blood pressure (home remedy)

High blood pressure is very common nowadays because of oily food and the common use of alcohol.

For reducing Blood pressure there are some remedies:

1. Walking and Excercise: Walking is very useful for reducing blood pressure. Make a routine walk daily. minimum 1 to 2 kilometers. This is not a fixed ratio but a minimum of up to 2 km.

2. Potassium Rich Foods: Potassium-rich foods are very good for health and they decrease blood pressure.

3. Reduce Alcohol: If you are a drunker person then reduce the volume of alcohol because of its effects on the human body's blood pressure.

4. Try to lose weight: Try to lose weight because many of the diseases are caused by high weight, and for losing weight routine excercise and walking is very important.

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5. Stop smoking: Smoking is very dangerous for health and especially for high blood pressure patients. If you are smoking then try to reduce smoking and hardly try to stop smoking.

6. Eating of Calcium Rich foods: Low calcium intake often has high blood pressure that's why Calcium Rich foods are very effective for the human body and especially for Blood pressure Patient.

These are the common ways for reducing blood pressure

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