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A Quick Intro and Usage on Law of Attraction

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Everything is energy

Scientists surprisingly today agree what religion and metaphysics preached to the mankind for centuries...that everything is made of energy. Therefore we are all energy, everything inside and outside of us is energy, of a certain speed. The energy flows in different scales and it has different features from the thinnest, to the thickest.

The thought is a light form of energy and because of that, it changes rapidly and easily. As for rock, stone or whatever physical object which is also energy but thicker and stronger than thought would be more difficult to go through changes. However, in the end, the physical objects as well may change by the energy of the wind or water. All of the forms of energy are interacted and can impact each-other in different ways.

Everything is like a magnet

The energy which has a specified vibration can attract another energy similar to its kind. Thoughts and feelings possess also their magnetic energy. So they produce a magnetic field which similarly attracts energy. As for thinking, thinking is easy, speedy and changeable energy.
Differently from the physical objects, the thing with the thinking is that this last one appeared almost immediately because the thought or the idea appears before action can happen. It is quite normal a thought and an idea brings an action to life.

We think once what we're going to do, and then we take action. The idea is a magnetic projector which projects and leads the physical energy to flow in that stream.
And in the end, it comes to life in the 3D.

like attracts like

like attracts like

The simple Law of Attraction

There's a truth in it. Whatever we give, we get back.
This means that in the field of life we plant more, those we think more often.
The saddest news is that when we are feeling negative, insecure, scared, anxious it happens for us to attract the same experiences, situations, or even people and so on.

While the opposite: If we have been feeling positive, positively high, happy, secure, calm, fulfilled, etc...
This is what we are going to attract as well. That's why conscious creation should be adopted into our daily lives, so we can improve from time to time the quality of life. And who doesn't want a better life ?

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Simple law of attraction starts with thinking.

Simple law of attraction starts with thinking.

Visualizing, the most important technique of the Law of Attraction

It is okay for the very first time to begin visualization a little bit strictly, to schedule it throughout the day until we get used to it. It becomes so natural later, that even your mind will want to do it also very naturally itself.
And that's why it is important to master it in a positive way.

visualize effectively

visualize effectively

It is important to relax

It is helpful to feel relaxed at first. When we relax even the model of the brain waves, change, and become slower. This deep level of relaxation is called the Alpha State.

The Alpha State is a very relaxing state, the brain itself feels very relaxed and causes a very healthy conscious state. Nothing could be more helpful and better if you practiced visualizing before sleeping or in the morning right after you wake up.
That time the mind and the body are very relaxed as they obtain more easily the information. If you want or choose to practice this in a sitting position, choose to keep your spine in a straight position because this helps better the energy to flow and causes also more easily the Alpha State of the person.

How to visualize properly

Just while being in that state and seeing nothing, open your heart and mind to finally accept what's going to happen.
Just stay open and receptive.
1) Close your eyes and stay present.
2) Think about an object, such as a pen, a pencil, or a very personal object of yours whatever it is.
3) See it with the eyes of your mind and try to recall all of the details of that certain object.
4) See it just as it is at first, you can add some other details on that object such as the color, the length, and so on.
This is a very simple and basic example of visualization.

What do you think ?

Focus on the subject you want to attract

Focus clearly on what you want but in a relaxing state.

It is advisable not to feel like you are trying so hard for it, at the same time not to feel like you're forcing it to happen. Think of it in a very possible positive way as if it is going to happen soon. Have faith that it is going to happen, faith should be stronger and clearer than the questions, doubts, or the insecurities we might have inside.

Let go.
Let go of fears, doubts, questions but not the desire.

Expect results.

Mastering Law of Attraction

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