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How to manage your mental space

Ultimately, no wisdom is learnt without being earned. Going through times that test us leave us with scars that teach us.


How to manage your mental space

How to manage your mental space.

-Have a to-do list: Keeping track of your priorities will help you keep accountability and focus only on those tasks.

The simple fact of writing down what you have to do and crossing each point afterwards will help you remember your priorities. It sounds so easy, but the hardest part is to actually use it.

-Define your weekly priorities: Draw a graph. Y axis for urgency, X axis for importance. This will assist you in creating your to-do list.

-Ask the right questions: It's simple, there are things that do not deserve your attention. Everything you're presented with should be questioned, especially opportunities, which are more likely to distract you.

My questions:

-How is it helping me achieve my main goal?

-Will this require a lot of my time?

-Did I already come across a similar situation? If so, was it worth it?

-Does this require an immediate reaction from me? If not, note it down for later.

Always compare yourself to what you are currently doing and your past experiences. The three most important parameters to take into consideration are the risks implied, the potential rewards and the necessary sacrifices. If not all those boxes are ticked, it doesn't deserve your attention.

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Know where you're heading and stick to it. Deriving from your path is so easy. Thankfully, there are always ways to keep focused. Use as many tools as you'll need to keep notes and track your progress in achieving your goals. It will remind you of what you should care about and it will also help you stay on target and avoid useless distractions.

No wisdom is learnt without being earned.

Ultimately, no wisdom is learnt without being earned. Going through times that test we leave us with scars that teach us. No lessons not paid in blood will be remembered and "Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise" - Ram Dass. Knowing this, we can become much more resilient in our lives - to the point where 'tough' times no longer faze us.

We know that we are growing, that we are becoming more than what we were - that these times are delivering us the lessons and expanding our mind and consciousness. Thus, we no longer experience resistance to external circumstances - because that is most of the discomfort we feel, the resistance in the mind, not the external event itself.

We consider something that's not 'easy going' as difficult, so our body reacts in a negative way. If we can reframe this as positive, the entire experience will lose some of its edge. This is the concept of mental alchemy - turning the 'coal' of experiences into gold. This is a skill available for every aspect of your life.

The first stage is to see hardships as a positive - then the next stage is to enjoy them and remember, if you can take the soul of whatever is in front of you, then it no longer has power over you. If you can smile and laugh in the face of whatever the world thinks will break you - you have ascended past lower order thinking - and life will reward you.

The skill of dealing with higher pressures is correlated with higher success - if you can transmute this pressure into power then it will flow effortlessly. Throwing yourself into anything totally will give you the lessons and wisdom needed to improve in this life. No matter what you decide to dedicate yourself to, the lessons will be the same.

Knowing how to see temporary 'defeat' as merely stepping stones, and 'failure' as a learning experience means you cannot be stopped. When problem arises, take it as something great and new to solve. When something going wrong, take it as a way to get better. If didn’t get what you wanted, that is okay, it was not meant for me.

Perspective always helps - zoom out and see your problems on a global scale. Are they really that important?

Is my home threatened? No?

Are my legs and feet working? Yes?

Then it's all good. On to the next one.


We often experience frustration that other people do not see the world as we do or because we truly care for people, we can see the unconscious things they are doing as harming them, so want to shake them saying wake up man what are you doing. Unfortunately, that doesn't help anyone. Everyone is seeing the world through their current level of consciousness, their awareness. Based on that perception, they are going to have a reaction that fits according to their model of the world.

No one is willingly choosing the path that is harming them - if they were aware, they wouldn't do it. All we can do is to share our thoughts, show our results from more consciously operating in this world and helping out when possible.

And remember, we were once operating from that place of unconsciousness also. It just took us a while, and a process in order to become more aware. The true ascension is realizing where everyone is at, respecting that and loving them regardless of their stage of awareness.

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